Chubby Puppies Mustang & Palomino Mare + Baby Horse Foal Sets – Toy Horses

honey hartsey oh hey Abbi yes we're gonna be getting some new animals today so could you just let me know when they arrive oh that's so exciting there's also gonna be a new mayor and foal here too oh I think some of the new animals are here looks like these two Schleck girls have two new animals to take care of but him but him put it on it and see all right I decided to pick up two new little Safari animals that I thought would be totally perfect for the farm this is a safari alpaca look at how cute and fuzzy fuzzy wuzzy wuzzy wuzzy alpacas are just awesome awesome awesome look at how furry and furry this little creature is super duper detailed – I love the texture coat look at that detail and then look at that little alpaca face I love the little glassy eyes and the little black tips in the ears a little alpaca feet okay so a little alpaca to take care of huh and this one right here is the Jersey cow so she has a black collar on her neck here really nice fading and shading going on from the darker into the lighter of her body color going on he's just a cute little cow I mean just like a real Jersey cow I think that they're adorable look at the detail also of her bone structure as well with the little cow hip here and you can see her spine going all the way down to her tail really really really nice detail on these hi girl Oh how furry this alpaca is oh oh we're probably gonna have to shave the alpaca soon oh that must be the mayor and fall they're here Oh awesome okay I found the coolest coolest coolest horses be decomposed chubby puppies and Friends so this is the Paul amino mare and she also comes with a tiny little baby if you guys have never seen chubby puppies before they're so silly they actually bounce around so this horse can really actually gallop like FN an empanada Nala ranch oh she totally moves on her own I don't think the little baby does but it's just so so so cool so I found the Palomino and the Mustang horse as well she also comes with her little tiny baby foal I love how they come in like these little pet carriers – oh we've got some hay bales on this one and a little apple tree there's like a red barn back here in a wagon wheel so they're just super adorable little chubby chubby chubby horses these are the first horses that chubby puppies has come out with so I am so happy that they are just they're just cute so the Pala Meno is this really nice like toasty brown color with like a little light yellowy mane and tail and the Palomita of course is like Apollo amino color that creamy mane and tail this one looks like she's got hearts for her little spots that she has and she's got a little stripe down her nose and this one has her nose kind of covered in that same creamy color alright let's go ahead and flip him on and look at what happens they start moving ready and go she's over by the cow she's trying to get the carrot here we go here's the carrot here you go here's the carry Oh eating the carrot okay these two can totally totally totally hawk around alright let's have a race ready set and they're off dipped it into the lint intended Lindell intended oh no come on sting is heading off course okay they're really really sweet your girl let me gram you well there we go so she can get groomed here there we go get this side whoo look at that big jellybean body whoop and you're off well forgot this one coming on in yeah to get groom so we got the Mustang there go ahead and groom her groom these two little white hearts that she has on her groom groom groom groom groom and she's off these are the cutest little mini babies all they actually have like little circles in their mouths so you look like you can actually give them a bottle to over care of it alright they're really sweet of course they're little mini versions of their moms with the same mane and tail coloring and body coloring they do not jump around like the bigger horses going over to their babies there they go the babies is on the cow per well oh I'll make the cows like alright alright I'll move oh this one months the carrot again oh here you go alright I'll brush you here we go how about you oh no they're gone for the cows and horses ok I think they like it here on the farm oh this one probably wants to be brushed oh here we go I'll brush you there you go all brush what just get it out a little bit totally cool totally awesome Jay many panes thank you so much for hanging out with me and these super cute little chubby copy horses they are just so cool it's so cool seeing a totally new take on horses so I'm so happy that chubby puppies made them I hope you hop on over to my next video and I wish you guys the absolutely best day today ever video bye babies all these baby Falls are so cute I wonder if the Mustang is gonna have those two little heart spots just like her mom when she gets older oh yeah she had some hearts on her how many hearts did she have on her was it 1 2 3 or 10

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  1. I saw an alpaca and it acted like a dog and rolled on the ground I wish you could see it?

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