Cllr Darren Rodwell talks about Controlled Parking Zones

I’m Darren Rodwell, Leader of Barking and Dagenham
Council and I’m in Arnold Road today talking about why the CPZs are
needed. So let’s start off, first of all young people going to school.
There’s too many incidents now around schools where people are parking very
badly and actually making people have to walk in the road or worse. [Such as] not
being able to cross at crossing points or at road junctions. Secondly, we have an issue. The area was built and we built lots of cars, but the roads were never made for this amount of cars. So what we’re trying to do there as well, is say to people look if you’ve got a large number of cars, think about
this. In a London borough you don’t need four, five, six [even] eight cars and
we are seeing that today. So we’ve got to see what we can do to try and
control that. The third reason is because of the people coming into the borough
and leaving their vehicles here. We do not want to become London’s car park. The
idea of the CPZ is to help local people. We’re making it
safe for people to park. It might not be outside their house, but again if you’ve
got a dropped kerb we’ve listened as well and we’re going to make sure that people
who live in a house can park on their dropped kerb in these CPZ areas. We’re also making sure that the air we breathe is much better than it
has been. We’ve got the highest issues when it comes to breathing
disorders in London so we really do need to benefit from the
fact that having less vehicles on our roads because that is a major polluter
in the area. We’ve done more consultation than ever before in the council’s
history and this was no different, we actually write a letter to every house
that will be involved in the CPZ area and at the same time we also have stuff
online. We put it out on tweets [and] we put it out on Facebook but the truth is we do
want to hear from people but they’ve got to understand why we’re doing this. I’ve
heard that “we’re making money out of people” no we’re not, this scheme is not
there to make money. What we’re trying to do is find the balance, we’re trying to
find a balance for residents that live there who complained to us that
they can’t park where they live, we’re trying to find a balance of people that
want to take their children to school by driving but at the same time remember
94% of the people that actually go to our schools got their first choice so
that must be close to where they live. So walking to school is a much more
healthier [and] social way of getting your children to school. So we make no
apologies that we’re doing what we set out we would do. Which was [to] improve the
situation for walking to school for the pollution of the area right and the car
ownership of the area as well. We don’t need houses with multiple cars in one house when you’ve got a very good London network of transport and at
the same time you know, let’s be honest about it it’s better to walk to school.

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