College Kids React to Doja Cat (Juicy, Rules, Mooo!)

– I want Doja Cat
to throw a milkshake at my face. – We love a thicc queen.
– She did not have to go this hard! ♪ (rock intro) ♪ – ♪ I wanna touch on you ♪
♪ You see me in my room ♪ – It’s Doja Cat.
– Ohhh, Doja Cat. So good. – Ooh, I love her.
– This bitch is my favorite! (chuckles) Listen, I have not stanned,
like actually stanned someone since One Direction.
She can sing. She can rap. She writes her [bleep].
She produces it. She’s like a goofball
on social media. She’s gorgeous.
I love her. Roll. – Oh, this is so cute.
She looks like a little Barbie. – Even with aluminum foil
on her [bleep], she cute.
– I’m getting Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande vibes.
– ♪ Love at first sight, just a link to the Gram ♪
♪ [Bleep] all pink with a tan ♪ ♪ And I play with it till
my middle fingers are cramped up ♪ – Wait. Hold on. (chuckles)
Those lyrics were a lot. – ♪ No shot to the screen,
put your hands up ♪ – It’s like an anime.
It’s cool. – Yes!
– Ah, ah! Where’s his peepee?! – Silver Surfer? Oh,
we got a Marvel crossover? That’s what u– whoa.
That’s weird. Okay. The whole man titty thing,
I don’t know about that. – Wow, this is so visually cool.
– (lip syncs) ♪ Let’s break the internet ♪
– It’s really cool to see how large he’s gotten and,
you know, how her music has evolved. And she’s being taken seriously,
which is great. – ♪ In all of your pics ♪
♪ Can’t scroll down, ’cause some of them [bleep] ♪
♪ [Bleep], my parents going through my [bleep] ♪
– These lyrics. – All of these looks
are kind of legendary. – This is a really
interesting music video idea. I like her aesthetic.
– ♪ I wanna get… ♪ – (sings along) ♪ Freaky on camera ♪
– Ooh. That’s my girl! – ♪ Ohh ♪
– I want Doja Cat to step on my neck. – Do you see her?
This room just got a little hot. Okay. WOO!
– We love Doja Cat. She’s new. She’s upcoming.
She’s hot. She’s curvy. She’s swervy. She’s got
a lot of booty, and she’s got some rules.
And she’s got some cyber sex tools. – Doja Cat isn’t
the first female to talk about sex in music very openly.
There are a ton of great female rappers
that are doing it. But I think it just kind of
further pushes that, you know? And it’s really cool.
The liberation, the liberty of women is really dope.
– I honestly think that it slaps. Like, not gonna lie,
might go home and listen to this. – ♪ Said play with my [bleep] ♪
– (raps along) ♪ But don’t play with my emotions ♪
– It’s “Rules.” Ay! (laughs) – Ah, this is my favorite song!
She did not have to go this hard! – ♪ I’ma do this [bleep]
in slow motion ♪ – The way they did this music video too was wow.
– See? And it’s another music video that’s really intricate.
There’s a story going on. It’s fun to watch.
– That’s creepy. No, that’s a rat. Is that a rat or a cat?
I don’t even know. Okay. – I love the cat prosthetics.
– “Good. Mama’s starving.” (laughs) It’s a cat. She’s talking
about eating [bleep] and to say, “I’m starving,”
it’s funny. – She gonna eat the man?
We don’t know. – ♪ Bread up, [bleep],
that butter my biscuit ♪ ♪ You ain’t talk money, then really,
that’s none of my business – Oh, they’re all gonna
be cat people, aren’t they? Oh. No. Okay, thank god.
♪ Yellow bitch with her eye on the prize ♪
♪ But [bleep], I ain’t no minion ♪ – What is happening?
I’m so confused. Okay. We throwing the money.
She got bands. – (raps along) ♪ Bitch,
I’m [bleep] reptilian ♪ ♪ Bitch, bitch, oh! ♪
– Whoa. The eyes. That was cool. – I used to do that as a kid.
