100 thoughts on “Christmas tips! Cute & funny dachshund dog video!

  1. Hey my friend sorry for the late comment but i overslept…this was wonderful, u clean up well my friend and made a very nice tip there i see, were those Russian Rubles? i noticed there were no american currencies there….nce again u amaze me with ur vids my friend, did u send out the calendars yet?..just wondering, hows the trip going, i hope ur having lots of fun

  2. Merry Christmas to Din, Mummy and Daddy and all of Din's fans all over the world! Like Din says Don't forget to think about the people who have to work over Christmas!
    Mark from Melbourne, Australia

  3. Aweeee Din!!!!, You are incredible!!!!, Do you think maybe you can coach me to make a bed like yours?? ? You really lift up the spirit of everyone!!!! ??
    Thank you for being so Amazing and sweet all year round!!!
    You really earned the tip!!! ???? ?

  4. Din, is a cute housekeeper, hard work every time I saw him video
    You’re Hollywood start love it ??‍♂️
    Regarding form California ??

  5. Din…I've got some cleaning that needs to be done ?….and you don't have to wear the maid outfit….dress casually!!
    I can pay you with treats??

  6. My dog his name is Odie he is the same color and looks just like Doxie that my dog is older he is part weenie dog and part Chihuahua so they call him a chiweenie kisses Doxie

  7. Как всегда с меня лайк и приятное слово….видео просто Мери Кристмас

  8. Thank you for your nice videos…..we love your Doxie din…..we have a similar dog….only with longer legs…. 🙂

  9. You are an excellent cleaner !! ? ? ?You can help me anytime! ? Thank you for another great video, Din!! P.S. Loved your outfit! ??

  10. Дин, ты самая лучшая горничная на свете ❤ с наступающим новым годом ?!

  11. Din, you are so handsome in your new outfit. Especially with the apron instead of pants??. You did your job very well. I loved you left a gift also. Lol. Din, really you are such a good actor. I have watched others and they are not as good as you. You show all emotions that you should. You were born to be a Star. Love you, and Mommy and Daddy too for helping you to be a Star. Again Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

  12. Trabajas mucho ya te ganaste unas merecidas vacaciones!! Estaría perfecto para navidad así podrías disfrutar con tus papas de rica comida y ser el consentido de la casa ?‍♀️?❤?????☃️

  13. Din u amaze me more with each fabulous video!
    Jack of all trades and master of all!
    Hope that was a 5 star hotel – u wouldn't work at any lesser hotel.
    Clean so beautifully and with all your tips will be able to buy Mom and Dad special Xmas presents.
    Sweet precious little chunk?

  14. Oh my God Din you are so beautiful and wonderful and smart and such a talented actor. I love this video can't wait till the next one. I love you little man. I hope you and your parents are having a safe trip. God bless you hugs and kisses from California USA?????❤?

  15. How sweet helping the hotel .hope u have a great Christmas and lots of Doxie presents .next time ask mum and dad to clean …..✋?

  16. Thanks to think a the people who works at the Christmas time. I hope that they will enjoy this days to because we think to them. Enjoy your trip.

  17. I have always had chihuahuas but I started watching these videos about 3 months ago. I’m hooked!!! So cute and smart

  18. You did such a awesome job din.. So proud of you sweetheart.. That was such a awesome thing to do for your parents and i know they love what you did.. I love you din.. Your such a wonderful lil boy

  19. DIN ist so sweet as Little Home cleaner and he makes always my day better
    Go to bed with a big smile on face thanks DIN?????and merry Christmas time too

  20. Good afternoon Din?. Greetings from the US❤. You really have the Christmas spirit! I am a nurse so I will be working on Christmas and the new year day. Thank you for remembering all of us who will be helping others. Love the maid outfit! You're such a cutie!! See you next week. Merry Christmas☃????

  21. Дин и его команда – с наступающим Рождеством вас и Новым Годом. Будьте счастливы! И чаще радуйте своих подписчиков новыми сюжетами. Мы ждем!

  22. Дин такой милый! Merry Christmas! ? И вопрос вы с какой страны? Просто давно смотрю но никак не пойму вы из России или Украины или вовсе Америки?

  23. Lo ame, Yo trabajo de eso y me has dado una gran idea para consentir a mis huéspedes en navidad, gracias doxie din?

  24. Look forward to your weekly videos, Din, Mom and Dad you never disappoint ? Din you are just the sweetest boy and such a hard worker ???

  25. Ok now who got the money and left the bone..u sweet angle…i love u dd. Im telling santa u been a good god boy. I love u…

  26. Merry Christmas, Sweet Din! You are the most hardworking Doxie I know. Maybe you could teach mine….they sleep and play all day! Love you, Din!

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