Crested Gecko Care Guide | Care, Diet, And Tank Set Up For Crested Geckos

hey y’all welcome back Mandy with my
hectic life pets where we talk about all things pet and pet related and today
we’re getting to know the crested gecko so the crested gecko or eyelash gecko
was actually thought to be extinct up until the early 90s when the species was
rediscovered out in New Caledonia now these guys average lifespan is about 15
years but they have some on record living as long as 25 years now the
crested gecko typically gets to be about 8 inches in length from the tip of their
nose to the tip of their tail only four to five inches though without their tail
as unfortunately with the crested gecko if they do drop their tail they’re not
able to grow one back now let’s talk tank setup for the crested gecko so
these guys are arboreal creatures so as far as tank setup you want the tank to
be taller rather than longer the typical juvenile setup is going to be a 12 by 12
by 18 or a 10 gallon tall and the adult setups are usually at least an 18 by 18
by 24 tank setup or a 20 gallon tall now these guys do have extremely high
humidity requirements so bigger is not always better as some times it is more
difficult to maintain high humidity levels in larger tanks now for
temperature these guys are considered a room temperature pet so they may or may
not require any additional heating now crested geckos do well in temperatures
between 70 to 85 degrees so if your home is going to be dropping below 70 degrees
you may want to consider getting some type of additional heating source
now crested geckos are considered nocturnal if you do find that you need
additional heating for your crusted gecko then you can always get a low
wattage ceramic heat lamp or you can get an infrared bulb or a
night or moon bulb since these guys are nocturnal you don’t necessarily have to
get a UVB although many would argue that it is still gonna be beneficial for them
to have a low wattage evb on their tank now these guys do need a proper
day/night cycle so if you’re gonna be keeping them in a room that does not
receive a lot of light then you might want to consider getting an LED light or
something like that to help give a day/night cycle to the tank now for
substrate a lot of people do use the coconut fiber substrate as it does tend
to hold in quite a bit of moisture and you can even add spag a moss to really
help hold in that moisture since the crested geckos do need high humidity now
some people will use things like paper towels and stuff to make for easy
cleanup but unfortunately if you do use something like that then you are gonna
be needing to spray down the tank or have a mister on the tank to really keep
the humidity levels at a proper range for humidity the crested gecko does best
between humidity levels of fifty to eighty percent I usually try to spray
down my crested geckos tank really really well at night when he’s the most
active and then you want to let it go through kind of a drying period down to
that 50% just to make sure that you’re avoiding causing any upper respiratory
problems from too much humidity in an enclosed space the other reason that we
will do a drying period is so that we won’t end up with mold in our tanks
which can be harmful to our geckos now of course in order to make sure that you
are maintaining all levels you will want to place a hygrometer and thermometer in
your tank just to make sure that the temperatures and humidity are always at
proper levels so now for decorations in the tank you do want to keep in mind
that these guys are arboreal creatures so they really love to climb on things
so using things like vines and plants and cork bark and such can really give
them lots of surfaces that they can climb all over and
Hank and help to make them feel more secure in their now when it comes to
putting a water dish in the tank I do keep a water dish in my tank Krusty
geckos do get most of their water from when you miss down the tank they’ll lick
the glass the lick ornaments if you have plans to lick the plants and they’ll get
most of their water in that way but you always want to be on the safe side and
keep a small dish of water in the tank just to make sure that you don’t end up
with any problems of a dehydrated gecko now diet this was always a fun one I
remember back in the day when we actually thought it was okay to feed
fruit-flavored baby food and insects as a crested geckos main diet we have made
leaps and bounds since then though and now we understand a lot more about what
the crested geckos nutritional requirements are but there are still
arguments amongst breeders as to what the best combination diet is for these
guys now there are a lot of people that will feed strictly crested gecko diet
now when it comes to juveniles I recommend if you are going to feed a
strictly crusty gecko diet of powdered stuff like the Pangaea or a posse if
that is all you plan on feeding them I would recommend that you are mixing in
some of the higher protein insect formulas if you feed only the
fruit-based crested gecko diets then that is not going to provide enough
protein for a young juvenile crested gecko to have the proper growth now some
people will actually feed insect only diets there has been some research
showing that if you feed a crested gecko only insects that they will be a little
bit larger geckos they might end up obese and it tends to cut down on their
lifespan so the majority of people will recommend feeding a mixed diet offering
crested gecko diet every single day along with feeding insects once or twice
a week now when I say insects
people usually will feed crickets or dubia roaches dusted with a calcium
vitamin d3 supplement for the crested gecko now some people will argue not to
feed insects even that often I know I feed my crusty Catco insects about once
a week but you do want to stay away from things like wax worms and mealworms
as they’re not as nutritious and they tend to be a little bit more on the
fatty side so things like crickets dubia roaches and stuff like that it’s gonna
be a little bit more healthy when you are feeding insects they’re gonna be
more rich in protein so I personally only feed my crested gecko insects once
a week when he was a juvenile I did feed twice a week so that he would get the
additional protein to help with his growth so it’s typically known that
Pangea andropause she tend to make the best crusty gecko diets out there and
they also make several different flavors however zoo Med is starting to come out
with some stuff so I’m gonna be keeping an eye on that to see how that plays out
in the future if they’re going to end up making better products than even row
posse in Pangaea so zoo Med is actually starting to come
out with flavours and stuff I think they finally finally realized that the food
that they were coming out with was garbage and no crested gecko wanted to
eat it let’s talk about handling your crusted gecko now it is recommended that
you do not handle your crested gecko before they are at least two weeks of
age and if you just brought them home or switched them into a new environment a
new tank then you want to give them a couple of weeks to adjust and sort of
get used to their environment before you try to handle them I know we all get
super excited when we first got home with a new pet but try to let your
crusty gecko adjust to his new environment before bringing him out and
starting to handle him because Krusty geckos lose their tails very
easily if they get stressed at all they can drop their tail if you handle them
too much they can drop their tail there’s a loud noise they might drop
their tail so you want to try to kind of minimize their stress as much as
possible and very slowly introduce handling to them like start out just a
few minutes every couple of days and sort of build on that but I really
wouldn’t recommend handling your crusted gecko more than a few times a week and
for no more than maybe about 15 minutes especially if you’re hoping that they
will keep their tail because over handling them again can stress them out
while crested geckos will tolerate being held extremely extremely well and
they’re very docile albeit a little jumpy and they hunger they are the
jumpier they are they still can get stressed out and sometimes even hours
after handling will have just been stressed out for so long that they will
drop their tail now again unfortunately if the crested gecko drops his tail it
will not grow a new one back so that’s why sometimes we try
really really hard not to stress out our animals I know I keep my crested gecko
in the quietest room in the house he’s in the guest room where pretty much
nobody really bothers him except for me and occasionally my child under my
supervision but it’s not a high-traffic area it’s not like I’m keeping him in my
living room or in the playroom where it’s gonna be a whole lot of noise whole
lot of racket going on all day non-stop so all in all I would say that the
crested gecko makes a wonderful pet especially for beginners because they
are so docile and they don’t have a ton of major tank requirements or anything
they’re pretty easy to care for pretty low-maintenance guys okay so that’s all
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