hello our bags is Joe plays games welcome to a : excels tutorial video pets is here across all systems not just PC Xbox one and the ps4 now if you don't know pets is actually open to anyone you do not have to complete the brand-new dungeon in a few update videos that I've spoken about I thought you had to complete the dungeon but you don't have to here's how you first unlock pets and this is what you can do without having to complete a dungeon so you need to find Jabbar sacks son I've shown this off a few times now how to access the midnight Grove but you don't actually have to travel to the midnight Grove all you seemed after do is find him talk to him and he will give you the option to learn the religion now you don't learn jerubbaal sag all the extra bits of it and you won't be able to just call the avatar all you're doing here is just unlocking the pet system his location once again on the map just in case you're not too sure where to find him you can see is right to the west side of the map if we zoom in a little bit more you can see it's right on the outskirts of this area up near the den when you find him like said just go up to him talk to him and there you go you can see you can learn the religion and you can buy at the midnight potion which will enable you to teleport to that midnight growth done junkie but once you've learned the religion that's it you don't have to actually travel to it what you will be gaining by doing that dungeon and completing it is the laws and the mark of Jabbar cycle which can be useful and beneficial also if you want to get greater animals so you want to get the better versions which can have buffs on them and also feed them better food so that I can get temporary buffs then you will need to learn the Jabbar seg religion because that's the only way to get shade blue you need show bloom to spice meats and certain foods and these are pets favorite foods so when you feed it to them they can give you better resources don't give them buffs and if you want great aversion so if you want a great a hyena rather than a normal one you do need that shade blue to give more chance of getting it you can use more valuable food sources that it does have like a chart of what their favorite foods aren't depending on what pay is and sometimes you can get a percentage are still getting a greater pair but if you want to get more chances then shave bloom is definitely required so we're going to go over all of that in this video going to be showing you the pens and giving you the top tips because there is a lot of confusion going around at moment with what animals you can time in what pens so let's explain the Pens first you have the standard pen then you have the reinforced pen and then you have the armored pen now seeing some videos claimed that you need different pens for different animals so the higher the sort of Pawel animal then you can need the top-tier pens but this isn't true I think early on in the first stages of testing this on PC they made it that Tier one would only take things like hyenas shellbacks ostriches tier two would allow you to tame things like tigers and bears and then tear-free would be things like the frost cubs and stuff like that so you could get dire wolves I'm gonna be showing you a little later that you can actually tame any creature in the tier one pen if you want the greater version though of getting a sore creature then maybe that's where the tears come into effect that if you have tear-free you'll get more of a chance of getting but it's not necessarily that way to get the pets to tame you simply have to go out in the world obviously and gather them up that is gonna be a little bit harder than you think apart from shellbacks and some forms some the other creatures are incredibly hard to find I spent over an hour and a half running around the map of Kona neck soles looking around trying to see if I could find any of the baby creatures I went to some of the spots that I knew some of the creatures always kind of spawn and rarely did I actually find baby the only one being a rhino so what I'm gonna do is do a little bit more research I'm going to come back with each individual location for every single creature in the game so that you can go ahead and tame whatever baby creature you want so that becomes your pet there are some traders that will sell you really specific creatures like camel calves and eggs for specific reaches so I'm gonna use them and put that into a little small mini guide as well showing you every secret rare trader that would selli pets now if you're finding it really hard to find your pets if you really want to get some on your single player world or maybe you run your own server you can spawn them in just simply type what exactly creature it is Emily if you type in cub or egg you'll get a lot on the creatures or you may have to really dig up exactly what they are running around so things like gazelle is going to be a full but you get the idea so once you've got the creatures obviously it's a lot easier they are quite heavy though so be warm if you're running out just to get pets don't bring loads of resources with you or make sure you've got plenty of small little bases now one thing about the triple sec dungeon is there are quite a few baby pets in there so if you do want to kill two birds with one stone I suggest you try and clear out the dungeon if you've got a good level and you've got lots of arrows and you try and pick up at least one of every enemy creature so you'll find the Pens in the survival tab in feats just simply unlock them and there you go you can start your route to taming any creature in ponen more or less as usual just like some of the tame makers or the full makers you've got to be a certain level to get tier 2 or tier 3 but as I've stated at the beginning you don't really need the tier 2 or tier 3 unless you're really going out there to try and get great your pets you can tame any pet just using tier 1 you're gonna need a carpentry bench to actually make the pens so you see the first one's gonna be 300 stone 400 wood and 20 twine once you've crafted that and you've got your creatures go ahead and pop them in the pen I should fit on the top there just by pressing RT or r2 on your controller so once you've got your pet in there it just remains for you to put the correct food in and depending what they eat if they're a carnivore you're gonna be point of things like meats fats etc and they will jump on that other vegetarian creatures are gonna just eat fire bar you can pretty much time every vegetarian creature or omnivore creature with fiber and carnivores do need some sort of meat even if its feral flesh or something like that now if you want a fishery service is gonna take a lot longer to tange your pets but if you're running your own single-player world or a private server you can adjust the times just go into settings all over the server settings and at the bottom you'll see the pet and hunger tab if you want to speed up the pet timing system all you have to do is point it to a naught point naught naught 1 or basically all the way to left for some reason if you want to make it harder you can point all the way to the right you can also adjust how much they can go without food and whether or not they take any damage you can also adjust how much food they do get from each time they eat pets are just there to protect you you can actually use them to get resources and having them in the Pens they'll actually produce resources when they eat food that you give them there are special boxes as well that you can leave out now that I'm showing you them to so whack something in there and you can