Color and Perception | THE RABBIT HOLE with Deepak Chopra

What comprises the color of a forest or your
child’s eyes? Is the experience “blue” always the same, no matter who is perceiving? The rose, as they say, is red, and I see it
as red. This implies that perception is a passive process. That is far from the case.
Perception is a conscious act. Light, itself, has neither color nor brightness. Our awareness
entangles it with those properties. In the words of Sir John Eccles, a famous British
neurologist, ‘I want you to realize that there exists no color in the natural world,
and no sound – nothing of this kind; no textures, no patterns, no beauty, no scent.’ The only reason a rose is red is that you
have a human nervous system that registers a frequency of electromagnetic radiation,
or light, as a certain experience that we call red. But would it be the same for other
species? We have no way of knowing how a bumblebee or a dog experiences the world. Making perception the whole key to reality,
is where physics – and all science – needs to progress. We are used to making the world
“out there” a fixed, reliable point of reference. But quantum theory has informed
us that this is not the case, and spiritual teachings for thousands of years corroborate
this point. No object, however big or small, from subatomic particles to vast galaxies,
has fixed properties. All the properties that create reality are contextual. Reality, as
it turns out, is mind-made.

35 thoughts on “Color and Perception | THE RABBIT HOLE with Deepak Chopra

  1. Are colors fixed qualities, regardless of who is doing the looking? @Deepak Chopra  delves into the rabbit hole when he discusses the fluid nature of perception, so dependent on the perspective from which reality is experienced.

  2. I remember when I was watching your videos and you said that we are the universe looking at its' self. I had heard you say that a maybe a dosen times before it dawned on me what that ment. It was an incredible feeling when I did realize. Keep on keepin' on.

  3. Even before I ever heard the name Deepak I was a Course in Miracles student. There's a line often repeated in the Course – projection makes perception, which to me means the same thing you allude to in this video. Imagine how far along in our evolution we would be if we didn't have to "prove" everything "scientifically"?

  4. I think about human consciousness and how different perceptions effect each persons reality quite often . I think understanding this is key to making the world a better place by trying to see the world through others eyes .Human beings have yet to realize our seems your are making headway Mr.Deepak by sharing these concepts and different ways of thinking about our perception and consciousness and its effects ones own reality. Thanks so much !

  5. Very nice!! When one goes to sleep at night yo dream of many things some dreams are so real so vivid….Some dreams seem to last a hour..a day… a year or even a hundred years but then you open your eyes and find you never went anywhere it was all with in the mind and so it is in this amazing time space reality.

  6. cool, I understand a little more on how we create our reality. that's one of the things that's so close and intimate and automatic that we don't even realize we are doing it…right?

  7. Yes, a lot of reality for humans is based on perception but, there are cases where a human's perception won't matter. Even if life has no color, smell, or touch, like in an event of a natural disaster such as a hurricane or tornado your life can be taken completely from you whether your conscious or not.

  8. Hi Deepak, I stumbled across a divine culture that was created by a man called Marshall B. Rosenberg. He introduces a new language, the voice of the heart. I call it divine because the members of this culture live in an enviroment that enables them to express the higher part of there beeing. Giving a focus to your and other needs rather to their thoughts and feelings is a Great new way of interacting with myself and others. In philosophy he calls GOD as the beloved divine energy, Thanks Elishai.

  9. Loved this: "all properties that create reality are contextual". To me, it means that even the one looking at so called reality is part of the context, which explains why changing yourself (your way of looking) makes the world change. Beautiful video, thank you!

  10. It's true, we often take for granted the "reality" we perceive. But we can move toward a deeper understanding through mindfulness techniques and meditation, and also by realizing moment to moment how various circumstances color the reality we experience.

  11. I wonder, so those who see beyond 3D, is that only in their brains? How do they connect with others and are capable of tellinf and fore telling their future? Can we observe with our 3D eyes beyond this dimension?

  12. I'm so confused about life. I don't know why the subject depresses me but it does. But now I have a question. is everything in my life just an illusion? Example: me, my family & loved ones, and everything around me. I don't know, I just wish everything could be real, I wish I was real

  13. Thank you so much for your comment and question. Don't despair! You are not an illusion. We'll forward your question to Deepak for a more thorough response. Be well.

  14. This is not depressing at all. Depression is an effect of realizing the difference between what you think reality is and what reality actually is. It is not that reality is a lie but rather what the nature of reality is. You and I and colors are not less real if they quantum-ly are nonexistent. It's just that their nature is different that what intuition might have told us. Cheer up and enjoy the ride.

  15. Love is just not chemicals my dear Dr. Chopra. No, it is much more than that so much more that I cannot describe the feeling and niether can you.

  16. We create our own reality and we share our realities with others, and all of those interconnections, those relationships, create the collective reality. What's awesome is that this reality is never fixed, it changes constantly. When your perception changes, the world changes. If you want a better world, change your perception from within. Open up. Learn. Teach. Love. Play.

  17. Deepak Thank you so much What a lovely description. As a photographer adn artist I see literally billions of shades of green alone in nature as well as the sparkle of photons from sunlight on leaves. The infinity of color is anther aspect of "consciousness" and awareness… You always inspire and remind.

  18. Does that prove god or a supernatural entity, which control our life. The world is the way it is. If we don't know how dog experience the world then how can we know and experience, god, if there is any.

  19. The flaw in science is it's very foundation, measure. When One removes the uncertainty or probability, the measured theories or faiths from the equation, truth is all that remains. Beyond our sense of measure is the true beauty of absolute. =

  20. Dear Sir. You have our admiration and respect for creating these videos. It's true that language fails us often when trying to explain Reality (God). You Sir however are seemingly lacks in terminology. Mind may create its own reality, but is itself an extension, creation if you will, of Reality, Consciousness.

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