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Ask Reddit Pet owners of Reddit, what ridiculous things
have your pets eaten? My friend’s dog ate a used condom from the
trash can. To make matters worse, it got stuck on the
way out and she had to pull a shirty used condom from her dog’s butt at the dog park. What the Duck have you been doing to your
dog?” -Bystander at the dog park Would you rather I didn’t use a condom? Oh shit! I forgot my cat used to do that. The first couple times I found it in her poo. But then I caught her in the act once and
she growled at me when I was taking it away It’s really the worst! Especially if you tie them off when you’re
done, and once you pull them out YOUR… leavings… are still inside When I was a teenager, our dog started getting
into my trash constantly. If I ever left my door open, I’d come back
to find she’d snuck into my room and left chewed up trash all over my bedroom floor. My parents finally bought me a trash can with
a lid because it was such a problem. It didn’t start happening until I was around
13, and we’d had her since I was in preschool. It wasn’t until many years later that I realized
there was something that’s usually in a teenage boy’s trash that she seemed to have developed
a taste for… Ugh. Similarly my cat had a brief passion for tampons
and pads. I’m so glad he stopped, the little ducker. it’s not just boys! my dog will go through
my laundry hamper for my used underwear. it’s so, so gross My friend adopted two mastiffs. One day, the female broke down the gate and
proceeded to eat an entire bag of RAW sweet potatoes, then went on to have bright orange
diarrhea all over their bedroom (which the dogs were not allowed to be in). I can’t help but giggle when I think about
it. My labrador used to steal light bulbs and
crunch them because they’re … crunchy? I guess.. It didn’t get hurt doing it but we had to
start putting lightbulbs in safer places just in case , It also ate a razor … didn’t get
hurt either I have no idea how a labrador’s stomach works
but man is it sturdy Our old family dog ate a bunch of empty beer
cans, leaving only the thicker bottoms behind because he couldn’t chew them. Didn’t get hurt and lived for ten plus years
after that. I think he was 2/4 labrador, 1/4 golden retriever,
and 1/4 flat-coated retriever. One of my parents’ dogs also got into my stash
of whey protein once, ate at least a pound of that stuff before we could stop him. I’ve never heard him protest as loudly as
he did back then when his meal got interrupted and he got dragged into the shower. Also, the infernal smell of dog farts lingered
in the house for three days straight. Unsurprisingly, he’s a lab mix too. Yeah. My labrador pup ate lip gloss. I posted a comment already. Labradors ate the goofiest, cutest but goddamn
hungriest dogs I’ve ever met my dog did the same with christmas tree ornaments,
we could only decorate the top half for a few christmases Sounds like a Labrador! We’ve had labradors that have chewed through
doors, floors etc. Our current lab ate the wireless modem one
day and now nothing surprises me anymore “Babe, why isn’t the wifi working? Can you reset it?” “The dog ate it.” My dog ate a sock whole and it came out that
way too If you timed it right you could have put a
sock on your foot without ever touching it. Oh Jesus Christ Time it right twice and he can take it off
and put it on My very cute dumb ass ate a wool sock and
puked it. While I went to get cleaning supplies he re-ate
it. While I was at work over the next week this
appeared to have happened 3-4 more times until I finally went for it bare handed on Saturday. We were hiking. Suddenly he ran off the trail and starting
scarfing down on something. It was a giant fresh bear turd. Zero hesitation. He saw, he pounced, and he gorged. We saw the bear about 50 yards out, too. I can just hear him howling mid poop scarFing
“I HAVE THE POWER!” I had a dog that rolled around on a deer turd. It took forever to get the smell out. Lettuce. I’ve posted about this before, but I got my
dog Snoopy when I was 10 years and ever since he was a puppy he had this love for lettuce. He would go absolutely nuts for it and so
whenever I had a sandwich or a burger I would give him some of my lettuce. Over the years it became a ritual that whenever
I prepared any food that involved lettuce for myself, I would grab extra lettuce for
him so I could toss it to him as I ate. He passed away 4 years ago after almost 17
years together, but I still find myself grabbing that bit of extra lettuce for him My lab mix when I was a teenager would go
bonkers for the little crunchy spine of the lettuce leaf. I also still find myself saving them, but
the few times I tried to give them to my corgi I’ve gotten a look that strongly implies
that I’m trying to poison her…. random animal poop on the side of the road, however,
seems to be quite the delicacy. Our Husky Shepard mix is generally a picky
eater, but will go crazy over raw carrots, cabbage and Brussels sprouts. She’s a bit odd. My dog who passed two years ago absolutely
loved all vegetables, especially lettuce. On nights when it was salad for dinner she
would be right there in the kitchen pushing and bullying for a piece of lettuce. She also would eat corn off the cob like a