see I've got the shell baked and the antelope both being tamed up because they like plant fiber they also produce dung which can be useful for other stuff later on so let's take the shell by car and let's take my antelope out and there you go I've got my antelope and Michelle back and it will do pretty much whatever I want it's do you can get them to follow you you can get them to move and guard or you can open up their inventory so that you can take a look at what food they need it does show you at the bottom in picture form what their preferred food is and what they consider the bare minimum just hold the square button or the X and you'll be able to choose them options for any reason if you've run too far ahead of your creatures they are meant to teleport toward you or sometimes they will actually turn port back to your base as you can see though Mohsen can keep up fairly well once you want it to stop for in just put on the command and like I said you can also get them to guards as well once you've put them in a different area and they'll simply uh guard any zone that you place them you won't get to pick them up though once you've deployed them so how does it work that you get the variations where you get greater creatures the great creatures are got more health and they can do more damage so it's worth it trying to get some of the special foods now there are foods around the world that you can get to help with that chance for example the Shellback eats exotic shellfish by feeding a Shellback exotic shellfish you'll get a 10% more chance of being able to get a greater shell back there are other things as well there's it berries Highland berries some of these may give you a small percentage chance as well but if you really want to have the best chance and getting greater creatures you will need to complete the job of sack dungeon for ostriches if you use desert berries are higher than berries there's a 40% chance you'll get a greater version but if you use shades spiced desert berries or shade spiced Highland berries you can increase that to 45% otherwise they will simply eat grubs and insects and you'll just get a normal ostrich so let's put some shade spiced Highland berries in and see what happens you can see I've got two normal ostriches I didn't get the great aversion now you're not always guaranteed to just get great aversion sometimes you can get better colored ones or in instances of the hyenas you've got more chance of getting a specific striped hyena so feral flesh for hyenas you've got 20% chance of getting something like a greater hyena but if used raw stringy meat you've got Ferb's and chance you can see you can use pretty much any meat though to actually do the job and there you go there's the hyenas that I tamed up now let's see if we can really try and get hold of one of these creatures that is gonna be the greater version I've put five whelps inside now let's put the five bits of meat now our of the four it does look like we've managed to get a special one there's the normal one now let's put the great hyena down and there you go that is the great hyena so like I said it's pretty pretty grindy you've gotta get enough of these baby animals to bring them back to your pens make sure you've got all the food and you might not even be guaranteed a chance of getting what you want but it can be worth it they have significantly larger health pools and they do a hell of a lot more damage which some of them also applying a certain effects like crippling now for these ones I'm not gonna listen to go for every single one trying to get a greater version I'm just gonna chuck in what type of meats that they ought to kind of take and we'll see what happens so the raw tough meat is getting eaten by the tiger cub and we put perfect cut of meat you can see I'm taming up free of the other carnivores remember this is the spiced meats that you need that shade bloom from boars like mushrooms so you need shade spice puffin mushrooms and there you go you can see I've got the grown-up version of the pan father bought the wolf the tiger and the leopard or chia comment which one is you can also tame spiders as well now spiders also do like a particular type of meat basically anything demonic Lily glads fat grubs or insects and there you go I've got what looks to be a variation of the normal spider bear in mind as well that not every single creature does come in a great aversion so in that instance you're gonna have to just resort to plant fire bar or basic meats now some of these guys do have good uses as well some of them can carry lots of items like the camel and as I said when you put them back in a pen and you feed in their favorite food they also can produce special resources now if you're looking for a rock nose don't look for the eggs what you actually need is the pebble noses as you can see if you try just put in a rock nose egg in here it's not gonna work in fact you're gonna need to use compost and a planner to make them into things like spiderlings or the pebble noses first anything in an egg does need to go through that process if we put our pebble nose in and we feed its favorite food which is shade spiced iron or we can then have our own little baby rock nose but watch what happens when I put a spider in the pen and I've quite signed up then I'll bring it into my inventory you can go back over to a tier one pen pop your spider in now let's put the insects in and as you can see you get a 10% chance of making eco again it's not maybe the most cost-effective way of doing things but if you do have huge surpluses of insects or fiber or some other lower tiered foods you can do this some of the creatures produce things like feathers some of them just produce dung so unless you're going to actually use any of the creatures for something specific always keep your spare ones inside an animal pen or at least keep him in a box that we won't actually be placing them anywhere because as soon as you place them you can't actually pick him up again as you can see there's not really that much difference between each pen you can get lots of creatures from ill free pens and ignore any advice you seen wiki's or from other youtubers you can actually tame any of the pets in Tier one pens it doesn't have to be tier 2 or tier 3 you can go ahead and put a rhino in tier 1 you can put a wolf in tier 1 and you will get a wolf or a rhino back but as far as I'm aware if you want the best chance for getting the great creatures you might need the higher tier and the higher food you can place feed boxes around and these are what your animals and your creatures are going to be utilizing to get their food so you don't have to manually feed them on the right-hand side it clearly lists exactly what creatures are being fed and even just one box is going to give you quite a lot of distance covered for your creatures so you can only have one pet follow you at any one time make sure you've got that bearing in mind like said it's really hard to find these pets I will be doing separate individual videos talking about their locations what their favorite food exactly is and what they produce when you put them in a pen completely but this was just a very rough basic guide to the pet system for : exile Xbox one ps4 and PC if this video has helped you uh let me know hit me up with a like and I hope this has got rid of some confusion regarding some the Pens in what terms you can do and what you can't do I am Jay bass going for all the best information about early access games and keep upstate and current exiles make sure you've got notifications turned on dogs gets alike and I'll see you ratbags – another one very soon


