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you want to hear what the best intro is for this video what I'm using clip studio paint to draw and James is using paint tool Sai I don't want to see any comments like okay so hello everyone again hey we're back James is here from the odd ones out if you don't know him I'm the odd ones out and I'm Jayden this is stupid this time we're gonna be doing Pokemon drawings but we're gonna do Pokemon fusions yeah so James you haven't drawn any Pokemon fusions before I am severely out practiced I have dabbled a bit but it's been a long time so I don't know how this is going to go what we did was we each chose one Pokemon for each round and we have to fuse our two Pokemon for that round so my Pokemon that I chose for this round is we vial Weavile okay good good good good so the one I chose is cubone so this is gonna be interesting you have to draw the skull of that Pokemon I mean I don't have to I mean whatever have you been playing Pokemon moon very son son yeah I've played it for about two hours and I have not picked it up since does this Pokemon have an evolution Louisville yeah he is the evolution obvious because I was thinking he should be wearing a skull of its parents but whatever I guess this is a bit off-topic from Pokemon but uh have you heard about this guy named Donald Trump I think I have in the 90s he made a board game there's a board game about Donald Trump yes it's like not believe but Donald Trump so you can like by the try powers I don't I don't I don't know but as soon as I saw it I bought it I swear Amazon and I bought it yes and I bought the I bought the most expensive shipping Wow you're excited about this I know I have not started off strong this round to be honest nothing on wheat vials ahead kind of makes him look like a pharaoh if King Tut had a Pokemon he'd probably choose Weavile trying to get it so it's obvious that this is a skeleton not some weird alien speaking of Egypt this is this is your video so you're gonna be the one who has to edit this I wonder if we're gonna accidentally have our videos be the exact same yeah like we did last time I was that was totally planned no I totally was planned remember yes so they was I had a bad feeling that my part thing looks a lot worse than your thing I don't think that art is relative to how good it is wise words just the idea behind it do you think hands are like one of the hardest things that are a lot of people think that yeah you know what's funny is I don't my characters don't have fingers or nothing so he's gonna be holding an icicle yeah nice he's cuz he's an ice guy I was trying to do his fingers like the cubone fingers but they just ended up looking like Lego hands looks like it looks like he's wearing a scarf which is fine he's a cold what would this name be um with the we bone hmm not a good chain James it Q mile this video just got a lot inappropriate all right are you done I'm done all right oh man we spent 30 minutes doing that oh no oh wow yours is Wow ah is is cute you went the more cute row the yours is really good crampy it's like really well made going against a professional okay so my Pokemon for this round is sand slash sand / oh yeah well have fun fusing this boy up I'm Brianna I like sand slash a lot yeah he's pretty cool he's a cool dude I think these actually feels really well together are you really because I was gonna say I have no idea see I'm doing like messy sketches and your sketches are very clean I'm gonna clean sonic get you a clean sketchier people always say like do you have any art tips my advice is to just start just draw whenever you can even even just a little doodle there's no right way to draw it's just whatever works for you so even if you think like oh no one does this I need to not do it you don't have to not do it just because no one else is doing it you shouldn't really compare your art to people because true at one point they were at a spot you were in that's good advice like oh this parole never be as good as this person we could say I'll never be good as James look it is look at this you know would be cool as well if people played along with us oh yeah and they tweeted at us their drawings Oh just imagining what Jaden's drawing and how much more professional it looks like s don't compare your right images we just talked about you said that these two fused well together crying so not going for cuteness I'm going for how I think that actually is actually now I should just go for cuteness what the heck cuteness points I need to make sure that I'm more lively when I'm talking cuz I'm i dis realized that is true that is true I have been like in the zone so I need to be like yo jaden have you ever heard about Donald Trump let's not get into that the comment section Olivia or zone my voice is actually really monotone and soft as it is I feel like everyone's voice is always just not as exaggerated and excited as we are for videos your drawings this guy he's like doing something you know he's like woo what's he doing but my guy it's just like he's stand-in there that's what he's doing I can't remember where I saw it but a really good thing that I go by is like the coffin rule where if you drew a box around your character try and not make it so they're in a coffin there's a frisbee in its mouth oh yeah what was its name be Sam Bree Ariane it's like a dog I'd have you as a pet I go get the mail san Bree on you you like color yours and add little white highlights I chose blaziken oh this is gonna be interesting I chose theirs or this is gonna be freaking metal everyone thinks my