“Crabby Cat on a Blue Rug” #SilverBeardArtChallenge Watercolor Greeting Card Painting Demonstration

hello my art friend I’m so glad to have
you here today in the studio today it’s gonna be so much fun
we’re gonna be making greeting cards our own personalized greeting cards and if
you’re like me you’ve always wanted to make your own special personalized cards
that you can give to friends and to family and this is gonna be done in
watercolor and I’ll be demonstrating for you how to paint a crabby cat on a blue
rug and so we’re using these Strathmore mixed-media cards and calligraphy ink
from Winsor and Newton and this is my first time using the cards and the
calligraphy ink so it’ll be a lot of fun adding a little bit of water here with
just plain water to my watercolor my dry watercolor pans let’s get that box open so these Strathmore mixed-media cards
are 140 pound paper and they’re acid-free
which means that they are going to stay they’re going to be staying in a good
condition for years and years after the recipient gets that they could frame
your card if they like and I’m now taping the paper onto a masonite board
after the drawing is in I’m going to erase those extra pencil marks so they
don’t become they don’t show so much with a painting and using an old
paintbrush wipe off all those extra eraser crumbs so I’m kind of protecting
that top side of the card by covering with a little rag and then the palette
and getting started here with a painting just the first initial colors and if you are new to my channel I
welcome you and if you’ve come back before thank you so much for being here
I hope that you’re going to ring that subscription bell so this is this whole
activity is for the Silver Beard Art Challenge that I’m hosting on my channel
and so I hope you’ll get a chance to go out and see all the other artists who
have used the same hashtag Silver Beard Art Challenge in the title of their
video and I know we’re expecting maybe 50 or so artists so I hope that you’ll
get a chance to go out and check out everybody else’s videos and there will
also be a playlist on my channel in the playlist section with everyone who is
participating one thing on these I like to host these art challenges I feel like
it’s a great way that since we’re all one art family to catch up with each
other and to support one another and I think it’s a lot of fun to see what
everybody does with the challenge prompt so this challenge prompt was to create
artwork in any medium that is featuring a bearded man or featuring the color
silver so I’m choosing to use the color silver and make this little crabby cat
and he’s just laying on his blue rug and he was kind of feeling himself kind of a
fun little crabby cat so now getting the Holbein neutral tint
I love this neutral tint it can act like a grey or act like a black depending on
how diluted it is and this Black Velvet Silver brush it is
I really like this brush a lot it’s a mix of synthetic and squirrel hair that
poor squirrel but he was a noble squirrel and he gave his life for the
brush it’s kind of sad I like to think that maybe the maybe the squirrel was
old when or maybe they were just extra hairs that the squirrel had when they
when they made him into a brush the poor guy so I’m taking that neutral tint and
just kind of indicating on the paper no this is a wet and wet technique meaning
that the paper is already wet and dropping color on top and when we do
that it will give a more diffused look than if it’s just dry paper below now if you pre wet the area that you saw
I’m pre wetting I’m just taking a plain water with the brush and getting it wet
and then I can drop color on top and it will move really nicely over the paper so let’s get a little bit of this
peacock blue here and the colors that you see here are all water colors that
are in tubes and then you just add water to it each time that you want to paint
it’s really convenient you don’t really waste any paint which is kind of nice so
in my painting today I want to show you how to layer your colors I’m going to
use many different colors of blue and here’s a French ultramarine by layering
these colors we get a more complex kind of a color than we would if we would
just mix all the blues together and just put it all on one thing by layering them
one on top of the other a little bits of it will peek through and I like that
complexity so here I’m softening the edges of our little crabby cat by taking
just a brush that just has plain water on it and then running that over and
allowing the colors to mingle now you can either let your water your paper dry
naturally or you can use it like a Chandler heat tool I’m using here you can also
use a hairdryer people use different methods to dry in between but watercolor
is all about controlling how wet or how dry your paper is when you put the paper
when you put your paint on so here I had the paper be bone dry and then when I’m
putting this black line on here you’ll notice that it’s not traveling anywhere
it’s not moving when we pre wet the paper and then put color on you can see
that the color will just travel everywhere
but for example if I put this black line on here while the green eyes are still
drying then that black would bleed into the green but I can I can make sure that
it doesn’t move by making sure that that paper is super dry before doing it and
you might have some favourite cats in your life we don’t have any of my
husband and I don’t have any cats but my son and his wife so my son Will and his
wife Mallory have two wonderful cats Rotamer Cat and Twisty Cat and they are
just really wonderful cats and so interesting to watch so now going in
