hi guys and welcome to Sugarland Animal Hospital today we have a another little surprise this is Carly the Blue Tongue and Carly's very very friendly very nice little patient and Carly was originally going to be abandoned but who new client took her on as a new pet from another person who was going to release her into the wild this is actually dangerous to release domestic pets back into the wild because they usually don't have any coping mechanisms they used to having a square meal delivered to them once a day or three times a day and they just won't know how to survive in the wild so Carly's very domesticated bluetongue and I imagine she would probably end up as someone's dinner if they left her out in the wild anyway let's get back to what's wrong with Carly poor Carly's being brought in here today with a big swelling on the tail here we can look there closely and this is actually quite a painful lump she doesn't really like me poking it too much and this is something come on over the last few days I can also notice there's a tiny bit going on this side here now we're going to go and test that under the microscope and put a little needle in there and find out what's in there and sometimes a little hard to weigh these guys but we're gonna try this technique where we put her on a tray on the scales and she's around almost half a kilo so what we've done is taken a little sample from the lump that was in Carly's tail what I can tell already the material that came out didn't look too pretty but I think it's a little like pus it's probably an abscess but what we can look at is these cells and this material under the microscope so if have a quick look here we can actually have a very close look at what's going on inside those lumps on the microscope slide here you can actually see there's lots of protein material and I can also see a lot of inflammatory cells it may not be so clear on the camera but I can see them under the microscope and what this means to me is that this is probably an abscess or it could be a rotting Shumer but I'm pretty confident it's an abscess so we're going to try and fix that up right now so we're just going to do a little gentle incision into Carly's tile into this lump we just have a little look inside and see what's what's in there what's causing this problem good gently 1/8 of ties using an ascetic guests and an N acidic drug I just know I'm gonna cut along here I fought a good place to cut off on its it's better to cut around the scales if you can inspecting to find some fluid in there the scales is sort of going to G's exact pattern so we sometimes a little tricky with us stitching but maybe they'd like to keep the scales and tack this makes it for a nice of wound when they heal so I'm oscillating there the lump here you can see that is around tissue Metz examine what that is the look here we can see with their mass is reaching in this this could be a tumor can't leave very swollen it let's come on very quickly I found the cause of the problem it is an abscess here never little look inside there's just a lot of cuts right here that's the stuff that we found on that slide before so we're going to clean cleaning all that out and squeeze it out say it's going to be a little gross so it's quite normal for reptile absences to be really cheesy and chunky like this it's quite normal they have these really nasty bacteria I send a bit of this off for culture and sincerity and work out what bug has caused that and so hundred percent an abscess now joke we have to clean this out that's what's why it's been very uncomfortable just using them flushing Katy if it's arrived I'm not sure why this has happened with this guy maybe it was his change of circumstances or whatever we need to work out what's happening in his environment to cause an abscess like this it's a pretty nasty one very very deep it's important we get all the pus out to focus for anything now we noticed there was another lump on the other side so we never will look at the other side as well just need to clean this up a little first so it looks like Carly had a little infection there at the tile base just with is sometimes there's these little glands or groups or sometimes where the Hemi pains are hidden there's a little pockets in the tail base and this is being where the infection has started in the tower base near where she goes to the toilet so down in here is a little pocket full of rubbish that we had to dig out and that's where the infection was brewing so this is all empty now and feels normal and Carly will start feeling better very quickly we're going to start her on some antibiotics do an injection today with some pain relief that she's already had and send her home with some medications as well

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