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Justin and Samantha power our owners to a rather rare and unusual pet kinkajous our rainforest mammal a lot of people when they see them think they're related to maybe a monkey or a lemur something like that but they're really more closely related to raccoons they're nocturnal mammals from the Amazon from South America and they have prehensile tails meaning her tail is like a fist arm stead of a kinkajou became part of the power family two and a half years ago they bought her from a specialist breeder when she was just three weeks old it's not like owning a dog or a cat she is somewhat high-maintenance so there's a lot of things to think about she's very rambunctious energetic we call her to Royal Highness and a pest she can get pretty mischievous and get into things like play fight sometimes likes to wrestle climb things she's quite a handful she likes to snuggle during the day because she's nocturnal since owning Stella the family have learned how training a kinkajou differs from your everyday pet what training kinkajous don't train very well it's more of a scenario of letting her do what she wants banana she's definitely one of the family she knows Samantha and I as her parents and our son is definitely a little brother constrictor they can annoy each other sometimes kinkajous our frugivores which means omnivores with a heavy preference for food so she eats a lot of fruit bananas are her favorite I think the negative feedback folks just kind of keep their distance and regardless of crazy animal people and the positive ones want to get in on the action and comes here immediately you

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  1. i heard they can release strong scents from their glands. can't be trained, and prefer night time, im assuming its de scented some how

  2. I saw this animal featured on an episode of a show called Wild Kratts ; saying that it is a "pollinator" that likes to suck the nectar from flowers, which is why it has such long skinny tongue to get into the flowers to eat. 🙂

  3. She most certainly is CUTE. But, I gave this video a thumbs down because of the high maintenance required in having a Kinkajou for a pet. Not that the video itself was bad. Wishing you many Blessings………….from Weirton, WV/USA.

  4. How cute! I got to hold a kinkajou a few times at an exotic pet store, he was adorable. They really are neat creatures

  5. I have a farm here in Belize and it has a lot of those cutties since its a nice rain forest patch… but there are endangered since a lot of Guatemalans like to eat them. They howl at night. If you don't know it's them you'd be scared bad. They really love wild fruits.

  6. Kinkajou's are adorable and look very simular to our Australian Brush Tail possums , although the tail isn't hairy like our Brushy's the body shape and face look simular and even its nocturnal life and its love of sweet fruit is simular .

  7. Wasn't it a kinkajou, in a fourth season episode of ZOO, apparently being passed off as the pet mink (or, maybe, pine marten) of some French-Canadian hermit in New Brunswick?

  8. So sad and pathetic that the US allow these breeders to even exist. But hey maybe it will get eaten by the servals they allow people to have as pets that escapes.

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