favorite Pokemon is Torchic but it's not it's Blaziken your fake fans kidding my favorites are Blaziken and wall rain while rain is great so you know how Blaziken has like like a V on its head I think we're doing the same thing that the other guy has some Cesare has like a w-9 wood and I put in three sharp and pointy ones oh you're so creative yes if I make it look intentionally derpy then be like oh it's adorable you like to go to the cute route I do he's angry I want him to you know be doing something like punching something or hmm you know like yeah scissors claws kind of look like another creature because it's got like the dots on the side oh yeah like mer well now crap now I'm distracted so then you can like add like legs and then like a tail and I've given up going for the derpy look what look are you going for it now right now it's um I don't know maybe he gonna have one claw hand and one fire chicken hand furnace I want to see if I can resize this head are you ready in the colouring phase no I mean the resizing the head food I feel like I just gave blaziken alarms let's just finish this I'm like I want to be done he's really chubby on the legs uh I like the little claw toe you know right at the end that's smart that's good dang it his name is Ryu Nicklaus and then the one I chose is a bomb you got it I thought that the jelly characteristic of him would make for an interesting fusion I don't know how I'm gonna draw his mouth he kinda looks like a frog right now oh this looks strange I don't know how to approach this one Oh God ah restarting I have already started good good good I'm proud I'm good I'm so far happy with this you know really bothers me what when people write credit to the original artists oh yeah like you really think that's helping anywhere and then we encase the whole thing in one whoops in case the whole thing in jelly it's the thing I've learned is that sometimes more doesn't always mean it's better yeah it's very easy to overdo it and yeah art part of art is knowing when to be done that's true because I mean you can always be adding extra stuff then it gets too busy yeah what would this one be called a bomb maclisp hey that's good that's cool he's adorable he's like um like when I was really angry but he's like so small you're like ah you can't be angry you're not a threat to me I like the little sideburns on right here on the side that you gave him Zeb's Strika woo and then mines dragalge one is a zebra horse and one's a seahorse are we scientists right now uh yeah why must we play God seahorse has so much crap on top of it okay I have the I have the idea in my head and I think I'm going to butcher it people out here watching this probably think I'm good and I think I'm holy crap okay no I'm bad there's like people drawn fanart were better than me yeah it's always like oh you're the one that needs all the recognition it's true yeah the thing about doing YouTube videos is that you don't need to be a good artist if you're bad you don't have to brand yourself that you are good I don't know if you knew this but like great Android was a math teacher and he got fired from that job and I was going to school to be a math teacher and I dropped out that's two less math teachers in the world YouTube has stolen two math teachers are zebras counted as horses I think they're like cousins or something they see each other at Thanksgiving were you um the type of kid who wanted a pony no I wanted dogs my twin sister like wanted second we get a pony and then my mom was always like where would we put it and we would like good point yeah last time we did this I thought I went a little too easy on you this time though I think I uh I know who I'm going up against yes I am my coloring master hey we both did the little front hooves sort of thing yeah yours is like a like a Minotaur yeah okay final round final round I went a bit all out with Oh God it's final round tyrantrum and I chose deoxys that oh my go how do you do this you know what I'm gonna pull out all my cards he's gonna be derpy I have given up this is turning out to be a joke this poor thing who hurt you this is an abomination to be honest this doesn't look like either I don't know what I think about this round as a final round this is how we're ending off why am I like erasing parts of it I'm like I know doesn't look it's like it all of it doesn't look good this is the best legendary dinosaur I've ever seen they need to hire us right it's getting worse by the minute be honest I can't even tell what's what anymore I don't know about this round he's so cute he's like the pre if he had a pre evolution if the two of them combined had a pre evolution I like how we both had the hands we had the hands as the noodle yours could yours actually I can like I can tell what's going on it's like a cluster of just throwing things in there so what have we learned we have learned that I don't think we learned anything what was what was the one you're proud of I think the fourth one all right so now you should go over and watch James's video yeah if you haven't already done that so yeah bye-bye

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  1. "I don't know about this round"
    closes window and shows wallpaper of dog getting hit by a frisbee
    I personally found that amusing.

  2. For Umbreon x Sandslash I was thinking one of you guys would do an umbreon with sandslah spikes and that’s EXACTLY WHAT JAMES DID

  3. If you were to jam the pencil in your ear and slam your face into the paper that would be the wrong way to draw

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