Circus of Bad Parenting

oof that's tolerant anyway it's night 9:30 p.m. GMT are on the moist ski live Channel and I have checked this way it is in fact on even with the current state visit taking place I shall be hosting a p.m. cues response if it is what I believe it is chances are we David Livington against Emily Thornberry which should be quite interesting also I'm going to do this as a kindness a friend of mine lost his ability to stream on his channel for reasons beyond anyone's true understanding so he has created a new channel called Skog does things much original so actually I quite like the name link to his new channel in the description below along with the moisty live channel please consider subscribing to him now under the guise of not doing anything remotely political on this channel for a little while we've made it one day let's see if we can make it – we are going to talk about the circus many of you undoubtedly have mixed feelings about the circuit myself I only ever went to one it was a Zippo circus when I was 14 I got to pet a baby tiger it was amazing it was nice to have such a small enclosed space to be entertained because and it felt more real as opposed to laughing with the crowd you were laughing because it was funny the spectacle of the trapeze artists and some of the tricks done by the clown's themselves it was amazing so for me clowns are fun certainly after growing up on WWF having doink and dink it was amusing there is obviously the counter to that with it the original one with Tim Curry was quite something didn't scare me though but clowns over the years have become seen as more of a hmm do you touch kids thing now to go to the other side of the road on this one there are those who are also scared of clowns scared of the circus scared of the spectacle for reasons that I'm sure totally rational to be honest this isn't actually relevant to what I want to talk about I just want to talk about the circus for a moment clowns are just a nice little by-product but with the circus you have many different performers and entertainers to maintain what they do a tremendous amount of effort goes into what they do their craft is quite something I'm sure their insurance bail is too seriously for this story we're going to inject two people these two people who esposa and Diane median flyers they look so happy don't they Louie spasso had a son called Eduardo who was then by extension Diane Flores is stepson there were three other children in their care but according to Child Protective Services they are completely healthy which means that Eduardo was singled out for reasons I yet to understand Luis posso and Damned medium Flores have been charged with felony neglect of a child after Eduardo had passed away shortly after he was brought to a hospital in Bloomington this is according to a statement that the Monroe County Sheriff's Office put out it's quite an accusation to be accused of abusing a child and neglecting a child and starving them no less but then the evidence that has been mentioned starts to paint a rather unfortunate picture you see while promoters were touring the country they were staying in a motel the deputies upon investigating the motel room found a box of restraints which also included a dog collar with shocks now if anyone knows anything about those and might play a clip of the sidemen with those they used one for shock penalties I believe it's called on their arm and on their legs it is quite amusing hey guys this case I and this is the shocking shot you know that jackass you I did there okay [Laughter] five seconds of this might seem a bit suspect upon hearing about the dog collar and the shocks but then there's another piece of information that comes out and this reminds me of something from another book a parental abuse of a child where all three children only one of them was subject to horrific abuse at the hands of the mother I will certainly address that in a moment now the additional evidence was a cellphone video which showed edoardo restrained in a bathtub or florists and the other children went and used the bathroom without even acknowledging him which is where it reminds me of a book called a child called it by David Pelzer is that his name he wrote the book based on his own life it was absolutely harrowing to a point where his mother made him sit in a bathtub that was full with his head under the water and he had to use a straw to breathe or he had to use his arms and legs while being arched over a open flame on a gas hob where his former sustenance was gulping down water from puddles or being given food by friends at school the point where his mother would make him throw up just to make sure there was nothing in him which upon reciting and remembering actually makes me very cross I don't like child abuse of her additional evidence with includes the investigators locates there selfie poster took with the boy while he was restrained treating your son the way you did and mocking him the way you did bring him down humiliating him destroying him serves no purpose you were starving your kid because you were stuffing it in your double chin face mr. poster you do not deserve much and I doubt anyone in my comments will agree that you deserve anything less than to be be stood like no other I'm sure they'll take the S out of that but that's on them when the boy was Claire deceased they noticed upon some investigations bruising all over the skeletal frame which sounds like I'm over exaggerating but I'm not turns out he had 0% body fat he had been tortured to the very brink of his existence now the excuse given by Flores and posso is that while they denied starving the kick they physically abused him which they admitted to because and I quote he acted out more than the other kids he's 12 you don't beat him look at you all you have to do is sit on him you don't have to beat a kid for them to understand what is wrong if they act up you take your damn time with them show them to care for their well-being show them that you care that they succeed show them that what they did was wrong if they don't understand that then get help because I'm sure if you are patient and I think patience is something many don't seem to understand in this current age you have to be patient with people or they will not learn so I mean people are in such a rush that they will resort to the zero to a hundred and get to a hundred as fast as possible because they'd rather do that and take the time to go through what must be a rather arduous journey to get the very best out of somebody and to experience something that will actually make you closer mr. Poe so this is your son and you betrayed him because you had zero idea how to be a father if my father by the way did this to me when I was a kid he'd be dead by now and that's not me saying I would have killed him that's me telling you what people where I grew up would have done because no one tolerates this you only lucked out because you were on the road so much nobody would have had a chance to see the damage you did now back to the case itself many of you will undoubtedly be wondering why it's currently neglect as a charge well that's because the deputies are currently waiting for the coroner's to determine what the cause of the boy's passing was if they determine it to be because of the abuse and starvation then yes the charge does in fact become murder I will keep you up to date on this because if this does go all the way down that road there is an inevitable conclusion to it both posso and Flores will be wearing face paint in a prison and being made to be someone's buck clown you'll have a smile on your face it just won't be a real one like a real clown we have need a lot of paint for your face though mr. Poe so you literally ate all the pies and gave a kid nothing when people talk about wanting to castrate people you are the example others give for why this should happen anyway I would love to know what all of you think about this particular case I will link the article down below it is sickening and I hope justice prevail for me and I move you this has Judge moist once the coroner gives a verdict if it is murder the sentence is life without parole if the sentence stays as neglect of a child I'm sticking with life without parole your job as parents is to care for children because children cannot care for themselves you betray to a child for that there is no freedom you could possibly earn and I firmly believe you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who would support he you two being allowed out of prison or being allowed anywhere near children ever again anyway if I don't see tonight move on the moist skier Channel I hope you all have a lovely lovely Wednesday and thank you all for listening

