Club Penguin is Shutting Down… Again.

Okay, I promise this is the last video I’m gonna make on Club Penguin. This month. So it’s been almost a year since the original Club Penguin shut down its service and with that, means it’s also almost been a year since i released the Club Penguin story And ever since that video came out i’ve received non-stop comments asking Me to play club penguin rewritten and not just comments but messages tweets emails I think i even got a letter at one point i called you how’d you get my address now the thing is i’ve known About club penguin rewritten since before i released that video and in fact it’s not even the only one of its kind Club penguin, private servers or cpps for short our service for the original club penguin run. By people who aren’t Associated with disney but, want to keep the dream alive although it could be interpreted by, some as Not being able to let go of the past you have club penguin rewritten club, penguin reborn, super cp Ps alpha, penguin Club penguin infinity war wait in fact there’s so many different ones available that there Was even beef between the service you think youtube beef is where it’s at. Ksi, versus logan, pool rice come versus The odd ones out what the hell, no club penguin private server beef is where the real tears are Shed fuck anthony Fuck Virtual penguin, ddos the shit out of them now You might be asking yourself what on earth could have, made train of elite so upset what Did anthony and virtual penguin do well virtual penguin, was another club penguin private server it doesn’t look Like it’s up anymore but when it was up this thing, was insane there were all sorts of mods available Which allowed you to customize almost anything you wanted you, want to change the color of your chest you can Do that you want a rare puffle free of charge you can, have that you, want to be a dragon You can, be that they were even commands that you could type into the chat for things like adding Coins and items to your penguin think of it as club penguin Unlocked now virtual penguin, had already existed for years, well when club Penguin, announced that they’d be shutting down their servers in march of 2017 the team behind virtual penguin saw. This as the perfect Opportunity to grow and promote their private server and i actually saw this in action Every once in a while whilst i was getting footage for the club, penguin, story i’d come across a bot that Was telling people to go visit virtual penguin, sure they might not have been following the rules but club penguin Was shutting down anyway, and they just wanted people who still wanted to play the game to know That they could, do so over at their website harmless right, well according to this reddit post from lean cop 900 a verified twitter penguin, whatever the hell that Means according to them there was a bit more going on behind the scenes in the post titled Warning, don’t use virtual penguin, they mentioned that the team behind virtual penguin Was hacking other club, penguin private servers and banning everyone on them this Was most likely in order to block people out of their accounts and the other private servers so that they’d signup to virtual penguin instead As an alternative here’s a screenshot of anthony Who i’m pretty sure is the person in charge of virtual penguin rallying up His team in the dms and announcing that they’re. Going, to kill, super cp ps another private server so These guys, weren’t just trying to innocently grow And promote their website they were trying to monopolize the game by killing off the competition and i have to say That’s pretty gangsta the screenshots continued now i think someone responded to anthony saying that they shouldn’t do it because they’re Cool, with the people behind super c PPs but of course this, was not going to fly with anthony,” what do you mean you chill with them? Wasn’t your philosophy ‘more users equals more money?’ we must ERADICATE superCPPS ERADICATE doe oh, my GOD. Then one of his minions pipes up. “I want to take down CPR.” That’s Club Penguin Rewritten, which pretty much was, and still is, the biggest Club Penguin private server out there. Anthony responds, “We can’t. Not yet anyway.” And Timmy’s like, “why?” and to that Anthony responds, “Why not build our empire.” I’d like to remind you that he’s talking about a Club Penguin PRIVATE SERVER. “Why not build our empire by conquering the weaker CPPSes first? You say you’re able to take down SuperCPPS, so let’s *BLEEP* their *DOS BLEEP* up.” Wow, I feel like i’m reading Game of Thrones. Suffice to say Anthony, was not here to play games he Was here to promote one game and that games name was virtual Penguin, so after learning that all of that went down trainer leads response seems a bit more understandable but Man some of these club, penguin, people are dramatic. We need to fight back i don’t know. How, but, we must Wow so now? You might be thinking, okay, cool, story bro but, what is the title of this video have to do with anything Well it turns out that club penguin rewritten the private server so large that even anthony the destroyer of nations Didn’t want to mess with Them has announced that they will be closing down their servers on the 4th of march it feels like history is just repeating itself doesn’t It and look at this they’re, even holding a Farewell party called the waddle on party it’s literally just the exact same thing as last Year so why is club penguin rewritten shutting down at first afford, was because papa disney came knocking at their, door and told him Yo, you know You, can’t just take our game right but apparently this, wasn’t the real reason although they, did run into Some trouble with disney interactive because the original domain name had the words club penguin in it but it seems the actual reason, why The private server, is shutting down is because it’s simply gotten too Big for the people running it to handle apparently it was being run, by a, group of teenagers Who are working on it as a passion project. And wanted to learn, how To, manage an online multiplayer game and to that i really got to commend them for getting club penguin rewritten as far as They, did i mean come on even anthony couldn’t touch, these guys and if you Want to relive the final moments of club penguin all over again then you can head on over to their website and join the waddle on, party, before he gets shut down now i know, what a lot of you are thinking hey Tammy, geouh play club penguin rewritten, now, here’s the thing i already made a video on the original club penguin Where i showed off the minigames the locations and i talked about my, past experiences with the game then i made a video on club penguin island, where i showed everything you could do as an non member followed by a video on club penguin island White shirt everything you could do as a member those videos are all up on my channel and you can Check, them out if you haven’t already i don’t think there’s anything else i can show, about club, penguin, so i’m not Gonna, play club penguin rewritten in this video i’m just gonna end it here and call it a day so as always Thanks for watching hope you enjoyed and i’ll see you in the next video, oh? Come on you didn’t really think i was going to end a club penguin video without a, sled race did you Mr. Ball girls look, so ugly! What is this? This is so close oh my god.. Get *inaudible* oooh babe Come on Come on Ho yeah its right there (background: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH) TAKE THAT JUST TAKE THAT That’s the one, that’s going in the video *Laughs* (its actually pretty funny to do that lol) Oh crap You can read that can you? How, did you guys like it back there all right all right i’ll see you in second place JUST READ THE FRICKIN VIDEO SUBTITLES Come on nononono This cant… OH YOU JOKING I’m not coming in lost i’m not Oh, my, oh, my, god he said chinese i’m gonna report information words Done *laugh in background* did he just get banned? String into videos, oh? My, god, oh, my, oh, you’re interns are the most annoying things i swear, oh, my, god you typed in descendants is the Relevant movie but none of the above Done i’m appointed. Oh wait i will point you and you got kicked Oh, wait do you guys like it back there how’s the weather back, there buddy, how’s the weather back there Boom thanks for watching, everyone i’ll see you in the next video peace *cool outro music* Made by caio gamer

