30 thoughts on “Coyote snatches family’s dog on surveillance video in Massachusetts backyard I ABC7

  1. Irresponsible owners cant leave a small dog outside in those God forsaken woods, this is pretty intriguing though I've never seen this before lol

  2. “Awe, they were playing!” Says all the ignorant people who don’t understand wild animals don’t behave like domestic pets.

  3. That is NOT! a dog, it's a RAT !! get real dog, not some tennis ball buddy or a RAT !, a Real dog that will keep the coyotes and the Assclowns away from your property

  4. Laziness at it’s finest. Luckily the coyote let it live, makes you wonder was the coyote surprised it was a dog and not a rabbit. Because if he wanted to kill the dog he most certainly would have done so.

  5. They sell doggy armor for small dogs. And maybe have a fenced in area for them to do their business in the morning

  6. Coyotes were reintroduced to the Eastern USA. Hunters did that. Weekend Hunters? No, the kind of Hunter that is ALWAYS placed in charge of Government Agencies.

    Are Environmentalists ever put in charge of Government Agencies? Why No.

    Hunters reintroduced the Coyote to the Eastern USA because traveling West to prove their manhood was too far.

    There is a distinct lack of habitat for coyotes AND for their food in the East and this video is evidence of that.

    People encroach everywhere to get away from eadh other. Hunters have a solution for that.

  7. Well he's in doggy heaven but the owners of that dog some stupid piece of s*** you know you got Coyotes out to his dummy the coyote should have taken you not the dog

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