Christen Press and Her Rescued Best Friend, Morena

My perspective has always been that you do
whatever you can. And this was an opportunity we had to save
a dog and change the life course of these animals. And in the end, they ended up saving us. And that’s how it always goes. You know, who rescues who? This is Morena. She’s been in our family for a few years. We rescued her from a recycling center in
Oakland. She’s the best dog ever. She’s so easy, she’s really friendly, and,
I mean, I couldn’t imagine my life the past few years—she’s completely changed everything. And we love to go home now, and the dogs—they
go crazy every single time we come home. And it’s just brought our family so close. They’ve literally changed our entire life. They run the house. When we’re home, it’s, like, what are we doing
today? What time are we walking the dogs? What time are we feeding the dogs? They’re so special. This is the most beautiful, luscious, healthy
dog. And it should be important to everyone—there’s
just so many dogs out there that need care. These amazing dogs that people don’t know
that are there, just waiting to be rescued. Puppies, adult dogs alike. You know, they need homes, and there’s so
many of them out there who just need a little bit of love. I’m Christen Press, with PETA.

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