Crested Gecko Tank Set Up | Creating A Bioactive Vivarium For My Crested Gecko!

hey y’all welcome back mandy with my
hectic life pets where we talk about all things pet and pet related and today I
am redoing my Krusty gecko Brax tank so of course I already pulled all of the
ornaments and everything out of the tank so now I’m gonna go ahead and just add
in my false bottom and my substrate barrier that I already cut to size now I
did leave a little bit of an edge so when I add in the substrate it will not
be able to leak into the false bottom as easily so and I’m gonna add my EBG and
my coconut fiber substrate and I wanted to build this up to where it will be
higher up in the back to kind of showcase the plants and everything in
the tank a little bit better now I’m going to go ahead and add in my
vines which I am going to try and shape so that he’ll have lots of different
areas that he can kind of climb all over now I’m adding in an air plant that I
got that I already attached you a small piece of wood and a fat onea plant that
I’m gonna put in the back I think that the pink color and the photo nia is
gonna look really cool I also got an African violet to put towards the front
and then of course I got a bunch of poles that I’m going to be putting in
here that eventually will hopefully grow up the vine and look really cool I’m
gonna go ahead and give the tank a really good spray down crested geckos
tend to like their humidity levels around 80% so I got to make sure that
everything is nice and moist I’m gonna go ahead and add in my spring tails and
then I’m gonna put in a bunch of leaf litter and try not to bury my plants in
it of course gotta add back in his water bowl and give the tank one more good
spray down for good measure I gotta go ahead and just clean up the
little mess that I made with the substrates now I did go ahead and add
back in my fake vines for now until the Popo starts to grow in just to give him
a little bit more extra space to be able to hide and feel more secure in his tank
all in all I really like the way the tank turned out so far and now I am
gonna go ahead and order some isopods online to also add into the tank later
but I am pretty happy with how this is looking
and Brack seems really happy with it too so far so that’s all for today’s video
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8 thoughts on “Crested Gecko Tank Set Up | Creating A Bioactive Vivarium For My Crested Gecko!

  1. All your setup are amazing and each pet is very lucky to have a great place to live great video. Great job ??

  2. Well, I finally made it by! I swear people are posting comments on my videos simply out of spite, just to keep me behind! (hehe)
    Anyway, full view and like #11 from me!
    Your gecko is named Brack or Brax? I'm doing a story for the newspaper. (ha)
    I'm sure a gecko (or in fact anything in an aquarium) would prove a delightful diversion for my two cats!
    At 2:41 he really looks like he's ready to check out his new home! That, or he's planning something evil! He does have some cool coloring though.
    I'm not sure what are isopods?
    Anyway, thank you for sharing, MyHecticLifePets. I hope your evening is lively!

  3. FUN FACT! After going to the Reptile Expo, Mandy felt a strong urge to remodel Brack's tank again! ?? can't wait to see the next remodel!!

  4. Nice video! I am putting together a bioactive tank as well, and am having a hard time finding isopods online. Would you mind sharing where you are ordering/ed yours from??

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