with the hookers green I’m just applying a thick amount of that and then I can go
back in with a damp brush and move the color around where I want it to go so
just with a wet brush just pulling that color down there we go you can also see that some of the blue
the the blue from above has been moving on to the top of my cat’s head and so
I’ll show you in a little bit how you can wipe that off and get the paper back
after if if your paint has gone where you don’t want it to go there’s a little bit
more of that new gamboge now the eyes are dry here so I can go in and add some
detail and my goal here on this painting because I think about cats as being
feisty and alive and powerful and in this case kind of crabby I want to have
kind of a very loose water climb trying not to make too tight of a watercolor I
want this to just be very loose and free so here’s the calligraphy ink and this
is my first time using it so we’ll use it together for the first time so
getting some of it out onto the palette I shook the jar really well first and
I’m putting the lid back on so just layering this metallic ink over
the areas of some of the white areas of the of the paper and then also where
it’s been previously painted with the watercolor I’m coming in now layering
now on top of that you can layer watercolor on top of the ink or below or
above the ink so just some more of the neutral tint now I got color where I
didn’t want it so I’m gonna just take a damp brush a clean damp brush it doesn’t
wipe it back off you can see that that neutral tint looks almost black if it’s
super concentrated anywhere from a light gray almost black with the neutral tint
it’s very transparent just putting some some marks and some
lines of gesture lines here I want this cat to feel expressive and when you’re doing your own painting
then you’ll have your idea of how you want yours the feeling that you want
yours to have just adjusting my tray and we’ll get a little bit of Prussian blue
so now let’s move to some darker blues so we get a lot of contrast between the
cat which is kind of a middle tone color what I’m doing now is I’m going to be
darkening that background and allowing some of those colors that we first put
on to peek through so I did not pre wet the paper here first just put in kind of
a wet wash of color over and applying it and kind of a just a loose and gestural
way so that it will will just kind of go where it wants to go or I guess in this
case go where I want it to go because I’m only letting it go where I’ve pre
they’re pre wet the paper or where I’m putting the color so the rest of it is
drying I’m using my heat tool again and now some of the Chinese white so Chinese
white is a super opaque watercolor you can also use a white gouache but this is
technically a watercolor that we’re using gouache the difference between
watercolor gouache is gouache has the addition of chalk and that
makes it very very opaque now just layering on more more darks
here getting some of a purple put in and then coming back and laying on top his
fur coat with the silver and I’m using I want him to look like he is kind of like
his fur coat is kind of wild and going all over I want this to be a Maine Maine
cat the Maine Coon cat they have they’re a little bit more rugged looking than a
typical house cat they tend to be kind of bigger cats and look a little bit
kind of wild and they’re kind of feisty we have some friends the Antrim’s and
they had a Maine Coon cat and he was a big guy I think he was like 30 pounds
something like that just a really large cat so let’s go back and restate that I here
make it just a you can layer your watercolor either with different colors
or in this case I’m just putting the neutral tint back on just to make a very
dark statement and then go back into the center of the eye and get that mark in and using the liner brush to and the
Chinese white just a quick flick of the wrist to show whiskers and extra hair
that are coming off and if you notice I’ve kind of lost in all of my
excitement of painting I’ve lost the chin of my little cat here so I will
show you here in a minute what to do if that happens to you just
get it wet with a paintbrush and then you can try dabbing with a towel a
paper towel kitchen like a kitchen roll or like an old scrap of cotton fabric like an old t-shirt or something but I’m just scrubbing a little bit and then you
can restore the white paper where it was before so now he’s his little chin is
back but you can do that if that ever happens to you and you need to pull an
area back again now I’m just putting a little water to soften the area above
his eyes all right now it’s time to reveal the edge now do you see what a
really nice edge that Pro pH artist tape some people will use washi tape but not
all washi tape will give you a nice crisp edge depending on the brand some
are better than others but this what’s also really nice about this tape is that
it does not remove any of the paper surface nice clean release so here’s our little
card and I’m very happy with how it came up let’s give a little pinch here at the
top to the in the edge and now it’s ready to write a sentiment and to send
to a family member or a friend but I really like how that silver this is my
since it’s my first time using this silver calligraphy ink I’m pretty
excited and how that silver sheen came out those are the envelopes then it
comes with this this little 5 by 7 it comes with 10 envelopes and 10 cards and
the envelope is just like regular envelope so I want to thank you so much
for joining me today and I hope to see you again in my studio so until next
time this is Dena Tollefson and all my best to you bye bye

