Chubby Puppies Ultimate Dog Park Playset!

hey everyone some Disney toys here and today I'm super excited to bring you a chubby puppy set these little dogs just so cute look at this little white one and because I love them so much I got two other ones here's the back of the box I can't wait to see how that doggy elevator works it looks like so much fun here's a list of all the chubby puppies make sure you guys collect them all okay I can't wait anymore let's open the box this just slides right out looks like there's some assembly required mascara elevator and here's our doggies wing and the big bag of accessories Oh cute a little Backhouse it has two little hearts on it looks like a nice breath area for our dogs to play in it would chubby puppy Chiklis every time you collect a new one you check it off and here are the instructions it shows us how to put the playset together here's our Pomeranian and here's the bulldog I bought I couldn't resist it's just so cute and it comes with a little bear okay let's open it up from here oh it's the instructions and here's another checklist you need to open this it says to lift it up and turn it there's our doggy come here little puppy this is his on switch oh look at his little leg go let's get his favorite Tony out those bears pretty cute too there you go good boy and I also got a Golden Retriever they're one of my favorite dogs let me know in the comments what kind of dog is your favorite here are the instructions again and another checklist and remember we just lift this up and turn it to the right to release our dog nice he didn't fall this time and here's our little golden retriever I love his little tail it wags – lets get his favorite toy out here's a ball for you this have little hearts on it – it kind of looks like a tennis ball what do you guys think now that they have their toys they look like they're ready to go to the dog park alright guys it's time for a walk we're going to the dog park wow this is definitely an ultimate dog park let's switch on all of our dogs here's our Pomeranian hmm what do you guys think we should name her since she's the color white what do you guys think about snow here's our golden retriever I once knew a Golden Retriever named Buddy so let's name this one buddy and last but not least our Bulldog Bulldog Wally I like that name I hope you guys do too let me know in the comments what you guys would name our chubby puppies I love how they waddle around and they wag their little tails that means they're happy ok Bali do you want to go on this week that is just too cute why don't you try the elevator snow there you go she was excited doesn't she up up and away oh man buddy better move Oh little collision there come here buddy come here I got you buddy just wanted to come say hi here you go buddy little teddy bear buddy has the bear and he's playing with the ball he's a little toy hog isn't he oh no caught on looks like they're chasing each other run buddy run no I was like I'm gonna get you why don't you go check out the house buddy definitely only big enough for one chubby puppy let's try this elevator again it's your turn buddy up up spin away whoo why do you want superfast Oh Molly let's get in on this action don't lie wait while I came down and pick the ball oh they found the opening we have to trying to escape yeah cut you guys you guys have to be careful I don't want to leave you okay go play and here's your ball looks like snows going in for some food and water these puppies are just oh you give this video a thumbs up if you love chubby puppies let's keep our voices down the puppies are sleeping I've had quite the day the puppies aren't the only ones I retired it's been a lot of work keeping up with them all day I think we all deserve a little nap well this set was so much fun I hope you guys enjoyed this video don't forget to subscribe to see more thanks also if you haven't done so already be sure to follow me on Instagram Facebook and Twitter the links are in the description box below

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  1. I like huskies *Their so cute I can't resist them they're so cute I have a huskies their names are snowflake and Lindsay

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