Claw Machine The Secret Life of Pets Max | Claw Therapy | Smith Sisters

Smith Sisters Thats Fun try to lift up that the dog behind the you can try to
get around in front of the thing in there but maybe you can see his
head’s kind of big maybe you will get Oh that’s what i need right there the army turtle I know but they stuck them under everything else right there daddy no no way back back back back back wanna go like right
from the purple thing in from the sea or maybe even try to get the seahorse out
of the way over there back and then over It missed and stabbed the seahorse yeah but thats what we want it to do See no you moved him a little bit you might be able to get the seahorse now Oh that stabbed him too much Right there daddy ok I think yeah you might need to go over a little more try that got to get it it’s just getting stuck on other stuff its not
pinching Awe he fell right back in the same spot If he have fallen over a little bit you might be able to get it now Ok over a little bit other way other way Lets try that Depends on how it slides down him if it gets his nose It missed his nose Okay one more turn Its right on top of Max now Yeah but he moved that dog out if you
could get him the dog is open then Gibberish? Back a little bit and then Right there right there Oh it stabbed his head otherwise it would have been good Oh I don’t know what to get go for that Seahorse again ok Try That what What wrong its not getting around him enough Try for the seahorse this time Back a little farther Back me to go this way Right here Try that Sheridan Samantha says thats where she wants you to go I’ve got
a little bit Oh got around him a little bit ohhh Hold on to it you got it good job Sheridan you got it woohoo No we can get the dog okay go for the dog right there daddy no go back a little bit go over to the side more little bit more Daddy, Daddy, Daddy yeah it’s got a gamer green code on it over a
little farther Daddy I can erase it at home try that If it closes ohi ts not going to close I can erase it at home yeah you can move that that little
blue bear that might be in the way there slide past all them it’ll okay baby – hold
on to him Maybe maybe hold on to him get him get him I got Max you got Maxy awesome Th efirst time we have seen the secret life stuff

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