Classroom Pets Help Hillsboro Students Learn Science

We have been studying on the African
dwarf frogs and the fiddler crabs. It’s moving and interacting and they can see
how they interact with each other they did some comparing and contrasting about
the adaptations they have that are different and what they have that are in
common and how it helps them survive. We were learning about their habitats. It’s really cool because you get to have
like a class pet. The frogs are actually very delicate but I’ve gotten to handle
the fiddler crabs. You can feel like the texture and it’s cool because some
people have never seen them or touched them before. And some kids don’t have
those things at home to watch and see how they move and understand that they
do have to be taken care of and they’re real excited because they get to take them home and I’ve real excited for them to take them home because there’s a lot of
crabs in there and they’re stinky.

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