To be honest, I used to pour milk in a bow and drink it
and lap it like a cat. Ugh, god. – (screeches) It’s so good!
Ah. (claps) – This is one of those songs
that I think I played over and over and over in the car,
and I’m like, “I’m gonna ruin this.” I have to ruin it.
– This is– I have no clue what’s going on,
but I’m all here for it. – ♪ [Bleep], I need devotion ♪
– Oh, the cat’s in the background. – ♪ [Bleep], don’t splash
when the [bleep] be soaking ♪ ♪ Where that [bleep]… ♪
– (raps along) ♪ Who don’t play mind games at? ♪
True. (raps along) ♪ Chain on, change that ♪
Yes! – Something about it is sensual,
but powerful, and you’re just like, “Yeah, I’m a bad bitch.”
– The visuals of her music videos are super cool, but the lyrics
don’t necessarily connect to me. She did something super weird
in order to be recognized by a lot of people. – “Juicy”! Ah!
– I didn’t know what to do with myself after
this music video came out. – Man, she’s just bad.
She is just bad. Ah, man.
– ♪ (hums along) ♪ (sings along) ♪ From the back,
back, back, back, back, back ♪ – We love a thicc queen.
God. Body goals. – ♪ If you could see it
from the front, we’d say you see it from the back ♪
– What?! That was a little bit disturbing,
’cause the inside of the watermelon is red just like the inside
of human muscle is red. -This is my Twitter header.
– The first thing that popped into my mind was
she’s a watermelon Ariel. – ♪ Keep that booty, booty ♪
♪ She keep that plump ♪ ♪ That natural beauty, beauty ♪
– Every song, it’s catchy. You wanna dance immediately.
– She always has a theme, which is awesome.
– All of these fruit looks! It’s Froot Loops over here.
– Like fruit? Yes! Yes, bitch. – Doja Cat is the reason
why I eat fruits and vegetables. – ♪ Hit me with the threesome… ♪
– Ah, it’s TikTok! – ♪ You told me don’t [bleep]
with no bitches, you know ♪ ♪ Nah ♪
– This is just so cute. – Her aesthetic is very, like,
the hood Katy Perry. – This is lit.
– ♪ That natural beauty, beauty, yeah ♪
– Yeah, one day I’m gonna meet her. I’m just gonna be like,
“Hey, love you.” She won’t know what I’m talking about,
but one day we’ll date. It’s cool. Yeah. – (FBE) You know she’s
been here before, right? – Bro, y’all gotta hook me up
or something. Just at least slide her my number,
so that way I can start off, you know, my marriage
a little early in life. – I like it. Something about the beat
just brings joy to my little heart. – That’s real confidence right there.
That’s like genuine “This is how I am and you can hate it or love it,
but hey, this is what you’re gonna get.”
– I definitely got Nicki Minaj vibes at first definitely with the way
she was dropping. But now listening to her more,
I feel like she’s definitely her own person. She doesn’t
feel overproduced or that she’s having other people make
decisions for her. – ♪ Hair grow long like Chia ♪
♪ Money go long like… ♪ – Yooo.
– Oh, I’ve heard this. I think I’ve heard this on TikTok.
– ♪ My twins big like Tia♪ ♪ My twins big like… ♪ – (raps along) ♪ Tia, Tamera ♪
– I love them Twitches. Quality. – Oh, she got the Tia and Tamera.
I love that. She’s got all the ’90s. – There’s so much going on,
and every shot is so quick. – ♪ Bent the whole
world over and said ♪ – (raps along)
♪ “Spank you very much” ♪ – Those fried eggs.
– ♪ Have a seat, bitch, please, Ikea ♪ – (chuckles) “Have a seat,
bitch, Ikea.” Iconic. – Her lyrics are so clever.
– ♪ They said, “Rico, you so nasty” ♪ – This is such a sick collaboration,
because Rico Nasty is also one of those rappers who is really raw
and also stands out by herself a lot. – I love Rico Nasty.
