Chinese New Year | Liverpool stars take on ‘Year of the Dog’ challenge

RECORD SCRATCHES Hiya! DOG BARKS I’m off! Give me paw. Yes. Good boy. There you go. Aww, you getting jealous?
You getting jealous? Come on, weave, weave, weave,
weave, weave. Go! Go! Go! Yeah, good girl! Ingsy, you need to get yourself to Crufts. Go, go, go, go, go. ALEX AND ALBERTO LAUGH She’s off! Go, go, go, go. Oh, very good. ALEX: Oi, the best jump ever. Come on, come on, come on. ALEX: Oh, nice! Come on, jump. Come on, come on. Come on, you are quicker than me! Yes! Good boy. Good boy, good boy. Weave… Luna! Listen, you’ve been subbed in now, it’s your
time to show us what you can do, all right? Oh, no. Oh, no, we’re wild. Jump! Good boy. Jump! Through! OTHERS: Ohh… Weave, weave… No, no, no – weave. That’s not what I said, did I?
I didn’t say treat now. ALEX: Ingsy, you’re a very harsh critic,
she’s missed like one barrier. Come on, Luna. Weave, weave, weave, weave, weave… Shoot. Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot! Yaaay!
Good. Come on, Luna. Nice Luna. Follow the cheese, Beansy. Cheesy. Cheese, weave… Weeeave! Come on, let’s just go
for a walk, son. Come on. Come on. For you, you deserve, come on. Good girl, Luna. I have cheese for you. Yeah, good girl. Get back on the line! Get… Oh! LORIS: Save. ALEX: Nice. ALBERTO: Agh.
LORIS: Great save. Whoa! Nice! OK, lads, I think you’ve done
really well today, handling dogs that you don’t know,
but me and my colleagues think that, out of the best you,
it’s Alberto who is the winner today. OK, thank you, thank you. Spanish Dog Whisperer here…

6 thoughts on “Chinese New Year | Liverpool stars take on ‘Year of the Dog’ challenge

  1. The dogs are better at goal keeping than Karius, Klopp should sign them and make them 2nd choice

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