100 thoughts on “Club Penguin is Shutting Down… Again.

  1. Update 05/04/18: Ok so they announced that CP Rewritten will be making a return this month… inb4 Waddle On Party Part III March 2019

  2. club penguin rewritten is trash

    cp online is were it’s at
    iM jUsT joKinG itS mY opiNioN pLeaSe dOnt aTtacK mE … :0

  3. Club Penguin: *Exsist*
    Club Penguin: *Shuts Down*
    Club Penguin: *Exsists Again*
    Club Penguin: * Shuts Down Again *

  4. Club penguin Unlocked the best online cpps Server . Endless fun for all the family (even grandpap )


  5. Anthony seems to be like a childish prick who thinks he is god or somethig lol
    Club penguin was awesome, but dude, chill out


  7. Actually CPR is a famous remake of the forgiving club penguin in the classic style and also has free membership to use in your first play of CPR, CPR stands for Club Penguin Rewritten, if you haven’t played but heard of coins, this is how to get them, play games

    (EDIT: That was'nt me, but I just said that to make stuff funny)

  9. Antony if you can see this you are a piece of sh** and garbage you are a coward you are money greedy and I hope virtual penguin gets shut down

  10. But Club Penguin Is Back As Club Penguin Online, Will You Make A Video Of THat? Club Penguin Is BacKKkK!

  11. I feel like to make reporting more functional so that you can’t report innocent people and get them banned, it should take a screenshot of what’s happening and detect the player and what they said. It’s much easier to detect things in a game like club penguin with its graphics, and harder to detect them in real life

    Sorry for the caps, just excited cause fucking hilarious 🙂
    Have a lit ass day everyone

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