Colin Cloud: Real Life Sherlock Holmes Reads Minds – America's Got Talent 2017

so what's your name and how old are you my name is Colin cloud and I have just turned 30 and what are you gonna be doing for us today today I'm gonna show the world the closest thing to a real life Sherlock Holmes what they do for career it's actually easier if I give you a quick example of what I do before we get to the main event the lady at the front would you hold up your two hands just like this yep just hold ok would I be correct if I'm wrong be honest are you a teacher yes that's your job the guy the guy beside this lady not moving but the body language are you a police officer yes Wow I'd love to teach you how some of this works with me okay yes would you mind join any please good by far I won't embarrass you okay you're very safe Kyra grab a seat on this this stool you're gonna hold this prediction that may prove very important very soon my background genuinely is in criminal profiling specifically detecting when people are lying so with this in mind I want to teach you how this works with a very simple game that I learned as a child starting with Howie how I'm gonna give you a coin I will also give you an antibacterial wipe should you request it all I want you to do is place the coin behind your back please you haven't tried to give nothing away but hold your hands straight out in front of you like this give nothing away just say yes both times does that make sense yes that was perfect hurry right is the coin in this hand yes is the coin in this hand yes so when he said yes for real when he meant it his eyebrows raised slightly your nose is also pointing slightly here so I believe it's in this hand turned over let me see yes yes there it is okay now I want to try this with the three of you as well what I'd love you to do now place the coin behind your back everyone on this side of the room think of a simple color in the middle think of any animal and over here think of any name hold your hand straight out to male facing mean shout those colors nice and loud in three two one go white or blue perfect we'll look at me straight face over the coins in this hand think white if it's in this hand think blue look at me just think is it white just think or is it blue I believe you're thinking white the coin is here turn it over let me see yes much harder al-qaeda in a place to attend highly viewed be supplied hide it and your hands straight out in front of you those animals any animal go or cheetah cat or chicken must be in one of your hands hold them straight out with absolute aggression Heidi I love it right over the coins in this hand think cheetah if it's in this hand think cats oh look at me released send the animal okay I am petrified you are thinking catch the coin is here turn it over open up yes – OH – ladies and gentlemen Simon be surprised you've behind your back sir either hand those names any any names surely follow charlie those yours oh okay Charlie or Oscar hands out and from straight-faced if the coin is in this hand think Charlie if it's in this hand think Oscar and I get distracted sometimes when I do this the blonde get all behind you is looking very nervous hoping I don't reveal one of her embarrassing memories it's don't move look at me at you thinking about in memory when you were a kid but there's a name involved with this that you were thinking and we've never met before be honest we don't know each other the last name is at Miller yes okay right so silent if it's in this hand it was Oscar this hand Charlie you are thinking obscure the coins here let me see turn it over open it up let me see yes Oscar yes but here's the thing before I walked onto this stage tonight I had some ideas about the type of audience you were gonna be and I wrote them down on a scroll now you guys could have shouted anything our judges could have heard anything in picked anything but tonight you wanted the color white you went with cat and you picked Oscar you will see this scroll actually says that I at call an underscore clout want you to open the lid and tell everyone what's inside and you please stand up open the lid I don't wanna touch it open yep yeah I'll take this open the lid open the lid look inside here is a what but wait Cameron homage you cannot review also says Oscar haha it's TyTy thanks for watching a GT online and on TV continue to watch more talent right now and don't forget to subscribe

43 thoughts on “Colin Cloud: Real Life Sherlock Holmes Reads Minds – America's Got Talent 2017

  1. That was all scripted….. He chose animals n colour based on his own thoughts but not wat audience told him

  2. why is no one talking about that baby kitty what an adorable precious being I hope he has a wonderful family to take care of him?

  3. He ain't a real life Sherlock Holmes!
    He's just one of another Spy Kid mind-set with proper arrangement…

  4. Am I the Only 1 who could identify that day was his Birthday..!?
    Cogitate to his commencement introduction of speech!

  5. Ohhh dude, that's so unreal, you should be a idiot to not to see thst in he raised his head a bit, not his eyebrows, anyways, this show (at least this episode) is a whole damn lie.

  6. The audience werent making the choices, it was too loud so he picked the colour, animal and the acter name own his choice…

  7. It was easy trick even the lady’s and the gentleman’s job the hardest part is how did he know and what the blonde girl was thinking if he did not met her before

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