Colonial Pest Control – Mice Removal in MA & NH

Since 1984, Colonial Pest Control has been
dedicated to providing expert, state-of-the-art pest control services to residential homeowners
in Central and Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. One of the pests we deal with quite a bit
is mice. In New England, mouse infestations are very common as they seek shelter from
the cold in the fall and winter months, though they can be a problem year round. If your
home offers an entry point and provides food and water, your home is at risk for a rodent
infestation. Mice can be quite a nuisance, leaving their
waste in kitchens and pantry drawers, as well as making noise in your walls during the night.
They can introduce hantavirus, which can cause potentially fatal diseases in humans, as well
as leptospirosis, which is believed to have wiped out most of the Native American population
before the Pilgrims arrived. Let Colonial Pest Control perform a thorough
exterior inspection to determine and block any obvious entry points, and an interior
inspection to determine the primary harborage areas. Our treatment program can be tailored
to your specific situation. We even offer a complete mouse-proofing service
for your home. Mouse-proofing does involve a higher up-front expense compared to our
standard treatment, but it can be more cost-effective in the long run by reducing the need for additional
treatments. Also, not every home is a candidate for mouse-proofing due to certain structures,
such as a fieldstone foundation or an attached garage. Colonial Pest can help you determine
the best course of action for your home. Call Colonial Pest today and get rid of mice
for good by letting our highly trained technicians mouse-proof your home. Your satisfaction is

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