Choosing Aquarium Size | Why Tank Size Matters For Fish

welcome back y’all and today let’s talk
about the importance of tank size now all fish have minimum tank size
recommendations for good reasons first starters you want to take the adult size
of the fish into consideration fish that you’ll typically find in pet stores are
juveniles these are not adult full-grown fish not usually anyway take balla
sharks for instance a lot of times you’ll see balla sharks that are only
just a few inches in size and you might think to yourself that a 20 gallon tank
would be an adequate size for them however what you need to keep in mind is
that those fish get to be about 14 inches in size when they reach adulthood
and a 20 gallon tank would not at all be big enough there is also the dangerous
myth that is very widespread especially when it comes to goldfish that they will
only grow to the size of the tank which unfortunately if these fish are kept in
too small of a tank then it will stunt their growth caused a lot of deformities
in the fish and will severely severely shorten their lifespan another big
reason of recommending certain size tanks for different species of fish is
how active of a swimmer that fish is extremely active swimmers are going to
need larger bodies of water for them to be able to swim in otherwise they can
get very stressed out which could lead to illness there are many species out
there that are considered nano fish but actually need larger tanks because of
how active of a swimmer that species is also you need to take into consideration
that many of the extremely active species are also schooling fish which
you need to keep in large groups and of course there is the reason that we quite
frequently will say a bigger tank is usually better is maintenance smaller
tanks often require much much more frequent maintenance than their larger
counterparts this is because the smaller body of water that you have
the faster that nitrites nitrates and ammonia can build up in your tank which
means that if you’re not keeping it in check your tank can crash much much more
easily than a larger tank larger tanks of course have a much larger volume of
water so they’re not gonna need quite as frequent of water changes and things
like that in order to make sure that that tank stays running properly and has
stable correct water parameters there are a lot of beginner fish keepers out
there that are under the misunderstanding that a smaller tank is
going to be easier to take care of which just really is not the case in fish
keeping anyway guys that’s all I really have for y’all today as always thank you
so much for watching I love you guys and I will see you in my next video Oh

8 thoughts on “Choosing Aquarium Size | Why Tank Size Matters For Fish

  1. Hello! I truly agree! You need to know which size tanks are good and healthy for the type of fish you purchase! I truly agree! Two of my Male Bettas are very happy in their ten gallon tanks and the other male Betta is happy in his five gallon tank!

  2. The best size for a starter is actually between 10 and 20 gallons. Trust me. My 15 and 36 gallon tanks: almost zero problems (except when my mom overfed my fish and water quality took a dive in the 15). My 5 gallons were WAY harder to stabilize and keep stabilized.

  3. Have you seen this tank on Ebay; "Creative Fish Tank Aquarium Plant Wall Mount Hanging Pot Bowl Bubble Home Decor". 🙂

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