Communicate with animals in the real life n°6: The consent to euthanasia

Let’s talk about something less fun today : the Consent to euthanasia Access to euthanasia is sometimes too difficult
for humans, however, for non-human animals, access to euthanasia is often a little too
easy. What I mean by that is that very often, humans
take their animal to the veterinarian to shorten their suffering when they could and ESPECIALLY
still WOULD LIKE to live, that is to say go to the end and therefore die naturally even
if it is difficult. I am going to share my personal story with
you, my dog ​​Tia had cancer in the left nostril, it was also for her that I had started
to train myself in animal communication. So, I asked several external opinions, to
people who communicate with animals, and all had the same answer: “she does not want to
be euthanized”. But I had to face the opposition of several
people who criticized me for not taking her to the vet, telling me that it was as if I
was mistreating my dog ​​if I did not take her to have an injection . So the reproaches
and seeing her condition deteriorated made me change my mind. So I felt down and called the veterinarian
to make an appointment. When it was time to go, I had the leash in
my hand and I opened the door, but strangely she did not get up and turned her head to
the other side…whereas usual when we were going for a walk, she was heading for the
door, ALWAYS. It was the first time I saw her doing this. It was because she knew what it was all about. So I tried to find the right words, I told
her that « it make me feel sad too but that by this way, her suffering would disappear ».
I also took the opportunity to apologize to her for the moments when I was not perfect,
even if she had already forgiven me. But she persisted in not wanting to go out. So I had the proof, that is to say that by
her reaction, I saw that she did not want to go to the veterinarian to be euthanized. So I called the veterinarian to cancel the
appointment. This situation happened several times because
I doubted and it was really difficult, but in the end, we succeeded to go till her last
breath, as she wanted. She died naturally and at home as she wanted. This is why one should always ask for one’s
animal’s consent for euthanasia or simply observe the reaction of the animal, that means,
after explaining to it, if it still does not want to go, do not force it.

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