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Educational material only, to be used as a font of information. Do not use it as a reference for any other country, except the UK. Each country has its own legislation about pest animals and the authorized ways to manage them may vary. The pest control methods used by this channel follow all the regulations of the country they were made. This channel DO NOT encourage: Animal abuse in any way; Illegal methods of pest control in any country; The use of airguns by non-authorized people or people without proper training. Viewers discretion is advised. WHY RATS/MICE ARE CONSIDERED PESTS IN THE UK? Rats and mice, carry more than 35 diseases that may affect humans, usually in saliva, urine, excrement, and fur. They may cause structural damage, fires, holes in water and gas pipes. They contaminate food sources and eat eggs and small birds. BLACK DEATH, that killed about 75 million people in Europe in the Middle Age. Transmitted by contaminated fleas of rodents like rats and Grey Squirrel. WHY PIGEONS/DOVES ARE
(Feral, Woodpigeon and Collared Doves) Because of health and safety hazard, damage to the production and property. Infectious, respiratory and parasitic diseases, which can cause death. And other 70 different types of diseases through the saliva, excrements, and feathers. Besides that, they are the host of parasites of disease vectors, like mosquitoes, mites, fleas, and ticks. Around airport areas, pigeons may cause accidents, colliding against airplanes. They cause property damage, making nests and pooping in urban areas. Feathers can cause malfunctioning by blocking pipes or clogging air conditioning units. Their poop and dropping are acid and erode concrete and metal structures, likes bridges, buildings, and monuments, besides transmitting disease. The costs associated with preventing damages, cleaning areas and maintaining structures and monuments are millions per year. Besides eating a considerable part of the production – each pigeon can eat about 30% of its own weight per day, The pigeons contaminate part of the grain production and the cattle food with their poop. Grain, cattle and milk farms, can lose up to £100,000 (US$120,000) per year, due to the infestation of pigeons, doves, and others. This amount is multiplicated by each intestate farm. WHY ARE GREY SQUIRREL CONSIDERED PESTS IN THE UK? Grey Squirrels, also called “Rat Trees” are an invader species in this country, since the end of 1870’s. Extremely active and territorialist, these animals are omnivorous and even cannibals. They can destroy the nest of native and protected birds, eating their eggs and chicks. The environmental loss is immeasurable. Grey Squirrels are highly competitive for food sources. This fact contributes to the imbalance between this species and the Red Squirrel, which is native to the UK. Besides, Grey Squirrel carry a highly contagious disease which is mortal to the Red Squirrel. The “POX” as the disease is called, do not affect the Greys, However, it causes cancers, ulcers, tremors, lethargy, and finally death in the Reds. Grey Squirrels also contribute to killing native species of trees and other plants. Sometimes, the trees are centenarian. This is caused by the habit of bark stripping trees, which might cause the death of the tree, due to fungal infections and lack of nutrients. WHY ARE RABBITS CONSIDERED PESTS IN THE UK? Despite the “cute” look, Rabbits are an endemic pest in rural areas in the UK. Their current population is above 60 million in this country. Annually, the loss overcomes £100 million (US$120 million). In terms of annual yield, a loss of 1% per rabbit per hectare of wheat is the average. Besides de damage to roads, structures, and soil contamination. Rabbits are such a problem in the UK that they are the only type of pest, which the citizen (landowner) has a legal duty to remove the animals from the area, subject to a fine. WHY ARE CORVIDS CONSIDERED PESTS IN THE UK? These birds are aggressive and territorialist. They may attack people and other animals, depending on the proximity of their colony or nests. In rural areas, these birds are very harmful, if in huge numbers. They may ruin plantations and contaminate cattle food and cause diseases. In lower numbers, they still can affect local ecosystem, killing small wild birds, destroying their nests, eating eggs and chicks. WHY ARE GULLS CONSIDERED PESTS IN THE UK? The population of Lesser Black-Backed Gulls has increased exponentially in the last 50 years, mainly in urban areas in the UK. Besides, about 40% of the population of those birds in Europe, live in the UK, so that is why they should be controlled. With the huge offer of food and places to breed, those birds make a nest on the roofs, terrace, and other protected places of houses, buildings, and monuments. The nests create a scenario of infestation of vectors of diseases, besides causing damage to properties. They are also aggressive and may attack and hurt humans and other animals. WHY USING AIRGUNS TO DOING PEST CONTROL? Used by a skillful and trained shooter, become one of the safest and effective ways to do pest control. The systematic reduction of pests’ population, helps to balance the environment and to protect native and threatened species. Although the graphic character (blood, spasms, etc.), the animal is not suffering anymore, once that the kill is instantaneous. The management of pest species is made in a professional and responsible way, always aiming to vitals, like head, cervical column, lungs, and heart – the called “Clean Kill”. The responsible shooter will not shoot if it is sure that the kill will be clean and quick. Besides, if necessary, a second shot may take place, to make sure the animal is dead. Other methods of pest control are palliative, and do not result in effective control of the population, and are also highly expensive. Although many people may think, the GOOD AIRGUN SHOOTER, loves and respects animals, and only do pest control in a responsible and proper manner, looking the environment balance. 10 shots
25 meters / 27 yards
Ø (diameter)=0.20 in REFERENCES Links on the description. LIKE. SUBSCRIBE. SHARE. BECOME A PATREON.

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  1. Obrigado, pessoal! Esse vídeo é basicamente pra mostrar que nem sempre um tiro num animal (considerado praga) é uma coisa ruim. Não se aplica ao Brasil e a outros países, infelizmente, mas é bom para que as pessoas entenderem o motivo de fazerem isso aqui.

  2. Marcos Paulo está de parabéns pelos videos, te acompanho e ja troquei algumas ideias com vc la no grupo do Jairo Salim, continue com o trabalho amigo, está de parabéns! conte sempre com meu apoio.

  3. Nossa eu não sabia dessas coisas sobre os pombos. No terraço do meu prédio tem milhares deles e as vzs as roupas que colocamos no varal são "batizadas" por eles. Perigo pra nossa saúde. Obrigada pelas informações!

  4. Muito interessante as informações. Parabéns pelo trabalho e esperamos outros vídeos educativos e instrutivos. Cleuzinha Mello.

  5. Show de bola Marcos! Sempre muito caprichoso e rico em detalhes importantes ?? Parabéns!!! Excelente trabalho!!!
    My congratulations MPLA! Many importants and always rich details as well. Thank you immensely for bringing nice information from the UK here to our country ??????


  7. Pombos são uma praga aqui no Brasil assim como ratos eu não possuo %%% para uma pcp mas tenho uma cbc B19 com gás ram de 55kg fiz o maior estrago aqui com essa bombas,sumiram por um tempo mas estão de volta e sem contar que na rua de cima da minha tem casos de Doença do Pombo e mesmo assim tem pessoas que alimentam e a maior nojeira cheiro forte, fezes e agora os javalis estão tomando conta de tudo rss a caça é liberada mas muita burocracia .. Abçs Parabéns pelo video

  8. Muito bom, muito informativo, precisamos ver a situação aqui no Brasil em relação a isso, temos grandes problemas principalmente com pombos e ratos!

  9. Muito bom o teu canal , nós que estamos num país de quinto mundo só temos a parabenizar vc por estar vivendo num de primeiro mundo….e nos mostrando as maravilhas de air gun.

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