Crazy Kitten Playing!

pinkie why do you think it's fun to climb that pinky get it get it you're so funny I wonder why it looks dark I have the nighttime ambience on add some more light good morning you're so silly you know that's not really how that toy was designed to be played with I got birdís eye drops here already gave them one gotta get rid of there there's no playing with pink to give them a chance enters pinky is eating dry and wet food I made it in the litter box and you know what I need about right now I think about it's good to be viewed later boss yeah the only problem is I'm worried mom's gonna get in it but mom's gonna get in it and she's gonna make a grand old mess of things like right here so they can kind of share the whole thing it's easier when the litter falls on this that's not for you please don't use it you're messy you're so funny hang in there that was fun about the entire arc here so funny this floors like get squeaky cuz I clean it so it's not like squeaky clean when I move you're so funny do you like the other one the other ones too light I might have to have you mom this one's all this one's hands everywhere let's get rid of this I bought this one oh it's getting everywhere so can you use the other one mommy can you tweet it but I like oh my gosh yeah I've had the Fulda best I got poop on it so goodness she was sleepy she was just running around it's so funny when they're babies like they run around and then crash I love it sorry he's very sorry I'm trying to cover the bed so we don't get goofy out of it and her eyes water even worse but um I think it's the herpes virus which a lot of cats are exposed to most pets are some develop it so I'm told Oh take care you babies okay it's gross but it's really good so what are you doing in here mommy went to thank you mommy good get me the good stuff in your herd Sophie go farfrae's gotten so much just softer good food and you know a little bit cleaner you got wet put on you how'd you do that got a little box station my baby station their food stations messy messy mommy now with you kittens huh laying the kid it's always playing the little ones yes don't eat it pinky is like on top you really want to wipe their eye out so mommy's funny you can see the wrinkles in her head I'm she does stuff like I sphynx cat are you serious that's funny maybe cuz I mean she does smell the other cats in there I mean mommy in there that's insane well the other ones are I don't think are gonna be able to make it in there well why would you do that when she's going to the bathroom do you guys not understand this toy I've never seen a cat so many problems if I should play she's fine she's not stuck you're so cute and bright-eyed I know baby I'm tired and I mess with your eyeball I know but it's trying to save what we can oh my god she's so soft today oh we gotta get your brush clean up and brush you

50 thoughts on “Crazy Kitten Playing!

  1. What a sweet adorable kitten!! There’s plenty of room in my heart ❤️ for all of these sweet,precious kittens. I used to have a white cat named Sugar and she too was beautiful. She lived until she was about 13 or 14 and I lost her to acute kidney failure. I currently have a domestic long haired cat with black and white fur named Ms.Kitty who is currently 13 years old. Sending my love to all of these kitties-they’re all beautiful!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????????????????????

  2. Because rescuer like I have said before, I’m training to take over the world???????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. What a beautiful little family!!! Hugs and pets and cuddles to the little sweetie babies!!!! ???❣

  4. I don't often comment but like other watchers was upset when the little kitten passed away. Hopefully the others and mum carry on making progress.

  5. Aw, Pinky's just killing me with her cute! I love how she went inside the toy! I bet she'll make it her new hiding spot!

  6. So happy mama Cricket and kittens are doing way better. Pinky playing is so adorable! Love these kitties! Hope you can save Birdie’s eye. Cricket fits mama perfectly with her little chirps and mews to the kittens. Archie is so stinking cute!! Love them all. Just want to love them and pet them. Getting to watch them is good enough for now. Haha. Great job ladies and everyone taking care of these sweet critters. They’ve come a long way. I’m happy your videos popped up in my feed when you still had the Tempurra crew kittens.

  7. Kitty so adorable playing.i m glad they're doing better. Mommy and her other babies nursing too precious.l just love her so sweet and she s great with her babies lots of love so cute

  8. Pinky fits in that toy like it was made for her!! She has the most adorable face, it’s the type that deserves kisses!!?????

  9. "Momma why would you do that when she's going to the bathroom"I am laughing so hard which is really refreshing bc the last few days its been really upsetting seeing Sterling so sick so laughing is fantastic!!Great job Melissa and Nora!!!XO

  10. Something I've been wondering about: do max and/or Mya start to freak out when they hear kittens crying, or are they use to it? Do you keep m&m separated from the fosters the entire time (yeah I called them m&m :-).

  11. Pinky is adorable and mama Cricket and the babies look good. I’m glad they are in your care. ❤️❤️❤️???

  12. Cute kittens. Pinky is a girl.How about the other kittens? Is the black one a boy or a girl? Is the white one with some black a boy or a girl?

  13. Hi Melissa. What a cute video ?I think Birdie’s eye actually looks better today…less red and inflamed. Clearly it’s not healed but I’m glad for any little sign that it’s improving. I’m sure Cricket’s cost is getting soft and healthier due to such good nutrition. And I think Pinkie has played with that green toy every way except the way she is supposed to ???

  14. Pinky was my first kittens name when I was 4. So I think it's a really cute name naturally ? It's fun to watch the babies progress and learning experiences

  15. LOL! Of course Pinky went in the big box as soon as you made a smaller one for them w/ fresh littler. ….. Kitties! ? ? Maybe you should put some of the litter from the big box w/ their smell on it in the smaller one, & she'll use it. ?
    I really hope the other babies eye gets better. ? Oh,. For Cricket's eye, can you give her lysine while nursing? My cat got 250 mg 2xs/ day (in breakfast & dinner), then if her had a flare up like that, increase to 500mg 2xs/ day until cleared up. That's what the vet had me doing. It flushes out of their system in their pee, so is safe. Not sure if ok to do while nursing though. I'd give the bet a call. I found best prices on Amazon, (like the "now" brand is a good one). Usually comes in 500 mg capsules, so I sprinkled 1/2 in each meal & mixed in. No taste, so easy to give in food. Unless during a flare up, do the whole 500mg 2xs/ day. IF safe while she's nursing. Hope that helps. You probably already know this info though. ??

  16. Pinky is just too much—going into the big girl litter box ? What a handful! Mommy Cricket is absolutely precious. Her poor runny eyeball? It doesn’t seem to be causing her pain so that’s good. So great to see them thriving???

  17. That's why many multi-tier track toys have a safety bar in the top tier ?.

    Glad Pinky is feeling better. ?

  18. Hello Friends!❤️?❤️
    Mama is a great cat! So glad they are doing better! ❤️❤️❤️

  19. Die Katzen ?Mama ist zufrieden ,und hat so lieb geschnürt !!! Das eine weiße ist sehr lebhahaft und neugierig , ich hoffe das den anderen Kätzchen auch bald besser geht !!!????

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