Cocoa The Kitten: A Rescued Cat Gets Adopted in Ticino, Switzerland

In the city of Lviv, on a Fall afternoon, while exploring the sites, we watched a man throw a kitten into the trash. We picked him up. wrapped him in a blanket, put him in a bread basket, and took him back to the hotel. He needed a name, being from a city known for chocolate, we decided to call him Cocoa, but he loved Ukrainian tuna. We put him into a makeshift carrier and took him to the vet where he earned his Ukrainian passport and began a 1000km journey across Europe to his new home and family. Eight months later, we caught up with our little buddy in Switzerland. Our gracious host, Claudine Giovannoni, adopted Cocoa, together with her horse-back
riding daughter, Sara Luna. Claudine’s son, Emanuele, plays the piano, And her husband, Massimo, plays the cello. A symphony that Cocoa enjoys almost as much as chewing on Tricia’s purse. To better understand Cocoa’s new home in
Ticino, Switzerland, Claudine and Massimo generously took us on
a tour. Our first stop: The Verzasca Valley. Where merlot wine grapes grow alongside incredible
geological formations and architectural delights dating back centuries. Featured in the James Bond film Goldeneye, the bungee jumping here is one of the highest
in the world. Also in the Verzasca Valley, we had the chance to stroll through the beautiful
stone village of Corippo, where old frescos adorn the houses and the
mountain air and water are crystal clear. Next, we boarded a ferry in the lakeside city
of Ascona, Floating over the shimmering waters of Lake
Maggiore we made our way out to the mystical Brisaggo
Islands. The waters of the lake trap and release the
sun’s heat year round creating a unique micro climate on the islands perfect for a botanical garden with 1500 plants
from 5 continents. Next, Claudine would take us to Cevio a small, Italian-Swiss village known for its
masonry work and for its hillside grottos. A must-see in Ticino is Bellinzona. Claudine would show us the 3 castles that
comprise this UNESCO world heritage site. Being a strategic crossroads between Northern
and Southern Europe, these fortifications have seen many battles
in the past 2000 years. Imagine for a moment, a village perched on
a mountaintop, where the only connection to the outside world,
is a cable car. There are no roads leading to the village
of Rasa. The 20 or so residents must ride the cable
car to go to school or to go shopping. Tricia and I packed a picnic lunch and spent a day exploring Rasa, Claudine’s husband, Massimo, spent a few of his formative years in Rasa, riding the cable car to school everyday. We met a ceramic artist at the bottom who still remembers Massimo and his family. A quick train ride and we were back in the city of Locarno. Where music warmth, and love
are being showered on Cocoa – a once homeless kitten, who is now treated
like royalty. Cocoa – living the dream in Ticino, Switzerland.

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  1. This is a priceless video and story ~ believe, love hard and amazing things can happen, just like they did for Cocoa 🙂

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