CritterTrail Super Hamster Habitat Introduction and Assembly Guide LARGEST cage

okay so this is it I think that Kaytee
the owner the critter trail line has been listening to those who have been
wanting large habitats this is the critter trail super habitat it’s good
for hamsters gerbils or mice it is 540 square inches of living space that’s a
lot it’s the biggest habitat I’ve ever
gotten from habitrail or critter trail or any of them
expandable port on the end I’ll show you that easy to clean bottom comes right
off rounded corners save for pets large top access door quarter inch bar spacing so
even mice shouldn’t be able to get out of it and of course as I said it’s by
Kaytee everything comes all wrapped up in plastic here so we’re gonna cut that out
and I’m gonna take you through this step-by-step this is the cover it has a
huge cage opening on it and it clips in there you want to make sure that it
aligns nice and that it overlays those edges around the opening there and this
is a close-up of the latching system very simple but the good thing it’s big
so you can reach right in arrange your pets put large ornaments in there
if you want to and then here’s the end bubble that covers the connection where
you can add other habitats to it if you want to and this is the insert there’s a
biscuit in there that later if you’re gonna connect it to other cages you will
be cutting out but for now we’ll just leave it put together those are the
raised edges sometimes people ask and it’s pretty common they want to know if
this thing’s compatible with other systems and we’ll go over that too you
also get the comfort shelf that thing is big and then you get this ladder which
is the safety ramp they call it has little ridges on it now this is a
Habitrail elbow and those are Habitrail connectors and that’s the critter trail
connector they are interchangeable so if you have Habitrail critter trail you
can connect these things all together they are compatible in both directions
the critter trail rings will connect Habitrail elbows and straights and
things like that so these little bunny ears stick down here and they stick up
and that’s where you’re going to connect it to the base or to the roof
respectively this is the back side you just bend them
and fold these pieces together and once they’re together you’re gonna drop it
right into the open areas on the base and we’ll show you that real quick
this is just showing you how it should look all put together this is the time
if anything’s bent you want to straighten it out a little the wire is
not that tough you can hand bend it so here it is on the base notice the tabs
are sticking through around the bottom if you’ve got it upside down now’s the
time to flip it over so make sure that these go all the way through and you see
the little 90-degree turn out there at the bottom make sure those Clips go all
the way into the base so when you pick it up the base goes with it you don’t
things falling apart same type of connector on the top and here’s the
opening at the end we’re going to put that little bubble insert there last
thing let’s take a tape measure out really quick just the Caged party goes
up to 11 inches just under 6 inches for the depth of the base right in the
center now here’s that comfort platform you want to connect that to the third
bar up so just count them up from the bottom and clip them right in there and
those clips will remain of course on the inside of the plastic base but they will
connect to the third bar so here again the safety ramp they call it I’m gonna
take this thing off of course and I’m gonna make one out of wood but because
I’m showing what comes in the box I’m showing you how to hook it up here and
you can put that anywhere along that comfort platform I’ve put it all the way
to the side because I want there to be extra room in the middle there for other
things you’re also gonna want to put some nice bedding in this something
that’s approved for the pet that you’re gonna own I think that some of the pets
are gonna chew this little safety wrap there so just count on replacing that
maybe with something wooden here is the connection of the bars on the top and
that’s going to the roof system they just clip in over that second rail and
you’ll feel it get nice and rigid there so you’ll know that they’re in place
don’t try to force it if things aren’t going well take a look at this up close
and just make sure yours matches up this is a close-up of the latching system for
the roof entry and it’s pretty straightforward
looking in for the top things all together lots of room in there and this thing is tall obviously you’re just looking at a video of it you probably
can’t really appreciate the scale of it this thing is really big and this is
everything that comes with it you do not get a water bottle you don’t get a food
dish it comes just like this now we’re gonna put the bubble entry here
the area where you can connect other habitats if you want to there it is
inserted we push it in from the inside so that these little clip tabs are
facing out if you get the other way your pet can probably chew those tabs right
off and then they’ve got an exit point so we’re gonna put that on there do not
cut out this insert until you’re ready to connect to another habitat even
though they have included this little bubble that goes on the outside so we’ll
just put that there I can so that you don’t lose it I highly recommend that
you connect it to other habitats because you can create a village if you want to
see a critter trail or even a Habitrail village look at the links at the end of
this video silent spinner this is a 10 inch exercise wheel
this wheel will not fit in any habitat except for the double Height habitat
that I have but it will fit into this and it’s a silent spinner remember your
hamsters are gonna be active at night they’re gonna be spinning if this is in
your room you want something quiet look how small that looks in the corner of
this super habitat there’s a lot of space in this thing and there’s even
more space above the wheel so you can of course mount it up on something to get
it off and away from some of the bedding so that it spins unimpeded this is gonna
be a great habitat for those of you who have been looking for something big or
you like bin cages I think this is a good compromise between the two as the
features of a critter trail but it is about the size of some of the bin cages
that people like so much except that this has lots of ventilation because of
the wire bars I hope you enjoyed looking at this assembly video kaytee is doing a
great job I think of coming up with larger habitats to meet the demands of
those who want something bigger for their pets thanks for watching

12 thoughts on “CritterTrail Super Hamster Habitat Introduction and Assembly Guide LARGEST cage

  1. the cage is 150$ which is sorta crazy considering its a plastic bin I would reccomend a 40 gallon Aquarium that's only like $70

  2. You can get the “preview 528” cage which looks just like this (with a huge platform (but the ramp is less bulky and takes up less space) but it’s way bigger than this cage, and it’s cheaper! Only about $70, and it has 608 sq inches of floor space not including the platform

  3. Great video! Might get this cage if I end up getting a hamster (I’m only 13 so my parents are thinking about it) ?

  4. What water bottle will fit this cage? I’ve bought two but they both didn’t fit ? i love the cage otherwise though!

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