in light of the sexual abuse scandal sweeping the entertainment industry the media and Washington DC we need to talk about creepy Uncle Joe well that's not my invention that's what the Washington Post labeled him back in 2015 although written in a weird tongue-in-cheek style the article cites numerous instances where Joe Biden made women uncomfortable by touching and grabbing them but here's something way creepier than that the way Uncle Joe behaves around children now let's be clear Joe Biden has admitted no wrongdoing no accusations of sexual harassment have been leveled against him at least publicly everyone is innocent until proven guilty but we need to talk about this because one Twitter thread alone posted by activists and commentator Richard Mills highlighting the subject has been retweeted nearly 20,000 times this is going viral Biden is also signaling that he plans to run for president in 2020 current polls show that Biden would be Trump this could become a major issue on the campaign trail so let's take a look this is probably the most famous example Biden leans uncomfortably close to a 13 year old girl whispers something in her ear then tries to kiss her as she instinctively jerks away all right nice to see you guys now this one actually made the news at the time they said the thirteen-year-old girl Margaret Coons didn't think what Biden said or did was creepy except she didn't say anything it was her father senator Christopher Coons who claims she said that I reached out to Margaret Coons to clarify whether or not she thought it was creepy and to ask her what Biden said I received no response the official stories that Biden was reassuring the girl that his own daughter was 13 when he was sworn in and not to be nervous about being in front of cameras except that in all the years Biden was sworn in a senator his daughter was never at the age of 13 but I'm sure that that's all completely normal in this clip Biden appears to grope the chest area of a little girl the close-up shows her visibly pull away right as it happens but I'm sure that's completely normal Biden seems to have a thing for touching smelling and stroking girls hair as seen in this clip but I'm sure that's completely normal in this clip Biden strokes the girls hair before whispering something in her ear he then asks for a picture with the girl alone senator Jim Risch then says dad's going to stand pretty close Biden appears to tell the girl quo if I was young but I'm sure that's all completely normal in this clip Biden kisses a young girl three times as she squirms uncomfortably while he says don't tell anybody but I'm sure that's completely normal in this clip Biden tells a girl quote no serious guys until you're 31 which is one of his favorite things to say to children he then poses with the girl for a photo while putting his hand around her midriff and then whispers something into her ear that's completely normal in this clip Biden asks another of his favorite questions how old the child is before weirdly stroking the face of her younger sister the mother seems keen to leave quickly well I'm sure that's all completely normal in this clip Biden again tells a young girl no dating until you're 30 before putting his hand near her breasts but I'm sure that's completely normal here's an entire montage of Biden telling girls quote no dates until you're 30 just remember no dates you're 30 what's this child again I'm sure that's completely normal in this clip a young girl catches Biden's attention he then asks the six-year-old girl if she's 17 17:06 he then begins stroking the girl's face before her mother draws attention to the cameras Biden then strokes the girl's hair again and tells her you guessed it no B two boys he then strokes her hair and kisses her again he then grabs on her face and hair again but I'm sure that's completely normal in this clip where Biden is meeting three teenage girls he trots out his favorite line one girl then calls out for her dad okay there we go now let's get the senator appears in a rush to leave the room but I'm sure that was completely normal this clip Biden again asks a girl aged around eight if she's 50 he then whispers something in their ears once again the same thing happens again in this clip where he asks an 11 year old girl if she's 17 are you 17 before the obligatory pair sniffing and whispering but I'm sure that's completely normal the former vice president's behavior appears to extend to females of all ages his Uncle Joe grabbing Ashton Carter's wife Stephanie before smelling her hair she's obviously uncomfortable but I'm sure that's completely normal he was even caught on camera giving a weird endless hug to Hillary Clinton but seriously imagine how the left would react if it was president Trump behaving like Joe Biden did they'd be up in arms they'd be calling for an investigation remember they freaked out when Trump said he'd date his own daughter which I'd mentally was a bit odd so what about this last week a Secret Service agent told Cassandra Fairbanks that Biden would quote mess with every single woman or teen and that a Christmas get-together at the VP's house had to be canceled quote because Biden would grope all of our wives and girlfriends asses he also said that the service often had to protect female agents from him and that Biden was prone to parading around the VP residence late at night with no clothes on I mean stark naked Weinstein level stuff said the agent during one alleged incident in 2009 Biden cooked the breasts of a Secret Service agents girlfriend during a photo prompting the agent to shove Biden and almost hit him the agent was subsequently suspended for a week according to the source men would often stand in front of female agents and Navy women or create false pretenses to have them leave the room just to get them away from Biden according to the agent best-selling author ronald kessler previously claimed in his book that biden was fond of swimming naked and that female Secret Service agents found that offensive Congress has paid out 17 million dollars in secret settlements to victims of sexual harassment now again this is just an accusation but former Trump campaign official James Brower claims that Joe Biden is one of the individuals named in the sealed settlement deals it would be incredibly naive to think that this isn't going to come up if Biden runs for president in 2020 indeed many on the Left are terrified that it could sink Biden's campaign and hand Trumper second term the Huffington Post and The Daily Beast of all published articles recently begging Biden not to run for office and again no evidence of actual wrongdoing has been brought forward but when you watch these clips and considering the current climate you can begin to understand how Joe Biden earned his nickname please click the big red button to subscribe it really helps me when you do that and click the bell to allow notifications so you never miss a 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46 thoughts on “CREEPY UNCLE JOE

