Crochet animal blanket/crochet baby blanket/crochet Horse/Part:6

Hi everyone today, I bring another tutorial from animal blanket series. In this video I will show you how to crochet this Horse. Before we start as usual Don’t forget to join with my thousand of subscribers By clicking subscribe button and bell icon, if you new for my channel. also to get my previous videos Click on my channel name CRAFT & CROCHET. Okay, let’s get start. Okay, so first I’m using four millimeter crochet hook and a brown color yarn Basically I am using brown and Grey color for the horse I am gonna make a slip stitch. Here to here. only half of the circle Starting here, pass the yarn for the This back side and join with the slip knot And pass the hook for the backside and pull the yarn and make a slip stitch like this And this time I make only half of the circle In my previous video I show how to crochet the circle with the squares.f If You missed this videos. I give you a link down below In this brown color circle I have a 36 double crochet I’m going to make only 18 double crochet into slip stitch Now I finished my slip stitch and Cut the yarn and pull the yarn for the front side and again pull this yarn to back side And tied this yarn in the back side like here to here. I finished my slip stitch now Okay, now I have a 18 slip stitch here so I’m gonna use 2.5 millimeter crochet hook and Brown color yarn to make Horse ears. I will join this yarn with the slip knot I’m using this two corners to make horse ears. These four loops are using for the hose ears Start with the three chain one two three Into the same space one more double crocheted. I got two double crocheted now Next loop two more double crocheted Three double crocheted For double crocheted Into the next loop Stitch two more Five six Six Next stitch seven double crocheted all together seven only one double crochet here. chain 2 Second round this chain can count one double crochet and one more double crochet into the next stitch Next three and four and five double crochet to get for the one stitch like this So double crochet and last Loops keep it on the hooks Just like this. I have a four loops on hooks and go through the fourth loops to one stitch. into the next two double crochet to two double crochet Like this chain two turn other side . I have a four stitches Space I’m gonna make double crochet but last loop Keep it on the hook. like this, three Four And five Now This I have a 5 loops on hooks go through the 5 loops and together one stitch You had to make other ear same like this Use this side, this corner to down. this 4 loops 1 2 3 4 this 4 loops He’s the end of 2 ears Now I’m gonna make Horse nose. this part. I’m using beige color and 2.5 millimeter crochet hook Start with the slip knot. chain 3 to 3 Into this slip knot our filling with double crochet First 3 chain I can count 1 double crochet and a 2 3 double crochet 4 5 Six Seven Eight Nine ten Eleven twelve Twelve double crocheted All together 2l Join with the third chain with a slip stitch. Next round I start with the two chain into the same space half double crochet Have a 2 now 3 half double crochet 3 & 4 same space This round each stitches to two half double crochet 5 & 6 ,7 & 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 I have a 24 half double crochet now Join with the second chain with a slip stitch Now I have a 24 double crochet half-double crochet Second round and Chain 3 Into the next space 1 double crochet Into the third space 1 double crocheted I have a 3 double-crochet now chain 3 to an other side Into the same space 1 double crocheted To the next space 1 double crochet. Altogether 3 now The last double crochet two more double crocheted or altogether four five This one I have a five double crochet One two three four five, chain three turn another side In the same space 1 double crochet I have two now. One more double crochet 3 4 5 6 7 Eight Nine okay Previous five double crochet to two double crochet it is coming ten double crochet then Is coming like this shape Cut the yarn and tie it. it’s like this Have a 10 double crochet We have a little space to here And I’m using brown color yarn to make one more line Join with the slip knot chain Chain one, two three Same space – one more double crochet 2 double crochet name into the next space This time each double crochet to two double crochet Four five six Seven eight nine Ten 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 One two three four five six seven eight We need two more double crochet into the last Double crochet altogether 20 double crocheted 19 18 sorry 18 and 19 and 20 together. altogether 20 double crochet Okay, now time to make a two eyes I’m using black color yarn first Into the slip knot chain one this first chain I can count first single crochet Two single crochet Three Four Five six We need small circle like six single crochet and join with the first Chain I’m using 2.5 millimeter crochet hook to make eyes It’s coming like this now I am using white color yarn Each single crochet stitch to I’m gonna make single crochet start with the chain one Same space to one more single crochet Two three four Five six Seven eight nine 10 11 12 join me the first chain Like this Before we add this part we have to make a Horse nose hole. I am using black color yarn to make a hole for the Horse nose Pass the yarn to the front side like this Put a stitch in it down And again down to Side like a small stitch like this Put the finger space and do the other side same like this tide yarn in the backside Use the normal swing needle to add these parts Like this, small stitches I stitched all the part Except this little part Before we add this part, we have to add the horse hair I’m using this both color to add horse hair I take measurement with my forefinger this size Enough for horsehair I’m using both color to one round two three four five six This enough for horse hair You can use any size yarn to add this hair First you have to hold this both corner together It’s like a loop And Skip five double crochet One two three, four five and Pass the hook to back and pull the yarn and like loop Into this twenty double crochet. skip both side by five double crochet into this middle 10 double crochet to add this all Yarn like this Mixing both color Even you can put both color together. It’s like this And follow this video Okay, now I finished adding all the hair. I can stitch now this part Okay, so I finished it all Stitching and in this part, we can’t keep it this hair like this, this one looks little messy we have to put all hair Down like this side Like this I am using brown color yarn and yarn needle to add this hair to down and I’m passing needle through the Yarn, I Show you one like this More clear Like go through the yarn Like this Okay like this Now we have some missing yarn here like these We have to go again to up First we need to tide this Stitch With the little knot. now down to up Pass the needle through the all yarns Don’t mise anyone otherwise it will come out like this and after make with your finger Now a finish of a horse Before finish this one I am going to give him little haircut for this horse He’s little funny Ok, put all here two down It’s like this and cut a little bit angle shape two down That’s it .how is his haircut, it’s nice, isn’t it? Okay, we finished our horse now I’ll show you in my blanket once This the one we finish today . Thank you very much for watching if you like my video please thumbs up and Share with your friends, okay See you with another animals

36 thoughts on “Crochet animal blanket/crochet baby blanket/crochet Horse/Part:6

  1. Hola soy Mónica de Córdoba argentina. Podría x favor profesor de enseñar hacer el pulpo .muchas gracias besos dios te bendiga

  2. Love this. So happy to have found your channel…. I think I am going to make this blanket. Thankyou for sharing xx

  3. Just made the first five animals, I have a 10 week old nephew and can’t wait to make this blanket for him. When is the next video please?

  4. Hola soy edith de México saludos una pregunta seguirá haciendo los animalitos de esta manta en tutorial?

  5. Yay I've also just finished the 1st 5 animals and now waiting patiently for the next one – although I have started with the next one because I can see that it has a grey centre and white background. Just need to know roughly how you do the face, etc. Oh and I've done the snail centre and background – not sure about the head and body section. I am absolutely enjoying making these squares so very much. Thank you for taking the time to do these tutorials for us. 🙂

  6. So happy and exited practicing the animals i have so far and patiently waiting for the rest of the animals thank u so much for sharing your lovely animals with us.

  7. Hello I am new on your channel . I am frommen germany.. so sorry for my bad english. I love your animal Plaid. And I try to make it too. Greetings Silvia ???‍♀️❤❤❤

  8. This blanket is so adorable! I really want to make it for my nephew Tyler. I have some catching up to do but I bet I can do it. What a great Christmas present for him. He will be 11 months. Thank you so much.

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