Coyote Attacks Cat – Dog Saves Cat

oh crap where's my cat sorry there's no coyote there's my cat I think it's got the cat right there you can see it it's right there it's got something in there it's got cat we're gonna go get the coyote let's get it Lucy shutter Jim get up Lucy get him there it goes get it go get it get it Lucy go get it get it I think it's got our cat I should probably see you saw it too coyote yep two different ones two different ones just today one water through my backyard which I live right next to the park yeah real slow the one we chased out like I said it was huge just this monster one and it was it took out a it took out one of the neighbors dogs full size 60 pound dog it took it out tackled it and chased it out of my property and the dog ended up running into my porch for safety so just be careful March March and man is it cold on the feet I know they tend to like to run oh yeah they do that they do they run hope the dogs follow them and then the pack takes them out yeah see so you saw her going effort it's it's noon and we've got we got coyotes out on the hunt must be hungry they are this one Jake you said this coyote was just hanging out in our yard yeah just ran over sugar was sugar was seven feet from it and it wasn't sugar so right there the other swamp and it stopped yeah cuz it tries to get him to follow on those Kyle separate that dog get him to chase them and then they close in on the dog and eat them kill him so I mean you may not be familiar with the way hunting techniques of coyotes but that's how they do it they're a pack animal and we have packs of them around here it's in there somewhere I think it's got our cat cats inside so there's our cat our cat is fine thank goodness kitty kitty kitty kitty come here kitty here kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty it was a good kitty who's a good kitty yeah you're a good kitty I thought you were getting ate by a coyote for sure I was all I'd guarantee you were at its mouth because when I looked out that window it looked like it was eating it hand was shaking and it was just going to town and I'm like that's my freakin cat you're even my freakin cat you're safe that's why you shouldn't be outside if you would be a coyote snap oh good all right forget it hey Lucy sugar come on come on we can leave it alone let's go pup-pup let's go Lucy come on come get over here okay she's telling me that far get over here Lucy come Lucy come get over here hey dog just told me to screw off but Lucy and sugar chased it off well not you so much sugar you just hung out with it you think dope here it is it was right out here it was right down goes right down here when Jake's seen it then we chased it up through the swamp and out through the woods

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  1. There's a cat that fights alligators on a daily basis and it protects humans standing by the lake from alligator attacks! And i'm pretty sure alligators would swallow a coyote whole! Cats even scare bears,cats are recognized as lions and tigers since they are of the same type!

  2. 12 gauge with a Turkey load.Judging by the video it shouldn't carry far enough to harm the neighbors. @ 45 to 50 yds they've bled off all their energy.

  3. dude this legit happened to my dog this morning. fucking coyote comes onto my property and tries to come at my dog while he was just taking a piss. i was gonna get a small hammer and try to beat the fuck out of the coyote but i didnt have time. dogs fine though. next time i see one of them coyotes come near my dog that coyote best know im gonna murder it.

  4. Maybe shoot the coyote? I think it would be legal. On your property and a danger. You have a small child too. They could land a nasty bite on a small child. In Tennessee, it would be shot as a nuisance animal.

  5. Does no one else carry or at least keep a weapon in the house. Coyote would make some good dog food. All wild animals are cool until they start coming into my space. Humans first and to all those tree hugging animal lovers, just keep them away from me and mine, no problems.

  6. Is this true? They say if you have a problem with Coyotes to buy Wolf piss I guess you can buy it online sprinkle it over your yard and coyotes will go away when they smell the wolf piss. Because coyotes are afraid of wolves and wolves usually kill coyotes on sight for territory so they prefer to steer clear of wolves.

  7. If that was my cat I would have ran outside take my cat inside then scare of the coyotes. I AM NOT SCARED Of SMALL COYOTES

  8. i got 6 grey hound one i have one lab and it follow them to the pack was hetting attack then i let my grey hound out and took them coyotes to the bank

  9. I'm little but I am tough so Maybe I can take it down or Maybe Not because I was a beast when I was in kindergarten but im in 1st grade

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