Crochet animal blanket/crochet baby blanket/crochet lion/Part:5

Hi everyone, welcome to animal blanket series. In this video I will show you how to make a lion face. If You missed my previous videos, please Click on my channel name CRAFT & CROCHET & get those videos and don’t forget to subscribe With the bell icon to join with my thousands of subscribers. Ok, let’s get start. base of the lion face I use this 2 colour cream colour and white colour. in my previous video I did explain how to do this square. Please find out the link down below and I use 4 millimeter crochet hook to make this First I’m using orange color yarn to make a slip stitch around the circle Same like a cow face video We have to make a slip stitch each hole Make sure ,you have to hold this yarn in the back side and Then slip stitch on the front side I am Gonna make each hole to slip stitch around the circle This each Hole to make a slip stitch end of the this Stitch you can get it 36 slip stitch I’m gonna cut the yarn now and pull the yarn for the front side again You have to use the hook for the back side. Pull it in the first slip stitch Pull the yarn for the back side And tie this yarn This is how it is look like when finished slip stitch, now I gonna add ears for lion to this to corner, it’s like this I’m using same color yarn to make ears I’m using a 3.5 millimeter crochet hook and I’m using corner to these three loops It’s going to do this one and this both side these three loops I’m using I’m not use both loops. I’m using only front side loop This one I’m using This the one These three loops I’m using for ears I’m gonna add this yarn with the slip knot First am use this loop Into the this loop I am gonna make Three chain. one Two three And in the same space One more double crocheted this First three chain, I can count first double crochet. now I got the two double crochet one two Into the next space Next Loop. one double crocheted Third loop one more double crochet altogether four double crochet Chain two one two turn other side So We’re gonna do Three Double crochet into the same stitch. I got a two loops on a hook now Into the next space gonna make one more Double crochet it is half, got three loops on the hook now Into the next stitch one more Double crochet, this is half of it . I have a three loops on a hook go through the fourth loops together Like this and Tight together when we do three double crochet into the Same stitch . It will come like this Now I use orange color to make round ears like this I’m at this orange color yarn with the slips not Into the same space same loop I joined with this chain one In this line I make Single crochet I’m gonna make a 5 single crochet one single crochet Two single crocheted Three single crochet Four single crochet on on the to I will Make the last one five single crochet I got the five single crochet it now. chain one Into the same space Single crochet Same like other side now I’m stitch up to down 1 2 3 4 4 single crochet and 5 single crochet I’m gonna finish this side into the Same loop in third loop Coming like this Do the other side use the corner to this three loops and Front side loop same like before Here I am end of the two ears Now I could add Lion mane. I’m using orange color yarn and 3.5 millimeter crochet hook Join with the Slip knot This the one I gonna make lion mane .round circle This time I’m using this fourth stitch both loop. I Join with the orange color yarn three chain one, two three Into the same space One double crochet first 3 chain. I can count as one double crochet .now I got the Two double crochet and one more double crochet all together three double crochet Into the next stitch You should hold like this both together then easy to make lion mane. then two double crochet Three double crochet You have to make this each stitch to 3 double crochet This circle round have 36 stitches You have to make a 36 stitches 2 3 double-crochet now I’m gonna show how to make Lion mane with the ears Into this corner I use three more double crochet This time We can’t use the both loops. We already use the one loop for the ears this time I’m gonna use the Backside loop this the one Behind the ear we have already three loops. I’m Going to make into the these three loops, two three double crochet. Three double crochet Behind ear we have to make three times three .altogether nine double crochet Again use the both stitches to make lion mane Each loops 2 3 double-crochet Go around the circle same Pattern Here I am end of this round to line mane When you do the each Stitches to three loops is coming like this little free. I Have one more loops to make double crochet One double crochet two double crocheted and three double crochet To finish with the top of the third chain join with the slip stitch And cut the yarn and tie this round.Like this Okay, so now I finished the lion mane Okay, so now I’m gonna do this part I’m using light color brown Yarn, and 3.5 millimeter crochet hook First we need slip knot Into this Slip knot I am gonna make three chain This 3 chain I can count first double crochet. I Make 1 double crochet altogether 2 double crocheted now. I fill with this Slip knot with the double crochet Now 4 double crochet 5 double crochet 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12. 12 double crocheted and Pull the yarn Join with the top of third chain Slip stitch Now I’m gonna make a second round start with the chain 3 .1 2 3 this First three chain I can count 1 double crochet Into the same space I’m gonna make a two more double crochet Three double crochet into the next space I make two more double crocheted Now I have a five double crocheted Next I’m gonna make Six seven eight stitches half double crochet into the this 3 space One half double crochet 2 half double crochet 3 half-double crochet Into the next space I’m gonna make two double crochet Into the next space I’m gonna make three double crocheted in 11 and 12 and 13 stitches double crochet together Into the next space two more double crochet fourteen and fifteen together In these three stitches two I make again half double crochet sixteen seventeen eighteen stitches half double crochet Into the last space I’m gonna make two more double crochet 99 20 double crochet Now I got a oval shape and join with the third chain I will explain more about this one here, I’m using first round 12 stitches 12 double crochet. start with the slip knot and then three chain This two double crochet 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 and this 3 chain can count 1 double crochet altogether 12 double crochet And next round we start with the Chain three and Into the same space two double crochet Or two with the three into the next space two double crochet This three double crochet 2 half double crochet and Same like down 3 half double crochet 3 half-double crochet This Opposite to this side Three double crochet same like other side two double crochet and this Double crochet to two double crochet & last double crochet to two double crochet This round have a all together 20 stitches When you stitch. it is coming like this Okay, so now I’m gonna do nose and mouth I’m using black color yarn And Yarn needle to make nose and mouth stitches For that, please follow the video. It is turn for the make his ice now I am using 3.5 millimeter crochet hook and same color yarn start the slip knot chain 1 this chain 1 I can count as 1 single crochet and 2 single crochet 3 single crocheted 4 single crochet 5 single crochet 6 single crochet 7 single crocheted all together 7 single crochet for this eyes Join with the chain 1 using by slip stitch This is the size for his eyes Now I make his eyes For Middle, I’m using black color yarn and yarn needle to make 1 stitches for in the middle like this Now I got all parts for this lion Now we have to add these parts I’m using same color yarn to stitch these Parts For that. please follow the video now on Okay, that’s our lion…. If you like my video please thumbs up and comment down below. Thank you very much for watching and See you again with another video

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