Colonial Pest Control – Wasp Exterminator in MA & NH

Since 1984, Colonial Pest Control has been
dedicated to providing expert, state-of-the-art pest control services to residential homeowners
in Central and Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. Whether you have yellow jackets, a hornets’
nest, or carpenter bees boring holes in your house, you can rely on our experienced technicians
to solve these problems fast. Yellow jackets and bald faced hornets are
stinging insects that can be very aggressive when threatened, and will go out of their
way to attack and sting you and your family. Yellow jackets sometimes nest in ceilings
or wall voids and can cause moisture damage. They can even break through a ceiling, resulting
in wasps inside your home. Carpenter bees can cause extensive damage
along soffits and the roof line, where they bore perfect 3/8th-inch holes in the wood
to make their nests. They can also attract woodpeckers that can do even more damage as
they try to get at the larvae. If you have yellow jackets, wasps, or hornets
in or around your home, call Colonial Pest. Our treatment is designed to eliminate these
pests and provide protection that repels further nesting and we only use low impact low toxicity
products. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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