6 thoughts on “Contour HD Helmet Camera Floats! | MicBergsma

  1. @mountainbikedude123 oh yeah that would be funny… on my video the camera was facing down to the ground 🙁 I really wish it was facing up where it can see the boats go over and us swimming around… darn!!!
    Contour is nice but i like gopro better.. I have I think three friends with contour and I have over 10 friends with gopro. I will make a little video show how i keep my gopro float than sink, not hard to do… little ghetto but better than nothing haha

  2. @mountainbikedude123 ahh that sucks! I got my gopro sank once to the bottom of the lake and found it! you can find that video on my channel.. I put some key chain floation and zip tie on gopro and float just fine, so I am not scared anymore

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