Could Dogs Be the New Probiotic?

now the big picture of fact of the day want your children to grow up healthy and resistant to disease buy them a puppy as the New York Times reports today studies have now found that children who grow up in households with dogs have a lower risk for developing autoimmune illnesses like asthma and allergies later in life scientists think this is because dogs carry certain kinds of microbes that strengthen the immune system and

6 thoughts on “Could Dogs Be the New Probiotic?

  1. No, don't buy a puppy. Adopt a dog from the shelter.

    Buying a puppy contributes to the overpopulation that puts pets in shelters on death row in the first place. As long as humans profit from animal sales, they will continue to deliberately breed animals. Estimates vary, but anywhere from 2-4 million dogs – pure bred and mixed breed – are killed in shelters every year.

  2. I call BS! I grew up in a house with pets and was always sick from asthma and allergies. I moved out on my own and was fine. I moved back in with my mom and my son and I are both sick with asthma and allergies, from her dog and cat. Pet are gross!

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