CNIB Dog Wash, Halifax

Steve, do you have any pets? STEVE SAYLOR: No
I don’t, actually. Mostly because I’m allergic
to cats, but I do love dogs, though. What about you? ANTHONY MCLACHLAN:
I also love dogs, but I also understand what
a commitment they are. Especially between food
and vet bills, dog sitting, and taking them to the groomers. STEVE SAYLOR:
Yeah, and actually, have you heard of these
mobile pet grooming salons? Groomer Kelsey Johnston is the
owner and operator of one called All Four Paws pet
services in Halifax. ANTHONY MCLACHLAN: That’s right. She recently volunteered to set
up shop outside on the streets of the CNIB’s Halifax offices
for a special guide dog grooming day. STEVE SAYLOR: Laura Bain was
there to catch the action and meet some of her furry
four-legged clients. LAURA BAIN: Inside Kelsey
Johnson’s mobile dog grooming salon, the soapsuds are flying. Kelsey says bringing her
business here today is her way of giving these dogs a treat. KELSEY JOHNSTON: Dogs are
a miraculous creature, and what they do for our
people as a whole is amazing. And having some of the service
dogs as clients regularly, I was like, how can I
give back to more of them? So the only way I can do that
is by giving them a pamper. So it’s kind of
what I wanted to do. LAURA BAIN: Kelsey’s
day is booked solid. Up next, a black lab named Finn. KELSEY JOHNSTON: Hi,
nice to meet you. And this is Finn? KELLY BOUDREAU: This is Finn. KELSEY JOHNSTON: Hi, Finn. LAURA BAIN: Finn’s
handler, Kelly Boudreau, is happy to take advantage of
the grooming services today. KELLY BOUDREAU: He’s fun,
he’s lovable, he’s silly, and he pretty much
is always by my side. Always. KELSEY JOHNSTON: So
we’ll give him a bath. KELLY BOUDREAU: OK. KELSEY JOHNSTON: Clean his ears,
dry him, give him a good brush, trim his nails. LAURA BAIN: Kelsey operates
her salon service out of a state-of-the-art, customized,
self-contained van. KELSEY JOHNSTON:
So in this space, I have a four by four stainless
steel tub that has a level in it, that my small little small
dogs can be on and then the big dogs can get in. So it can fit everything from
big Newfoundlander dogs right down to little toy Yorkies. So it has that, it has
my high velocity dryer. What you don’t see when the dog
is being worked with is actually the sixty-five gallon tanks
that I have of clean and dirty. And I just have to drive up and
park and have a dog to pamper, and that’s it. LAURA BAIN: After about
an hour, Finn looks great. KELLY BOUDREAU: Hi. Did he mind the water? KELSEY JOHNSTON: No– No, KELLY BOUDREAU: No,
I didn’t think so. LAURA BAIN: After a quick
goodbye to Finn and Kelly, Kelsey moves on to
her next client, Alicia Pottie and her dog Edlyn. ALICIA POTTIE: My dog is Edlyn,
she’s a three-year-old black lab, and I got her from
Guiding Eyes in New York. She’s very rambunctious. She does not realize her size. She’s about 70 pounds,
but she acts like a puppy. Ooh, look at you. Oh my goodness. LAURA BAIN: Today, all these
hard-working dogs are getting a full-service pamper. KELSEY JOHNSTON: Some
love it, some hate it. Patience, I think,
is the biggest thing. And reassurance. And letting them lick my face. LAURA BAIN: Alicia speculates
that Edlyn will love the tub time. ALICIA POTTIE: I
think she’ll like it. She loves to get
brushed and stuff, so. She loves to be pampered
and get her nails done. LAURA BAIN: The results are in. Edlyn’s happy dog
shake says it all. KELSEY JOHNSTON: I feel happy
that they’re rid of all the excess dirt and dander off their
skin and all that excess coat, and they probably just have this
different level of morale and confidence to them. So you kind of, it’s almost like
a little prancing unicorn then when they come out. So it makes me feel good,
so I hope they feel good. STEVE SAYLOR: That’s so cool. What a great treat for
those dogs and owners. ANTHONY MCLACHLAN: Black labs
seem to be a pretty popular breed for guide dogs. STEVE SAYLOR: Right? They’re smart, energetic, loyal,
and apparently they like getting baths. Kind of like the perfect pet. ANTHONY MCLACHLAN: Kudos to
groomer Kelsey Johnston of All Four Paws pet services
and the Halifax CNIB, for setting up the day.

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