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hey guys today we're going to do something a little bit different today I'm going to introduce you to all my minions of dogs aka all the background noise you hear in a lot of my videos Bok Bok Bok well hi ha ha ha you know my alarm system whatever you want to call it but they're always up to something so I thought maybe would make a little video and about my many rescue dogs and I do have a passion for rescuing dogs and I would probably have a hundred dogs if I had the means to foster until I can find them homes but I don't but I do what I can let's go meet my dog ready for chaos hey guys hey guys let me introduce you this is our OGS digger he's world-famous some people confuse them with a pot-bellied pig he's a trance pshh ease I guess this little gal Bell Jeff dropped her off and insisted we take her she belonged to an old couple something years old one lady passed and two months later that husband passed and they were going to take her to the pound that's Bell Charlie over there we don't know what his story is he came from Victorville he was a last minute death row rescue and not Victorville anyway somewhere over in the Inland Empire and they brought him to old high and I took him after I lost autumn last year my Springer oh that's rocky now hey Rocky story is he came from a hoarding situation a person that had 80 dogs and he was in in the joints for over nine months nobody was going to take him so my wife said we got woman for one more so the winner and said give us a dog that absolutely nobody wants and he's a little bit older that no one will ever taste so there he is and we call him like the wild and he's like a wild animal like a Japanese never had any a sentence like a normal dog never burned him can we go for a walk he is absolutely reminds me of a kayo the way his senses are the way he reacts he can never let his guard down he's always always just aware of everything guards his food he probably had to fight for every scrap it's kind of sad but you know maybe in time you'll come around angel story is when my wife was a crisis counselor working with troubled youth one of her students came and said can you watch our dogs for the weekend because my parents are going to jail we don't want to take him to the pound so we said we'll take him for the weekend Scala's in 2009 so it's kind of been a long weekend so that's our five we have right now we lost four last year forty at four if we lost Edison autumn Chris and Missy and now we replaced them with Charlie bill and rocky so I just had six dogs before but right now on out five so anyway I keep thinking we might have room for one more little chihuahua I want to say something though for serious rescue a dog or a cat God they didn't do nothing wrong someone took them home and didn't make the commitment and when you make the commitment keep the commitment don't just get one because it's inconvenient you get rid of it I don't understand that because you know all they want is to love you and like you and they always like you even when you're having the worst day ever they're always there for you so that's my tip for today

22 thoughts on “Chuck Testa's Dogs

  1. Aww! Love this video! Hope to see your dogs in person soon 🙂 Think they'll like Claro's cookies 🙂

  2. Pets are gifts from God and should always be treated as such they are the most innocent of minds because even when they do wrong it's out of instinct

  3. Right-on, Chuck! Our rescue Cat – Eli our "Gentle Giant"- celebrates his 6th Birthday with us!

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