39 thoughts on “Circus of Bad Parenting

  1. Thankfully my kids were raised long before internet and we had only 3 tv channels
    T.v. only allowed for 1 hour a night
    They did get spanked occasionally they were fed 3 well balanced meals a day plus a healthy snack
    Their grandparents of course sneaked them treats
    They use to say i was the MEANEST MITHER EVER
    Now they say thank you.
    I now sneak the grandkids treats and let them watch t.v. couple hours at a time
    I even considered giving them soda but just couldnt

  2. This hurts me. I was physically abused as a child. I was negledted by my grandparents. But thank God I overcame every thing. This is why I despise child abusers. I know the pain and suffering. I have children myself and I couldn't even think of hurting my own. Poor boy.?

  3. A child called it was actually heavily disputed by both of his brothers and his grandmother and his mother was long dead and unable to defend herself. Obviously these things do happen but that guy was just trying to sell books.

  4. I'm totally in agreement with you Omegon, but there will be some people who won't agree about life in prison. Never forget that batty old Lord Longford wanted Myra Hindley to be released!

  5. These people are liars, this kid had no energy to act out, he was starved and tortured. No way was he treated this way because of his attitude. Think about it, is the kids acting up if you beat him for not being able to move fast from starvation…

  6. Punishment should be as served: Solitary confinement until the very brink of madness, for several cycles, then finally let the other lifers tear them to pieces as execution method.

    Now then, to lighten the mood somewhat…

    YOWIE WOWIE, there's only one twisted clown to talk about!

  7. Damn.
    I’m narrowing down a window for your age, and you appear to be a few decades younger than I.

  8. American Horror Story killed my ability to ever go to circuses or any side attractions. A testament to the quality of that series.

  9. Boy called it was a terrible book.. I almost couldnt read it because of how bad it was.. I wanted to reach out and take the boy from that while also kicking the mom in the teeth..

    these two are sorry excuses for human beings.. i dont understand why or how you could neglect a child to the point of them passing.. it boggles my mind..

    I hope they get life in prison.. general population and i hope EVERYONE in there knows what they did.. theyre going to have one heck of a time.. GOOD RIDDANCE!

    them getting their karma is the boy having the last laugh.. RIP little man.. <3

  10. No racism but these 2 look like those Hispanics that have as many kids as dogs just for the free money from uncle Sam.

  11. I hope someone also takes the other 3 kids to therapy because they have been taught that disciplining a child involves torture so that cycle must be stopped.

  12. As you started the video I was thinking of David Pelver book A Child Called It. So difficult to read. He also has 3 other books.

  13. Yeah throw 'em in general population with an announcement over the loudspeakers about what they did to their child right when they get there.

    That should ensure a lovely prison stay for both of these individuals. At least until the convicts eventually kill them.

  14. He had to steal food at school more than people gave it to him. And his mom wouldn’t just make him throw up. If he threw up anything, showing that he’d eaten that day, she made him *eat the vomit*. The longest she made him go without food was ten days.

  15. It's is shame and sad.. it's have to be dead child to save rest of children..

    Sometimes l wish that kid could have be save.. if wasn't so long to flies or do something..

    Don't wait for help.. called immediately..

  16. The video in between finally explains how zombies are made.

    I can´t comment on the actual matter, as if I state my opinion, I will be put to jail, this channel will be closed, and the whole YouTube turns to singularity that consumes itself from existence. Let us just say, I feel HUGE lust for a very specific murder.

  17. People who hurt anyone unable to defend themselves, just because they can, should get lethal injection by default. I swear to god, humanity is an alien experiment. We're a mirror image of them, but they created some evil fuckers just to see how things will pan out.

  18. I've said it before and I'll say it again. People like these shouldn't have the possibility of protective custody in prison.
    Why is the idea of someone much larger than them taking advantage, bullying, harassing and torturing them not ok for them but perfectly fine for their kid?

  19. And people say the idea of breeding licenses is a bad one. I guess more stories like this is an acceptable alternative. Cretins.

  20. As a kid I didn't realize how much suffering was going on behind the scenes and I can't imagine how bad it is for the workers if these monsters where being like this to their own flesh and blood. I actually cried while reading 'a child called it', no one deserves to be tortured as bad as that poor boy was.

  21. my best friends father tried to kill him because he had cerebral palsy and threw him down the stairs like a ragdoll

  22. For these types of cases, I would advocate the old Norse form of punishment – we turn them loose and the entire community hunts them down and slaughters them like animals.

  23. this is what they do ,where they are from these libs here think they just come here and leave their ways in their home land THEY DONT ,man I could tell you so many stories we are over run in my area , the law don't even try to police these ppl the court will not go after them because they cant make money off them they just pay bail and then they are gone

  24. It seems Bubba is going to have a new, rather chunky, cell mate. They both just got charged with Murder, Neglect, Criminal confinement and Battery.

  25. after watching the footage of one of those collars in use, I'm shocked! with the rest, I can't even begin to imagine a punishment befitting the abuse…

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