  1. Just as a heads up, on PC you don't even have to find that guy at the start of your video to learn the religion. I just started a new game on PC and the pets are already "unlocked" at least depending on my level of building pen I can make. Maybe it's the same for consoles too. (Edit just to say I mean I'm also playing on a single player private local session, not official server.)

  2. I didn’t need to do the dungeon to get good chances for greater tigers at least I got 5/10 greater tigers and one greater hyena which was my first pet in game before I even knew what greater creatures were.

  3. Hahaha …oh if you having a hard time finding what you want …. just create your own server and spawn them in!!! Great tip

  4. No conversation or tip on getting the big boys or how to feed them or time or what each individual does. CLICK BAIT

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  6. Okay so I am pretty dumb and I think I missed it.. but how do you get them out of the pen? Like they’re all grown but how do I take them out?

  7. A good tip for this video about your baby hunting. I did find that the baby cubs and stuff will spawn in random areas now. I know before the update that only wolves would spawn near my place, now once in a while a baby wolf cub spawns in their place from time to time.

  8. You should take this video down. It's full of misinformation. I haven't even built the pen nor talked to the guy and I'm able to pick up baby pets. The pen is ready to be built around when you unlock the lesser wheel of pain.

  9. You don't need to talk to him to unlock it… why would you even think before you have to complete the dungeon. It doesn't make any sense. Just unlock animal pens under the wheel of pain section and thats it…
    You think too much lol

    Shadeblue isnt needed for greater versions also. They do give a better % chance but you can get greater with all foods.

  10. Question: on console, do you have to have the pen down and placed before you can pick up baby creatures?

    And this is after you have the religion already equipped? Or can you pick them up before its learned? ALSO, what button is it to pick them up as a baby(not to move them after tame but the first pick up)

    The feeding trough from the pen, does it feed the adults or only the babies? Do you put the food in the inventory when they are adults or the trough. Compared to ark.

  11. Defently like for the video. Thanks for uploading the video & sharing the info. Conan exiles was & still is really innovative & relaxing game.

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  13. That's crazy man because I'm not shooting you on Xbox One and I've had Cubs of All Creatures on my console for about a month or two months now couldn't do anything with them but they were there the Wolves the baby wolves have had them the longest

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