human would, so we’d always leave a little behind for her to eat. A power strip. Yes you heard me right, an entire power strip… “Puppy. POWER!” My dog once ate a tv remote batteries and
all, was fine. She followed it up by eating the dessert section
of a cook book “Well it looked so delicious…” My brothers dog gave birth to a litter of
5 puppies. Everything is going fine until one day he
notices there’s now only 4. He searched his house high and low but never
found the poor thing. So the conclusion is that would be the strangest
thing a pet has ever eaten for me. My girlfriends mums ashes… That was a ruff day Ruff Oh that’s bad. My dog ate my cats poo, which he proceeded
to vomit up on his bed… My dog loves the cat litter we use. It’s biodegradable and made from corn, which
would be alright if he didn’t also eat the buried treasures he finds in it. dog ate a five dollar bill, it came out the
other end still intact just crumbled up, we cleaned it up, let it dry out and then used
it for a tip later, it’s very true that you never know where money has been As a bookkeeper, this feels like a personal
attack. Nice try but we all know five dollar bills
don’t actually exist I saw a five dollar bill once. Got it as a tip! My beagle eats my terrier’s poop, sometimes
on it’s way out of her butt. This, this is why I have cats. It’s like when you eat soft serve straight
from the fountain My dog ate a whole mole once. Teeth, claws, everything. Was constipated for 3 days and on arriving
at the vet, crapped all over the floor. With the problem solved, we apologized, turned
around, and went home. We celebrate our dog’s on 4th of July, and
one his third birthday (Making him 21 in dog years) He stole my mom’s beer and drank it. Got to say that was weird. (I know it says eaten but I really like sharing
the story) We used to go camping with a big group of
people and our Boston terrier used to pee in people’s coffee if left on the ground. Normally it was someone he didn’t like to
well. People quickly learned not to put their coffee
cups on the ground. Had a cat that used to eat the long stringy
bits of tinsel that you put on the Christmas tree. Every year it got stuck on the way out so
I had to pull it out. I kept telling my mother to stop buying the
tinsel but she never did. Just for future reference, pulling is bad. String, tinsel, yarn, etc. can get tangled
up in their intestines and you can really hurt them by pulling it out. It can also create an intestinal blockage,
which can be fatal. She used to spin around in circles and drag
her butt all over the carpet trying to get it out. Maybe I should have cut it instead but I always
pulled very gently and slowly as I knew it could be very dangerous. Which is why I was so mad at my mother for
keeping buying the stuff and putting it out. But thankfully it never seriously hurt her. I took my two year old Golden Retriever to
the vet for a hard stomach. They called me back at midnight after they
removed 9 lbs of sand and dirt from his stomach. $2500 Our Great Dane ate so many things. The two TV remotes was probably the least
problematic. The 3 pounds of butter in one day was the
worst to clean up later that night. The half bathroom door was a bi t of a pain
in the ass to live with. When she ate the high chair tray (the whole
thing – not just chewed), the manufacturer graciously replaced it for us after we emailed. legos.. and they got stuck on the way out. Pulling legos out of the dog’s butt was terrible. Ok this will probably sound super gross but
here it is. I have a rescue Staffordshire bull terrier
cross called Zeeks, who was abandoned by his family so at first he ate his or other animals
poop because he used to be so hungry and that was all he could eat. Sounds gross, It was, but after a couple months,
he adjusted to his new life and kicked that habit. After 6 years of him living with us, everything
was good. My mum however, who owns horses, didn’t
own a horse at the time since our old one died a couple years back and was borrowing
someone else’s horse. One day whilst my mum was in the riding school,
the borrowed horse buck my mum off and she fell to the ground and she cut her arm of
the ground fairly deep and an ambulance had to take her away(don’t worry though, didn’t
stop her from getting a new horse). She needed many bandages for her arm to cover
the wound and she would throw them in the bin. They were covered with blood and in hindsight
it was probably a dumb idea to leave them there. We didn’t know my dog got in until we saw
him eating the bandages. I had to pull them out by hand and it was
disgusting. They were covered in saliva and gross juices. My dog was gagging and was not pleased at
all. I told my mum not to but he must have gotten
hold of some more when I wasn’t looking. I was walking him and he started shitting
out bandages. I used the dog poop bag as a glove and pulled
them out because he was understandably having difficulty getting it all out. It was like the magic trick where someone
pulls the cloth out of the magicians pocket but instead of the pocket it was my dogs anus. It was covered in shit and it was gross but
I was too pumped full of adrenaline from the shock that I didn’t care. Yeah, that’s something I don’t want to
relive and thankfully he hasn’t tried it since. TL:DR- My dog ate long bandages and I had
to pull them out of his mouth and butthole. He was not happy about it.

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