It was like my dream collaboration. – (raps along)
♪ I’m not your buttercup ♪ – ♪ These hoes swear
that they can’t stand me ♪ ♪ But ain’t never pullin’ up ♪
– Look at all the colors, dude. Every music video’s so different.
– I had no idea who this was. I always heard this song
on TikTok. That’s so cool. – Damn. Them hairstyles go hard. – (chuckles) That’s so fun how she
just keeps on mentioning their names. – ♪ Wait, Tia, Tamera ♪
♪ Wait, Tia… ♪ – Look at all these crazy looks.
It’s art. (chuckles) – It has a Lisa Frank, like, ’90s–
they have Tia, Tamera. They had Double Trouble,
like those Nickelodeon shows. It was just all of that
brought together. Especially in a creative way,
’cause I feel like the ’90s can be so overdone,
but I feel like she made it so unique in her own
kind of artist way. – Not my favorite song on the album.
I like more the upbeat, poppier version stuff,
but it just shows that she has range. – She’s so cute!
– (raps along) ♪ Bitch, I’m a cow ♪ – ♪ I’m not a cat ♪
– (raps along) ♪ I don’t say meow ♪ – This was all over Twitter.
– You’re scrolling on Twitter, you see a girl with a hamburger
and french fries shoved in her nose, and you’re like
what the [bleep] is this? And then you listen to it,
and you’re like, “Okay, it’s kind of catchy.”
(laughs) – ♪ Moo ♪
– It doesn’t get old, bro. – ♪ Moo ♪
♪ Got milk, bitch? ♪ ♪ Got beef? ♪
– It’s really relaxing. – I want Doja Cat to throw
a milkshake at my face. – Oh my god. The [bleep].
– ♪ Get me A1 sauce… ♪ – You can see the green screen.
– And regardless of what you think of this song or like,
“Oh, like, it’s a meme” or whatever, the lyrics are good!
She is a fantastic writer. Everything she says is clever.
– Ah, she looks so good, this little farmer thot.
That’s me at the farm, just in my thong.
– ♪ In the country ♪ ♪ I ain’t in the city,
’cause they ain’t got lawns ♪ – (chuckles) “I ain’t in the city,
’cause they ain’t got lawns.” What? That was my first time
catching that. Oh, what a strange thing.
– When that came out, she could’ve definitely
just fallen off, but she found ways
to capitalize off of it and people kept checking her out.
When you create a viral hit like that and then you just
capitalize off of it, you could literally become
the next big thing, and that’s what she did.
– After I watched this video the first time, I would just
be going about my day, and in my mind, it’d be like,
“Bitch, I’m a cow.” – It’s cute, because the aesthetic
all works together. She obviously pulled together
those looks. She probably filmed it
on her laptop. But all of it together works,
because it’s a product directly from her.
– Thought the beat of “Bitch, I’m a Cow”
is so different from things like “Rules” and “Cyber Sex,”
the ideas of the music video and the way she kind of
develops these worlds in these music videos is obviously still the same
as this Doja Cat. – (FBE) So, that was
the rapper/singer Doja Cat. – Yeah. I’ve heard of her a while ago.
– (FBE) Doja has been releasing a string of singles this past year
leading up to the release of her album titled “Hot Pink.”
– “Hot Pink.” – (FBE) Exactly.
– Yeah. – (FBE) Doja initially went viral
in August 2018, when she released the track “Moo,” in which
she fantasizes about being a cow. – (chuckles) Yeah,
I remember it very much. It was a weird time.
– I was just like, “What is going on here?”
– ♪ Bitch, I’m a cow ♪ ♪ Bitch, I’m a cow ♪
– What? But then, like,
it got stuck in my head and I was like, “Oh, this is fun.”
– (FBE) Some critics have kind of dismissed Doja Cat as an addition
to the pool of meme rappers that social media has made
popular in recent years. After watching her videos,
do you think she’s moved away from her initial meme stardom?
– I feel like she’s moved away from it. I don’t really think
that it’s bad if somebody gets famous from a meme.
