Christmas and Winter Care for Pets

the main kind of categories that we need to think about when it comes to Christmas is one looking at food and toxin so things that we probably shouldn't be giving our cats and our dogs because they can be poisonous unknown to us or they can at least just make them make them feel under the weather you can feel quite poorly there's also things that we need to think about within the house and then finally things about outside so kind of general winter care outside now that it's getting colder from a food point of view there are lots of poisons or toxicities that we have more of in our house over the Christmas period a lot of which you will already be aware of so we are getting to that classic time of year where we are seeing at least one chocolate toxicity a week so be really careful that your animals are not getting hold of any chocolate and the darker the chocolate the worse the problems are the less that the animal has to eat to get an issue and it's not just a case of you know leaving that chocolate around or feeling the chocolate think about things like what's in the presence you're putting under the tree so they might be wrapped up but your dogs still going to know that there's something tasty inside of there so just be careful with our chocolate the other big one at this time of year is grapes and raising toxicity things like Christmas pudding mince pies they've got lots of these things in and they can be really quite toxic and cause kidney issues so just be careful we're not giving any of those to our pets the other things that we can see color this time hear things like onions can be toxic there are some of the nuts that we might have out a Christmas they can be toxic to and the other big thing is that cooked Christmas turkey any kind of cooked bones that you have please don't give them to your pets they can fracture they can splinter and they can cause problems when they swallow them in terms of the environment itself there can be a lot of changes a lot of exciting changes for your pet that go on a Christmas time and we've mentioned that maybe there's going to be something in your presence that we don't want to get hold of so keeping anything out that's edible from underneath the trees is great but also think about the tree itself okay if you've got a cat for example that likes to climb trees think about really securing your tree maybe tying it at the top so that it doesn't topple over everywhere and maybe create a fire hazard or something like that so just be careful with any climbing pets that you might have similarly the things that are on the tree that can be very attractive to animals so you don't want to have any low-hanging chocolate but we can also get dogs that kind of crunch on the glass baubles and as you can imagine that causes some issues or even swallow down the tinsel and that can cause all kinds of problems so just maybe keep out of reach things that they might be tempted by and just try and keep them away from your pets and the tree itself can also be toxic in some cases so we really don't want your pet munching on your tree if there's any kind of chewing at the branch is it can cause vomiting and diarrhea and the same goes for drinking that water that sits around the bottom of the tree try and keep that covered we certainly want the water there though because it stops the pine needles dropping and stops the pets kind of standing on those and causing issues and also just bear in mind if you have a cat or a dog that finds change is stressful all these kind of new things in the environment might be a bit scary and even worse if you're having lots of people around so if you do have an animal that find something like that a bit stressful try and find them a quiet corner of the house that they can hide in so they not get too affected by what's goin on the last kind of section is talking about general winter care of our animals older animals can be a lot more prone to having flares up of their arthritis so we want to make sure that they are they're all okay for their medication if they're on those and that we do things like if them extra bedding so they have a comfortable bed to lie on and obviously if it's too cold outside for you it's probably too cold outside for them so if you have an appropriate animal that seems to suffer from the cold and thinking about things like maybe an extra coat when they go outside or if you have a cat maybe not turfing him out in the nighttime if it seems really unbelievably cold outside let them to stay in at this time of year because that cold can be really detrimental to them if you're out walking with your pet then obviously a few things to bear in mind this is the the old warnings about staying away from any kind of frozen areas in terms of water and we don't want any dogs or people going out on frozen lakes or rivers or anything you know that could be an issue there also it's very dark at this time of year and it's worthwhile may be investing in some kind of reflective gear you see quite a few road accidents at this time of year because the visibility is a lot less so if you have some kind of reflective jacket for your animal or made one of those flashing colors then it can be easier to see them in the nighttime and the last thing just a factor in is is what effect the cold ground or what's on the cold ground can have on our our pets feet and if you've got a kind of hairy footage dog then they can get ice building up between the feet that can be really uncomfortable for them so it's worth taking that hair down either by a groomer or by yourself at this time of year just so they can't get ice balls falling between between the feet and there are things that they could be walking on that can cause the problem so you've got grift on the roads we've got potentially antifreeze which is hugely toxic on the roads and we don't want them kind of walking on that and licking it so you can either do things like put barrier cream like Vaseline etc on the foot you can get the little boots sometimes that could be appropriate for a dog that's walking in areas or you can just bath those feet down when you get back just to get anything that might be toxic off the feet and stop yourself having a problem at this time again

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