29 thoughts on ““Crabby Cat on a Blue Rug” #SilverBeardArtChallenge Watercolor Greeting Card Painting Demonstration

  1. Thank you so much for being here today! I hope you will participate in the Silver Beard Art Challenge- come join in on the fun and meet new friends

  2. Hi Dena, beautiful kitten!! I find watercolour is hard sometimes, you made a beautiful painting!!! wonderful informative video also, and it's so easy to listen to your relaxing and amazing narration too!!! have a fab day!! ? ? x

  3. Really like this Dena ? have you seen that new Cats movie in cinemas at the moment ? I’ve watched the live stage show in London years ago and i was hooked?

    Lovely watercolor techniques ? and a super calm relaxing informative video

    My entry publishes later today ?

  4. Ooh I love this Dena!!! I used to make my own Xmas cards years ago… your video reminded me of how much i miss it. I’m a huge cat lover, this crabby cat is beautiful. Love that shimmer✨

  5. I really wish I could have joined you, Dena. First of all, thank you so much for your invitation and having such a fantastic idea. Indeed it is a lot of fun, and also it helps a lot getting acquainted with other wonderful artists like yourself. Your videos are wonderful and your soothing art of explaining the process is certainly very relaxing. I like learning something about watercoloring too. I like this crabby cat of yours, and my, the eyes! Mesmerizes. God bless, Dena.

  6. Cool cat Dena, I think he's a cross between a wild feral cat and a new and upcoming star in the Cats movie. Maybe the poor squirrel is channeling his wild side. THANKS for another challenge.?

  7. Oh Dena!! What a wonderful painting and cat!! It is so adorable!! I've never owned a cat, I am allergic to them. One of my neigthbors got several cats. Have to be careful in summer so they do not sneak into my appartment lol. Thanks for another wonderful challenge!! xx

  8. Hi Dena ! I really like the Crabby cat! It so cute!:).I have never tried to paint with watercolors! I think it's super fun! I will definitely order a set and I will play! Congratulations on this wonderful video, the Crabby cat greeting card looks great, you have all my respect both you and our Art family! I'm sorry I couldn't post today! But Sunday afternoon the video will be on the channel! I hope you like it! God bless you Dena, and happy painting!

  9. i had so much doing my silver beard art challenge piece.. these are so beautiful .. i love them so much! I really think next year I am going to try and be more organised for christmas and make some cards.. ..
    thank you so much for having the art challenge, i really do enjoy them so much.. have a great day, and a great holiday season x

  10. What a lovely card to receive, Dena! I love all the colours in the eyes – they really sparkle and I think your brushstrokes capture the fur so well. I have never tried that silver calligraphy ink before, but now I am inspired to go and get some. Thank you for organising this challenge. Hope you have a lovely Christmas! ?

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