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Meet Paula. Paula is a mother and housewife. Paula takes great pride in keeping clean and tidy kids, as well as a clean and tidy house. But things aren’t well right now on the home front: Paula’s son Tommy is complaining that he has an itchy rash on his body, and it just won’t go away. The only thing Paula can do is to take Tommy to see his physician, so that he can diagnose the problem. But things are about to go from bad to worse. You see, Paula is about to be told that Tommy’s rash is actually bedbug bites. And that is just not going to go down well with Paula at all. Paula knows that not only do bedbugs potentially cause health problems, but she also knows that this type of household pest is incredibly difficult to get rid of, once it infests your home. Off-the-shelf pesticides are not going to clear your house of bedbugs, and most pest-control companies won’t have the correct equipment to do the job properly. As bedbug removal experts, we have both the knowledge and experience in ridding homes, offices, and hotels of these pests. Although there are precautions you can take, to try and prevent the spread of the bedbugs from room to room, the only effective way of doing this is to completely eradicate them from your home. If you’d like advice on how to rid your home of bedbugs, please fill in the form on the right, or give us a call, and one of our expert pest controllers would be glad to speak to you. Cleveland Pest Control Tel: (216) 239-0390

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