That doesn’t mean that that’s all they can do. They have potential
to be a lot more. – She was never in a box
to begin with. I think people just put her in there
once they saw that, and they’re like, “Oh, she must
just be like this then.” She’s like, “Wait a minute,
you need to– give me a second. I got some more things to show you.”
– She would’ve came up regardless, because her voice, super soothing,
and then her artistic vision is just amazing.
– I don’t think she’s choosing one or the other.
She’s embracing her side of how she got her following,
and she’s doing it seriously. – People like Bhad Bhabie
and Jake Paul, they kind of started out as this huge meme.
It wasn’t just a song that they made that was a meme.
It was kind of like they were already in themselves
had their standing and who they were.
But with her, it’s like she only had one song that was kind of meme-ish
and then she just took it seriously from then on.
– She’s really silly, and she continues
to be very meme-able and lovable in that way.
But her music goes hard. We come for the meme,
but we stay for the music. – (FBE) Doja has also had
a great rise on TikTok, where several of her songs
are found on the platform with people lip syncing
or dancing along to her tunes, further making her songs go viral.
Have you seen any of those trends? I don’t know if you’re
on TikTok at all. – No, I’m not on TikTok,
but it doesn’t surprise me. I feel like that’s where
a lot of songs recently have been kind of blowing up more,
which is strange to me, but it works.
– (FBE) What do you think it is about her songs that
lend themselves so well to TikTok and just overall virality? – Okay. So because her songs
are so fun and so poppy and so comedy,
they’re really relatable in the TikTok universe.
And there’s so many ways you can implement them
into your TikTok. – She has just really unique,
like, style to her music, her lyrics, everything.
It’s just such a fun time that it’s so easy to just
be goofing around with your friends
to these kinds of songs. – They’re catchy. They’re smooth.
Someone of them will have like a drop, which is nice for a meme
if you have, like– you know, it kind of leads in.
It’s really soft and whatnot, then it goes boom.
Just the way she structures her songs allows her to have that ability
to be on TikTok. – (FBE) So finally, Doja’s known for
her quirky but sexually charged lyrics. And as you saw,
many of Doja’s videos have vibrant colors
with outlandish concepts. In interviews, Doja has stated
that her main mission is to make rap more colorful
with a cartoon-like twist. How does Doja’s style
both in her music and her videos compare
to the other rap songs or artists that are popular today?
– Nicki Minaj. I think there’s no other artist– I mean,
maybe Katy Perry too. She a couple stuff
that was really vibrant. In the rap world, almost no one.
– I don’t know. I feel like Nicki Minaj
has always done fun, vibrant stuff. But why not have somebody else
who can do that too? – There has been other rappers,
like Cupcakke– that’s the only one
that comes to mind– that really have
sexually-charged lyrics. The thing Doja Cat has
is that she’s memeing it as well. She’s laughing about herself,
and it’s more fun. – Some other rap is
a little more derogatory in a sexual way,
but hers is so positive. It’s almost empowering
to listen to it. It’s not the same of, like,
“Eh, you’re just kind of an object to me.”
It’s like, “No, I’m owning my ass” sort of thing, and I think
that’s really cool. – A lot of rap is really
on the sad boy wave right now. But it’s fun to see
the complete opposite side of that and just kind of see something
that’s a bit more quirky, that’s a bit more playful,
a little on the lighter side. – She’s in her own lane
in the rap community. – She’s giving you alternate universes
to go in and dive in and love and escape from your everyday life. – Thanks for watching this episode
of College Kids React. Shoutout to hillaree Burrow.
– Subscribe and hit the bell, so you never miss an episode.
– Keep it juicy. Don’t forget to subscribe
and hit the bell. – Thanks for watching.
I love you Doja Cat. – Hi, guys. Josecarlos here,
producer at FBE. If you wanna hear more
from Doja Cat, then make sure to check out her YouTube channel.
All the links are gonna be down below and right over here.
Check her out. Bye, guys.

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