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one morning before training Brandon
learned that Daisy was an excessive barker in the case of Daisy she's a
protester as I call it she likes things her way whenever he doesn't get her way
she protests she barks excessively until she gets her way so the best thing I can
do with Daisy is teach her never to bark unless it's absolutely necessary
my goal is to get Daisy to stop barking and the way I was gonna do this was in a
controlled environment what I do is I simply ignore her I wait her out it's a
game of patience I stand behind the door and she's excessively barking over and
over now the second she stops I want to get a good five six seven eight seconds
of her of just silence the second I hear that silence I opened the door and I
treat it then I shut the door it was a long game of
patience at first Daisy seemed anxious she even used her
jumping skills to do a little recon but before long she settled in she gets it
very quickly she says wow the few seconds of silence got me a treat I'm
gonna try that again Brandon repeated the process adding more silence each time right here I got about 30 to 40 seconds
my goal is to get about 20 minutes Brandon kept with it throughout the rest
of the afternoon finally Daisy learned to pass the time
in other ways before long she reached Brandon's goal once Daisy was successful in the dog run Brandon tested
her skill at the ranch house to see if she had conquered her barking problem
the final test in this training is to bring her inside of a house because this
is the atmosphere she will be in stay there stay there when Brandon
left the house Daisy became anxious but she didn't bark
which was a good sign she responded well with Brandon out of sight
so Brandon upped the ante by adding a big distraction another dog when I
brought her into the house and I was working the dog outside I saw her ears perk up at the window and I was expecting her to just yap and yap
away and she kept her cool the whole time

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