Contacting your Trainer

0:00:07.033,0:00:12.033 Got a subject related question about your
unit and need the trainers support? 0:00:12.033,0:00:19.033 Well let’s go through the process of making contact with your Study Period or Unit trainer 0:00:19.033,0:00:23.066 First, navigate to the Unit you are currently studying 0:00:23.066,0:00:32.066 Once you are in the unit, you will be able
to see a list of the trainers for this unit on the
top right of your screen. 0:00:32.066,0:00:41.066 If the Unit has multiple trainers check here
for details of which trainer to contact depending
on your query or question. 0:00:41.033,0:00:53.066 For example it says to contact Paul Frank
for queries related to 22290/01 & 22291/01 0:00:55.066,0:01:00.000 This refers to these assessments and these materials. 0:01:00.000,0:01:07.066 You will be able to identify who handles what
by observing the code at the beginning of each
item 0:01:07.066,0:01:11.066 and matching it with the code in the top details. 0:01:12.033,0:01:20.066 This means that any questions you may have regarding all materials for these assessments you will need to contact Paul. 0:01:20.066,0:01:27.066 If you see no information in the center and
only one trainer, this means this trainer handles
the entire unit 0:01:27.066,0:01:31.033 …so all questions can be directed to this
trainer. 0:01:31.066,0:01:38.000 A Unit that has Workplace assessments may have a dedicated trainer who is able to assist you with regards 0:01:38.000,0:01:43.000 to any workplace assessments and its materials. 0:01:43.000,0:01:52.066 To see who your workplace assessor is, see under the Unit contact block under the heading “Workplace Assessor”. 0:01:55.000,0:01:59.000 Let’s message one of the trainers now. 0:01:59.000,0:02:03.066 You will notice a profile picture and a link
to message each trainer 0:02:05.066,0:02:12.066 By clicking on the message link, a pop-up
will appear ready for you to type in your query
to your trainer. 0:02:12.033,0:02:15.033 Type your subject line 0:02:15.033,0:02:19.000 Type the body of your message and click send message 0:02:19.066,0:02:24.066 Repeat this process each time you need to make contact with your trainer 0:02:25.033,0:02:31.033 Feel free to message your trainer a quick
‘hello’ just to test out the message feature 0:02:31.033,0:02:38.033 Thank you for seeing this video. Please check out some of our other videos on other features
in OpenSpace.

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