Christian Mediation: Prayer For Your Dog

welcome and thanks for coming to meditate with abide for more guided Christian meditations you can download the abide app for free in the iTunes or Google Play Store our pets often feel like family members don't they think for a moment how the pet you have or the one you used to have made you feel we cherish how they make us feel and how they respond to us they are so loving and often some of our most faithful companions they bring so much joy into our lives pets and animals are truly living creatures given to us as blessings from God we had abide offer this prayer to you as you reflect through prayer on the pets and animals in your life God our Heavenly Father you created the world to serve our needs and to lead us to you but by our own fault the beautiful relationship that we once had with you has been fractured help us to see that by restoring our relationship with you we will also restore it with all of your creation and as an important part of your creation help us to see all animals and pets as gifts from you and to treat them with respect for they are your creation as we see the Wonder and awe in all creation let us see you and animals and pets that you have graced us with thank you for them as we seek to understand and see examples of your grace love and mercy let us experience that in the unreserved joy love and companionship we feel from animals and pets as we care for and love the animals and pets in our lives may we be reminded to treat everyone with the same measure of care and attention finally we pray to for all animals and pets who are suffering as a result of our neglect may the order you originally established be restored again to the whole world and it is in Jesus's name we pray amen thanks for joining us one to experience deeper peace try more meditations with abide download the app for free by clicking the button on this screen

15 thoughts on “Christian Mediation: Prayer For Your Dog

  1. Thank you so much! My dog almost got lost today and I’m so happy she’s ok and we got her back cause she didn’t get far

  2. So nice to see (what I believe) is the correct reflection and appreciation of His creation. Those who do not have compassion towards animals will often try to make those of us who do feel "off mark" and less spiritual because we do love and appreciate them. So much of my adult life was spent feeling guilty because of accusations from others. I use to pray and ask God to toughen my heart so that I would be "normal". The "pain" that I felt in my heart when I saw suffering in a animal was nothing I would "choose". Being mocked because my heart felt that way was also nothing I would "choose". I have to add that I also feel that way about humans. For some reason people seem to feel that if you have compassion towards animals you are depleting your compassion that could go towards people! It springs from the same source…my heart. I love people. I love animals. And most importantly…I love the Lord.

  3. Hello I went to El paso to help my mother take care of my dad n my cat Logan dissappeared I don't know what happened to him plz pray for him

  4. I'm very thankful for all the animals I've been blessed with in life, horses dogs cats birds, Thank You Jesus <3

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