Colton Underwood Talks Finding Love on The Bachelor & Learning Cassie’s Pet Peeves About Him!

15 thoughts on “Colton Underwood Talks Finding Love on The Bachelor & Learning Cassie’s Pet Peeves About Him!

  1. I hope you guys go to and remember ,I am here for you guys and so is Jesus, always!! I enjoyed the show!!

  2. Colton I am so happy for you you seem so happy can't wait to see the engagement hopefully on the batchlorette.

  3. After watching the vlog they did with Cassie’s brother and gf or whatever I had to admit I see their connection and see how present and genuine they are with each other. That’s soemthing you can’t see when producers want to milk drama more then normalcy

  4. An honest, genuine, loving, healthy, union is not scripted nor does it played in front of television cameras. HOW MUCH ARE THEY BEING PAID TO MAINTAIN THIS COLLOSAL FARCE???

  5. How can someone claim they are looking for love with a view to an engagement and marriage, and show so much weepy concerns about his love not being reciprocated in the preceding episodes–then chase after a poodle for wife.

  6. Colton is a pathological liar . Any more feigned love relationship with the one he attempts to hobnob with on a leash — he is going to S##T HIS PANTS. His words, not mine.

  7. I’m just not fan of Cassie and Colton..I wish I can support there relationship but there something strange about them that just makes me think they won’t last..the fact that Colton went on the bachelor to find a wife and instead lower his standard for a girl that essentially ready and you don’t have to wait years to be married with the person you love..if you know that person is the one why you waiting..somany red flags

  8. I had a blast chatting with Colton!! Be sure to also check out PART 2 with Colton as we put him and our producer David to the ultimate fitness challenge! Colton is NOT human, wait until you see what he can do (besides that fence jump lol!!)

  9. I love Colton Underwood he’s actually the cutest person and I’m so happy for him and Cassie ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. ??Keep up the charity. Hopefully Cassie is also charity minded and be more frugal minded, people are starving in this world.

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