Confronting One Of My Haters In Person

hey guys welcome to another episode of dog log – the dog plus the me let's get into it I guess from a lot of my reasons – Hinda clip some of them have been heckles some of them have been odd interactions and I think a lot of people are under the impression that I staged the the heckles which i think is I think is a compliment a compliment and a weird passive-aggressive way to be like hey this guy is not good enough to be able to do good yeah they are yeah they are staged they are stay but here's how they're here's how I know they're staged I once saw your mare mare America's Got Talent where you cried like a little baby bitch girl bitch no it's not staged that's the that's the point for why I'm making the video do you I wouldn't it I would never go to one of your shows it's not I would sit right outside your show and listen to it what I just did your set you can't do a video a week where it's you being like oh oh oh oh I mean responding to planted plants things no you paid you pay people I know that I know that about you okay so how much do I pay them then 20 bucks an hour maximum wage 20.25 $29 and what do you do for a living just just curious it's an internship unpaid for right now sounds big so you think I do you think I pay people to say negative things about me so I look better I dunno you do that I know that you offered me $40 to say something at your show which I didn't go to do you have proof you do yeah I do I have it it's at it's out having my house it's not on your phone I don't have phone privileges right now you know it's always the person who's never gone to a show that thinks it's stage I think people forget that like I have material as a comedian I don't need these audience and interactions so oh all right react to this heckle react to it dumb I can't I can't react to a heckle if you don't like hat if you don't have it like just like a dirty slob Olga all the best civilians and the civilizations that you've lied to with your with your with your content you play the fool don't you like like a like a ukulele getting played by a chick with a fedora and open like don't you you just sit and watch your own little videos as your as your as your master trickery ensues you will pay not a not actually but you will pay you know the pick up comedy that I hate you you gorgeous there's a specific undertone here you're not a poet you're just as you're just you're just a slam I'm just slams you're just this little you swim piece thank you oh they're all life is staged where is someone gonna cut do you think that you get to like smile ha hey ha ha ha ha ha ha with your little with your little laugh that brings butterflies to my groin so then so then what you're telling me you go on tour for like a few years and then literally do seven shows in a weekend and then record every one of those shows you record all of those shows and then find moments within those shows to just disperses content that's exactly what I do no yeah so anyway that's been our show um thank you so much for for watching a lot of people don't know that I actually can't release my material because I'm trying to save it for a special so I can sell it and you guys can watch it so that's why I've been doing crowd interaction that people think is stay but if you want to find out the truth for yourself come to a live show and then you can realize that it's not the interactions that you hate it is the jokes themselves subscribe

37 thoughts on “Confronting One Of My Haters In Person

  1. I’m sure there’s a lot of disabled people watching. I’m dying, does anyone have advice on how to deal with it? I’m pretty young.

  2. I can see that your stutter has gotten so much better and I’m proud of you!! I hope this brings you a lot of confidence and you’re proud of yourself for how much you’ve accomplished ??? purple you (BTS reference don’t worry about it ?)

  3. Hey Drew, quick question, this isn't me claiming you fake a stutter or anything, but why is it that you stutter alot more during your sets than when you are filming these videos?

  4. So uhhh….not to offend I find you hilarious and I have learned better improve from the way your jokes flow…but….is your stutter natural or is it from anxiety. Like we're you born with it or is it from being on camera or in from of crowds.

  5. It wasn't actually a real hater so you technically lied. Therefore I have to give this video a dislike and report it for being misleading.

  6. Haters going to hate cause they're upset with their own existence. Keep killing it drew. Love your vids.

  7. It's been about a year since I've watched you're videos I've noticed that your stuttering has gotten better I'm proud of you.

  8. Me before the video "Okay, so he's confronting himself..?"
    40 seconds into the video "I f*cking knew it!!!"
    Love you Drew! <3 xxx

  9. I just got done watching America got talent ?? and I had to look you up..your soo funny,keep up the work??

  10. Drew, I decided to go back to your much earlier videos and even the one of AGT! Your control of your stutter has improved 100 times over. You have come along way so congrats on that.

  11. You are a beautiful person that I’m glad I rediscovered. Your show you did was entirely improv, and I’m actually really happy your improv was incredible.

  12. Oh my God, after just recently watching your AGT performance your stutter has almost totally gone away. Incredible.

  13. Your stutter is so much better I just watched your video from 3 years ago and holy shit it’s so different keep it up

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