Cleft Palate Puppy is Thriving After Surgery

it's been about three weeks since the puppy with the cleft palate was born we were all really worried that she wasn't going to make it but I just heard that she's doing really well there was a lot of emotion the day she was born and I found out she had cleft palate dr. Margolis was saying do you want to save her or do you want to let her go all of a sudden I like this white light and I could hear well of course you have to save her of course there's a little pillow in here that has a heartbeat in it and she's surrounded by her little group of friends since there's no puppies and actually she climbs up underneath the pig her mother Sophie kind of rejected her initially so I'm not quite sure when it's appropriate to introduce Cassie back to her mother Sophie she still has one eye that hasn't opened that's driving me crazy so I don't know if I have a one-eyed cleft palate baby hear about but I'm gonna love her no matter what and she's got the most adorable personality she is such a charmer so yeah the cutest puppy there ever was

31 thoughts on “Cleft Palate Puppy is Thriving After Surgery

  1. Hits too close to home. My cat had 1 kitten prematurely, probably to make room for the others to grow & rejected him (I don’t think she realised he was hers). I managed to keep him going until the rest of the litter were born & reintroduced him at that time… it was too soon & he starved to death because I didn’t realise that he wasn’t able to feed in time to save his life.

  2. My Chihuahua terrier mix, jasper, was making wheezing sounds. I took him to the vet, turns out he was born with a cleft palate. My vet was not only amazed that she hadnt noticed when she intubated him for the neuter, but that he was raised with no issues as a puppy. No issues feeding, no weight loss, no signs he had a cleft palate until the wheezing. Turns out, the wheezing was a sort of "reverse sneeze" (as the vet called it) and was caused by food getting stuck in the palate. The noises weren't indicative of breathing issues.

  3. My Chihuahua name Mushu, he is with cleft lip and cleft palate. Mushu born in 2010. I were happy my Mushu life! 🙂 I very love animals! ♥

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  5. I'm glad she decided to keep the baby and not euthanize her, just because she was born with a disorder. Hopefully that other eye opens soon.

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