Color Changing Surprise Blind Bag Babies with American Girl + Boy Video

cookies world who could that be oh honey cookie you have to help me there's even more babies here we need to take care of them baby babies for us to check out these are like the cutest ever in there's ten surprises for us to discover inside these ones are series two that had the white little swaddle blanket so let's see what the babies look like careful careful now we can find out which babies are inside are they boys or girls there you go make sure you hang on to these little babies even though we haven't unwrapped them yet they still need it lots of care and you have to be super gentle with them okay let's see who's inside pull the bow unwrap and see who do we have inside of here it's like a very very fuzzy wuzzy baby so cute look at the little buttons made out of coal they're fuzzy we've got a little teeny tiny carrot nose wait a minute wait a minute look you can actually pull it down and very carefully right over the baby it looks like they actually have a little snowman carrot nose oh that's so sweet the Snowman makes me think of Christmas that's my favorite holiday okay let's check out the checklist is a little hot dog baby ain't a mermaid Oh a little lion oh this is so cute this is so cute series 2 is adorable little including the exclusive minty Sunday okay so we found the winter snow baby very carefully hold the little baby there we go just like that and of course we've got a surprise blind bag inside of the little egg I've got a little sippy cup let's see what the next baby looks like oh there we go turn it around in this one oh it's it's all blue these are so soft these little wraps are so soft on these little babies this one let's see we've got orange you see a little leafy on the top here is this a little carrot baby a little crunchy carrot carrots I like carrots do you like carrots to cookie YUM carrots are very tasty all right let's have him hold the little carrot baby very carefully now we've got one more baby here we go oh I can't wait to see what this one looks like and we have Oh shiny a little baby blanket it's very shiny let's see this one you guys we actually found a made or is this armor man we need to find out if this baby is a boy or a girl look at how cute little mermaid tail is so what do you think how many boys how many girls I think there's gonna be two boys and two girls I think they're all gonna be girls right well let's find out right now so we take this one right here we can unwrap them from there super soft blankets this baby Oh baby's got this little snow beanie on okay well good you don't want them to get too cold in the snow and they've got like bread little hair sticking out that's so sweet we're gonna wake this little baby up we're gonna see what color eyes they have so which is a wet little paper towel just rub their eyes very gently and then you can actually reveal their eye color and that way you can find out who the baby is this Oh purple eyes look at how sweet she's so cute so this one we have a sweet a little baby girl so this must be her pink little bottle that she came with oh she wants to be fed can I feed her sure here you go so hold onto her just like that and here's her bottle here you go and I'll take this adorable little carrot baby and we're gonna see what color eyes they have what color hair we've got oh it looks like we actually have blonde hair and looky bow we got a pink bottle it's a girl wonder what color eyes she's going to have maybe pretty green eyes or brown eyes or she could even have purple eyes to wipe away my color eyes does she have a little hard to tell you tell you she's so sweet these are so fun there we go nice and clean she might be hungry too there you go all right I'll feed her – here you go baby I'm holding are they boys or girls check the bottles all right let's see the little mermaid baby cut it open and the bottle surprise is pink we've got a girl she's so cute so let's see what color eyes and hair does she have first we got to take her out of her little mermaid outfit and her hair color oh she's got a really soft brown hair a little white bow let's see her eye color is it gonna be blue like the ocean what color oh she's got green eyes a seaweed green there we oh she kind of reminds me of Ariel a little bit go ahead and hold her can I have her bottle so I can feed her yes absolutely here we go okay we've got one more baby let's check the bottle let's see is this one going to be a boy or it's a girl's yes that was right for baby girls all right let's see what sunny looks like does she have blonde hair to match the sunflower and maybe bright blue eyes oh she also has light brown it's almost like a ready color wait a minute if she has green eyes we could have twins all right here we go and her eyes oh she's got a hazel colorize so not quite green she has just a little hint of green and brown all right all right I'm cleaning up your eyes there we go much better but they still could be sisters now we've got one more surprise let's see what patterns these babies can magically reveal let's start with this little baby right here dip her into water and yeah do we see a pet oh I see a pattern I see a pattern appearing wait a minute it looks like polka dots but not just any type of dots those are little gumdrop candies one of my favorites she's a little gumdrop girl what about this baby this one tip in all those little gumdrops to appear all right now we need to see what the pattern is on these ones maybe there are all gumdrops let's see what is the pattern is Oh looks like it has a little face okay what is this one half go ahead put her in oh oh she does want to go into the water it's okay it's alright I can help hold her let's go ahead and have him hold this baby there we go hopefully he can handle all three of them okay into the water you know into the water oh you guys it's okay it's all right right here you go back to cookie no it's okay it's okay all right cookie bands I hope you guys have an absolutely amazing day wait a minute baby Wow it's on his head shine bright like a sunny sunflower hopefully the weather is beautiful outside where you are – and I'll see you cookie fans of splash into my next video

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  1. COOKIE you are my inspiration, my idol, my best friend, you are the first YouTuber I've ever known I've known your channel for 6 yrs I love you cookie ❤?

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