CREATING RAINBOW PETS // The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs

You guys, we’re playing with pets, I know okay, so first of all I was given this code by EA so I have early access, but they did give me the code and and whatnot So you know shout out to EA for for giving me some pets. Oh my goodness. I’m sorry I just I can’t contain my excitement So what I did today was a little bit weird um I made rainbow pets in The Sims 4 Here’s the deal okay so I wanted to mess around in CAP create a pet, CAP for a little bit because sims camp I don’t really get a Chance to mess like the painting and all the like crazy color madness you can do with this stuff And so I wanted to play with it for once and so I, I just hopped in and then I also was thinking About you know rainbow and just fun stuff like that, and I had this thing called a ‘Not so Berry’ challenge Which is like this challenge its legacy challenge so I made for The Sims. It’s super long It’s kind of a lot, but it’s linked down below And it’s got this ten generation colorful goodness thing going on might have heard of it a lot of people are playing it on YouTube and Twitch right now so they You’ve seen it But I wanted to kind of go for this like not so berry rainbow fun vibe With with my pets and so I made what eight pets all different colors I did like all the way through the rainbow and also I did I I think I did like a turquoise color, so I did like red orange yellow Green blue purple, or I did I think I did pink purple and then turquoise oh boy But you guys I had so much fun. Just sitting here doing this. I don’t know what it is. I just I It’s so good. Okay I mean just I was so impressed because plus I’ve seen this before like I’ve played it at sims camp like a couple months ago What was this in October or no not October Who am I kidding September? Sorry, but like back September. I play this game for a couple days I got a chance to play that for like maybe a couple hours total though ’cause I didn’t really get to see any of the CAS stuff or CAP sorry, CAP stuff um but this is my first time kind of going in and like actually looking at all the colors and like all the Like the painting you can do you can paint your dogs, which is so crazy But yeah it was a lot of fun and also you guys. I have a lot of pets videos coming this week. I’ve got today We’re doing two tomorrow. I think I might do two – I haven’t decided yet I just I have so many ideas and things I want to make it’s just like a time issue you know But I’ve got two today for sure one and then fixer-upper later so stay tuned for that fixer-upper you guys It’s gonna be great in the new world and everything oh my goodness Also the game comes out on November 10th so Friday it comes out. I don’t know what time Maybe it’s Thursday night technically for me Um like at midnight or something But I know it comes out like Friday officially um so stay tuned for that again Friday cats and dogs it comes out It’s $40 on Origin, which you can you know pre-order it right now and stuff. I’m not I don’t have to say this I’m just saying it ’cause I it’s a genuinely you guys I’m gonna keep singing its praises because this is the best Sims game of all time like I’ve Played a lot of Sims games in my day, okay and this is the single best one of all time like it’s just It never stops being good like I’ve seen it a lot now like I’ve seen it a few times I’ve played it a lot, um and it’s just it’s so good Like I can make rainbow pets for one. That’s not even like the tip of the iceberg look There’s so much more. You can do this game, and I anyway I’m gonna stop I’m obsessive, but it’s just it’s such a good game I had so much fun playing it, and I’m so pumped to like make these more videos make these more videos Make these new I don’t know I’m I you know what? I tried to say something. I don’t know what it was but it didn’t work anyway. Um this is going great. I don’t know about you guys, but wow I can do a great voiceover But basically um just shoot to the ‘Not so Berry’ challenge which kind of inspired me for this um if you want to play that challenge It’s linked down below. I’m gonna update it for pets m I just haven’t gotten around to that just yet because I’ve got a lot of stuff going on right now um I’m trying to like double upload and things but not so berry hey. She’s linked. It’s a fun challenge um and if you wanna, maybe I don’t know watch some my other like pets videos. They’re linked down below too actually *gasp* I’ll make a playlist a playlist of pets videos That’s linked because then you can see on my like because I have two from Sims camp. I’ve got this one I’ll have lots more this week, and so if you want to like see all those things It’s linked again look at me being a real youtuber. I’ve got playlists. I can direct you to my playlists of pets videos But again this game. Okay, first of all this is I think my favorite expansion of all time And we just got it like I’ve had it for what a solid two and a half hours when recording this voiceover um I mean I’ve played it again before so I’ve had time to like dwell on this But I’ve played a lot of Sims expansion packs as you may know over the years, and this is a hands down I think the best one to date and that’s because I mean what the Sims around for what like 17 years um they’ve had a lot of expansion packs in their day. They’ve got four pets expansions packs expand see I can’t even talk I’m so excited. They’ve had four pets ones, and this is again obviously the best one. It’s like You’ve seen it okay. I’m gonna stop gushing out cuz it’s getting annoying But I hope you enjoyed the video these pets are on the gallery although you can’t play with them Just yet because you can’t download them until you have pets in your game But like they’re up if you want to have them. I don’t know why you would they’re kind of a mess but My my eight rainbow pets all in the gallery I’m gonna go make sure to leave a like and comment and subscribe and do all those fun YouTube things and in case you guys didn’t know I Post new videos every single day, and so I will see you all tomorrow with more pets videos, okay, bye everybody Guys this game. I keep saying pets it’s cats and dogs, but you know what I mean. It’s genuinely so good I can’t say enough good things about it. I’m not even sponsored. I just I just love this game so much You know me I’m obsessive this is that this is showing through okay?

100 thoughts on “CREATING RAINBOW PETS // The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs

  1. i stopped watching dan and phil for this, and i would say thats crazy, but ive already seen all their videos fourty times since they never heccing upload

  2. Every simmer is so excited for pets but I can't really imagine it being so great… I don't know I just don't expect it to be that much better than the expansion packs before (that I love)

  3. I’m on the east coast and I️ can never buy new packs until 1pm the day it comes out. They are released at 10am San Francisco time. So people in Europe and Australia get it later on that day or early the next day.

  4. I'm really happy about the patch update and really excited about pets, it's just the fact that a lot of mods don't work anymore that sucks and I've got like 500 or so + cc and a good chunk is the types of mods that probably won't work anymore ;(

  5. Hey Kayla! I am so glad cats and dogs came out, ive always wanted to create my dog. The sad thing I thoug, she passed away from cancer. Well she didn’t die, my grandparents and my step grandfather has to put her down. My dog was a beagle, but short. Do you know if there’s any way to get a short beagle? Or if anyone knows how to get a short beagle? I am so happy if you could. TYSM I love you, and I love anyone who can help me. TYSM!

  6. You know when the dog is sitting down in the beginning and since the video is speed up it looks like the dog is bouncing

  7. This was such a fun idea! I'm going to give every generation of my Not So Berry challenge a different pet in the same color as their generation!

  8. OMG! I love your dorm room! SO christmasy yes I said it christmasy (I don't even think that it is a word XDD)

  9. I honestly thought the floofy orange cat should have been named dog, but whatever, you know? It’s fine I promise

  10. You're updating the not so berry?? But I'm 4 gens in Pmsl if u update it u gotta make it different enough that I can play it again without getting bored

  11. Oh my god, I preordered cars and dogs on a website called cdkeys, and I got it the same day as other youtubers got early access. Woah.

  12. @lilsimie first of all, hello big fan watched all your speed build and your fixer uppers, i remembering u say that the show was canceled (fixer upper) well its not it will be back on HGTV on the 21 of November. but you probably knew that already, but just wanted say it, just in case you didn't.

  13. How is no one complaining that the pets have way more customization than actual sims shm we beg for a color wheel and only the pets get one

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