  1. That mother fucking pedofiles in white house. And stupid fucking mothers that takes there kids to them fucking polititions.

  2. He is Totally GROOMING them…ie GETTING them used to being FONDLED…
    I question the parents…i question whether or not law suits HAVE been leveled against him AND others
    That we the people are NOT privy to…Let's EXPOSE these pedos!! SAVE these Children for Future Abuse from the luciferian left!!

  3. Notice the media is citing a 'woman' has come forward and said Biden did something uncomfortable to her. No press on his behavior towards children. Not even Fox. Wonder if this 'woman' really exists.

  4. Be honest should we really vote for Joe Biden over Donald Trump i’m not saying everyone should like trump I don’t but I support him as president but imagine the kind of president Joe Biden would be with all the facts in this video is that good leader ship for America

  5. It’s amazing how many apologists he has defending him just because he’s old school ‘uncle Joe’, he violates personal space and is very handsy especially with women, why doesn’t he do this to men and why has he gotten away with this repulsive behavior for so long?!?!

  6. "No boys until you're 30". Not, "you could be president one day!" or "Stay in school young ladies, pick a STEM!" Just.. sex. To children. Doesn't give a shit about women anymore than any other politician. Why are democrats defending and fawning over this man?

  7. I cant even watch a minute of this. How this has gone so long without media coverage just shows their true bias on who they are trying to protect.

  8. 1.8k Liberals=Democrats=Demons gave this video a dislike ! This video is AWESOME and someone should look that mofo up for being a pedophile !

  9. slimy scumbag
    thinks he can escape justice as a candidate, so he can whine and cry about how trump beat him before he ever began, grab some Non news headlines…same ol' BS ……..there's too much Video evidence to destroy him with

  10. When I was in my twenties I had a friend of the family give me a hug I didn't like oh, you know the one where the guy leans back and picks the girl up and is holding her against him all the way down the Torso? I was shocked at first and froze, but I snapped out of it by the time he put me down and informed him with a smile and if he ever touched me again I would cut him. Try this ladies, if you're not afraid for your safety, it works. Don't forget to smile, it really drives the point home.

  11. These people are stupid or unfit for allowing Pedo Joe to get so close to their children and letting him slobber all over them.

  12. Biden must go to Prison for these sex crimes!!! Biden is Sick Sex Criminal, Biden should be arrested, tried, onvi ted and locked away for many many years.

  13. I don't know who is more repulsive, that filth or the sycophants laughing.
    Proof that power corrupts not just the mind.

  14. Little girl: I'm only a kid so I'm not for sure, but, but, there's something wrong here, this just doesn't feel right, I mean, he's an old man, and I'm just akid, and this can't be happening, somebody, anybody, get me outta here. AND BIDEN LIKES TO SAY HE DIDN'T KNOW HE MADE ANYBODY UNCOMFORTABLE. Sure you didnt, creepy uncle Joe.

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