Hi, I’m Skipper, backatcha! Meet Max, the
magician. We call him that because now you see him, now you don’t. But that was before
the Nelson’s bought Tagg, the Pet Tracker System, for him. Now if Max does his Houdini
impression, they have a fast, effective way to bring him home. For his next trick, Max
will need complete silence and an assistant. Preferably one with opposable thumbs, and
a desire to find him whenever, and wherever, he roams. Placing the collar clip on top of
the collar insert posts facing up, hook the strap into the groove on one side. Now, stretch
the free end of the strap under the collar and up into the groove on the other side of
the collar clip. Next, attach the tracker to the collar like so, making sure to snap
both sides of the tracker into place. Listen carefully for each click. Now check that the
tracker is secured, by giving it a light tug. And then, voilà! The Tagg Tracker is on the
collar! Remember, your Tagg System comes with extra collar clips, so you can put the tracker
on multiple collars. Here’s Max on vacation…at the show…about town. Thank you! Max, the
magician, will be here all week. And if he’s not, he’ll be back soon, with Tagg, the Pet
Tracker System.

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2 thoughts on “Collar attachment

  1. I just wish this had an anti-theft feature! The "Retrieva" collar has a locking option and sends a text message if it is tampered with, also has a collar made of non-cutable material! Please look into adding something like that!

  2. I'm putting this on my trail cameras then if I lose it I can find it quickly or track down the person who took it

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