what is going on guys it's a boy and daddy kilo Bashir and today the new update of unboxing simulates opened I'm a bit late because I was asleep but nonetheless here we go so this is a construction area and it costs way let me disable that sorry and it costs four hundred ninety some teliing coins to get through I have enough also what I noticed is to predict what the next area costs all you have to do is take the four hundred euro box coin thing and / – that's basically how you know let me get my chest here first I have not collected it there we go umm I didn't play much in this update actually I got the wizard frog though so I got one godly from here and a couple of legendaries but that's it pretty much but let us get into this area boom let's buy this alright we have a really big chest here he's already hitting on it let me do it – oh wow even with my damaged it's so slow well we got it back later but first we have here a couple new eggs as I can see alright so first of all we have – I can even read the jungle egg then we have to build our egg and we have the ninja egg um I'm gonna open again each of them you know so it's good content XD let me go to the jungle egg first so we have a mythical here again one in 50,000 probably one in 2000 godly and again legendary stuff so let me try to get a legendary from here and see what level it is Jesus wisest hard to get in legendary I already opened like oh there we go a snake serpent okay now let me go back to my pets and see what level it is 11900 oh oh that's really high Wow okay so the build man here costs 12 million gems let's try this one out all right first egg come on legendary we got a bulldog oh it's so cute wait what even is the chance of a legendary in this egg 14% okay that's nice there we go at the crane pet also the godly again more in 2001 and 50,000 for the house it looks like a house pet and in West Boise so the snake sir oh the crane oh my god 1,500 okay okay Wow dude this can be so much xp to turn chant all the other pets for that's really nice and last but not least let's get into the roebucks egg boom and buy and the ninja egg there we go the blue ninja master I don't even know why we have a ninja pet in a construction area but you know maybe ninjas live in construction area so oh my god level five thousand what you know ax I expected like um 1500 or 2000 but 5000 dude yeah and let me share this bad boy here with those Jesus okay okay go women bubble pet and hello blue ninja master Wow let me see that looks odd there it is okay so that's the blue ninja master right here sadly I cannot go into first person but I think this should do yeah that's perfect and let's take a picture boom there we go easy nice thumbnail anyway so that's it pretty much with the area here let me also get on this big chest and I will come back once this is real oh and you can see why you can drop from it so be right back actually I just noticed that I should probably get some crafting potions so I can hit it down faster so let me just do that crafting yep damage potion there we go oh my god what was the there we go sleep oh alright now let me use them speed potion boom damage potion boom and let's head back to the huge present there it is and let's hit it we do 2.25 septillion damage right now should be very fast so again I will cut this out and I'll see you guys back in a minute alright boys we're back and this is only five minutes of tailing HP left so let's get it shout out to the mad zero here helping me out and what is the bullet what is it give me mythical okay we got a head here it's a rare another rare is that it oh no there are a couple has a rare and an epic hell yeah boy oh my god I think I got a lot of gold here Wow so this is a good area for farming gold finally we're already at non million for the row box oh my god I have so many gems to claim oh my god I'm Way too lazy for that anyways let's check out the hats so umm the epic no the rare wait am I seen this correctly 2.7 million this is way too much what this puts my duckie here to shame okay I guess uh sorry ducky sorry tree man sorry spider you will all be replaced by the rares sorry snake scarf you will also be replaced by an epic this is so dumb and well that's it but now we do 4.7 cm civilian damage while I'm added let me also check out the collection as I always do let me load it okay so this was a good traffic cone for the mythical this looks like a picket for the godly and then a tool thingy for the gutter godly we're three legendaries to three app for epics and five rares so the same is here basically which is pretty nice yeah let me just see if I can get a legendary actually but while I'm doing this let me also collect my gem chests and stuff we go and the coin chest and I will cut later and of course the VIP chests Opie oh I forgot I also wanted to give you guys a coat sorry sorry so this one official discord up unboxing simulator it's called Builder man written like this and you will get a ton of coins as you can see I went from twelve octillion to 18 which is quite a lot so let me just head back open a couple normal boxes and maybe just maybe get a legendary just so I can show how P they are there we go and let me get some hats boy oh come on we can I get at least get one legendary right I mean of course if I drop and got your mythical right and that would be much better but ah come on let me get that legendary oh I just noticed we already do 1.85 septillion damage base damage with our potions our boosts nice and we got a new epic called a rocket hard hat let me see this okay I'm gonna replace this actually mmm okay you know what let me replace it with this one but let me enchant this boy right here with all the new ones like this and let me see how much it goes up so 51 point 1 million and enchanting fifteen point eight and not that much but I also didn't really collect a lot of hats for enchanting so it's fine a new epoch at the green energy has a calamity look at that one mmm okay bye with you hello you buy with you and hello you alright we just crossed a two septillion damage line that's nice most damage in the sir nevermind I really gotta get legendary dude that makes you check if I have enough miss lane yeah I do okay I'll just watch tell where's the teleporter here come on or is it no teleport I got us up there okay there we go to spawn and let me go to the crafting thing here get myself a um if I remember correctly a hat drop potion there we go and let's use this so we have a higher chance of actually dropping more hats meaning we have a higher chance of getting a legendary and we got a new epic the construction zombie okay ah a buy rare hat hello epic okay nice now we have all epics no rears odd the texture isn't loaded incorrectly that's sad but anyways let's just get this stupid legendary man what the hell is it can't be that hard it's just a legendary there we go this guy scraper had a all right let me check the stats oh that's the epic end okay it has like ten million more damage that's nice and let's just equip this so I guess I guess I said bye to the air evil ducky sorry and hello skies Kappa hat looks really cool it looks like I have a city on me alright boys this is pretty much it with this video I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did leave a like if you didn't leave a dislike for some reason subscribe if you're new and of course hit that notification button to always stay updated with all my videos um if you guys did not see the code the code is build a man it gives you a couple coins and I will see you guys in the next video bye bye


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